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Press Release: Rep. Grigsby’s Reform Of Wisc. Shares Program

We told you that the smart pols with get out in front of the Wisconsin Shares controversy… State Representative Tamara Grigsby (one of our faves) had her office send out a press release addressing ongoing reform efforts she supports of the Wisconsin Shares Program. Grigsby was singled out in the two-part MJS article (heading Promises Not Kept) as one of the legislators that were soft on supporting reforms regulators wanted. You know she isn’t afraid to hit back… here’s the press release.

Grigsby Reflects on Ongoing Efforts to Reform Wisconsin Shares

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2 comments on “Press Release: Rep. Grigsby’s Reform Of Wisc. Shares Program

  1. Kesha
    January 17, 2010

    Are they checking out her moms daycare bussiness no they need too !!

  2. Kesha
    January 17, 2010

    Mrs. Grisby has sort of a good leadway on you guys because her daughter is on the board but she is doing wrong just like the rest of them!!!

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