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Taboo Tuesday: Immigration Reform, Blacks vs. Browns

Let me get a piece of Taboo Tuesday and put something out there. Traditionally, Black and Brown People have been lock step on issues in this country. However, there is one issue seldom discussed between the groups… Immigration. Now that the economy is experiencing a downturn and jobs are scarce, this issue is beginning to bubble up to the surface in some parts of the country.

Here in Milwaukee we often dislike discussing anything of substance or controversy here. I want you to read the comment below I found in the Journal Sentinel and view a couple videos. The first video is of a gentleman named Ted Hayes. He is an activist against Immigration Reform. After your review, let me (US) know if Blacks should be against immigration reform or should they support it. Are Blacks losing jobs and their economic standing due to the undocumented worker (aka illegal worker)?

With Black Males unemployed at a rate of greater than 50% here in Milwaukee, are we losing jobs to our Latino Brothers? Or as Mexican President Vicente Fox infamously stated, “Mexicans with dignity, willingness and ability do the work” Blacks fail to do.

March 27, 2010 MJS Opinion – Illegal immigrants hurt black workers

Nearly every employed illegal immigrant in the United States takes a job that could be filled by an African-American citizen. Illegal immigrants don’t take jobs away from Caucasian lawyers, accountants or dentists. They steal them from the demographic group whose unemployment rate is already higher than the national average and continues to grow.

Given the damage already inflicted by the plethora of illegal workers in our country, I can’t fathom why we should feel any obligation to assimilate or educate their children. Since the Dream Act would be a nightmare for the black community, the most compassionate thing we can do is to show a little less tolerance toward those who came to America illegally.

At the very minimum, perhaps the time has come to examine how minimum-wage laws have made it beneficial for employers to hire illegal immigrants rather than American citizens.

David Hofmeister

This video is a few years old, but much of the content of what Ted Hayes speaks is what many Black People are beginning to support. Is Hayes being used by Conservatives to defeat immigration reform? Or are Liberals out to destroy him for his stance against reform? What say you?

In this video, T. Wilard Fair, the President & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Miami discusses the affect illegal immigration has on the American job market. Fair highlights the hospitality industry and how Blacks once dominated the labor force in Miami and no longer do because of immigration. He is very open and honest in regards to his opposition to illegal immigration (please view). Is Fair correct when he said that most Black People are against illegal immigration off-the-record and lack the courage to state it publicly?

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11 comments on “Taboo Tuesday: Immigration Reform, Blacks vs. Browns

  1. Taken for Granted
    April 13, 2010

    Giant this arguably is the most or one of the most important issues after healthcare and the battle-lines are being drawn as we speak. Make no bones about it the administration and the liberal congress will try to ram immigration reform down the throats of all Americans but especially Black Americans.

    I am the son of Mexican immigrants and understand the difficulties of those that want to come here for economic purposes but I oppose illegal immigration and amnesty. Sure I believe our immigration laws need reform but I, like the men in the clips, am opposed to illegal immigration for the very reasons they articulate.

    Yes, some liberals, conservatives and even some of my church leaders are well intentioned but they are being swayed by “compassionate” sounding arguments of those who will try to discredit Hayes, Hernandez and Fair and whose real intention is to tilt the political process towards one-party rule in America even if it comes at the expense of Black America.

    Thank you for bringing this to the Drum!

    • Giant
      April 13, 2010

      @TFG – I appreciate your perspective as this is a very HOT issue.

  2. Wonder Woman
    April 13, 2010

    This is a great topic because even I go back and forth on this. Supposedly there are two issues at hand here. Firstly, we (Blacks) don’t want the jobs they are taking. Secondly, our Latino community does not support our issues or candidates as we support their issues and candidates. For example, Bill Maher talked with a number of Latinos during the presidential election about voting for “our” president and explored the issue that great racism that still exists in the Hispanic community against Blacks. So why should we support them?
    My response is that we do need to examine the support we get from our Hispanic community regarding our issues and if they really are backing us 100%? Secondly, regarding jobs, and this leads into why we need Hispanic support… they may be jobs we don’t want but it is because there are active uprisings to unionize or fight for better benefits and wages for these jobs that are being sent off to Mexico or not applied for here because there is inherent danger to the employee or racism that does not allow for one to rise within the company. When they come and take these jobs, they undermine the movement to make these companies more responsible to the community and its workers. They tend to accept the status quo because they cannot speak the language or are happy to be employed with no questions asked. On the home front, I wonder about supporting these causes when I hear that Governor Doyle is going to give tax incentives, school funding/student assistance, and mortgages to illegal aliens and that directly undercuts our chances to own homes and receive government financial help to people paying into the system. I also wonder why people come here to America just to make it resemble their former country? Why can’t they clean up their own country and if they come here why do I have to spend money on making documents and resources in another language other than English. I don’t want to sound racist but I wonder are we being too welcoming and giving? Or should we help til it hurts at the cost of our own community? We did not have the choice to be here so the government owes it to us to level the playing field for Blacks and until Blacks get our 40 acres and a mule, why are we bending over backwards to bring in more people who take away from that goal?

    • Giant
      April 13, 2010

      @WonderWoman – that’s why it’s called Taboo Tuesday right? We get to discuss things openly that typically we don’t want to say out loud. You said a few powerful things there.

      Comparing Reparations for Black People to concessions given to illegal residents. Wow, I never made that come together before but I feel that.

      I know when I’m with my people we talk about this ish and it ain’t easy to stand against my Brown Brothers on this issue. But damn, we really need to talk about it. And the so-called “anchor babies” and immediate citizenship is another taboo subject. Two illegal people have a kid and the child is a US citizen with full legal rights?

      Damn Wonder Woman I was going to just watch the comments but you done did it to me again. I’m passing the rock back to you or whoever wants to take the next shot.

  3. Phil
    April 13, 2010

    I have been a human rights advocate in the Latino communities in the Washington, DC region for over 25 years, and have been married to a Latina, who was herself undocumented, during that same time period. I am therefore sympathetic to the plight of the undocumented. Many truly are refugees from violence, and especially from brutal gender discrimination, also known as machismo.
    I am also a specialist in human trafficking and gender exploitation issues impacting Latin America.
    After seeing ‘how the sausage is made’ from inside the Latino immigrant community, here are some honest observations:

    1. Latin America has a land mass and natural resources that are equal to what the U.S. and Canada have available.
    2. Latin America has a well established culture that has supported itself for centuries (admittedly with many oppressive elements in the mix).
    3. Therefore, there is no pressing need, from a ‘survival’ standpoint, for Latin Americans to flee to the U.S. by the millions. Billions of other world citizens are more impoverished than Mexicans and other Latin Americans.
    4. What is true is that state corruption, often brutal gender inequality, racism against especially indigenous peoples (who are 30% of Mexico), elitism that leaves the poor without social services, education and jobs, and a Roman Empire-derived feudalism that still concentrates wealth with a few and impoverishes the majority, causes the poor and working classes of Latin America to flee to the best available escape valve: the United States.
    5. What is also true is that Latin America, because of its religious convictions, has chosen to grow its population explosively, while the U.S. and Canada had the discussion about overpopulation starting in the 1970s, and we chose not to have more children than we, or our planet can support.
    6. Specifically, in 1950, Latin America had a population of 170 million people. In 1950, the U.S. and Canada combined also had a population of 170 million.
    7. In 2010, Latin America’s population (which includes virtually no immigration) is 577 million, or 3.4 times the 1950 level.
    8. In 2010, the combined U.S. and Canadian population (which includes massive legal and undocumented immigration) totals 340 million, which is 2.0 times the 1950 level.
    9. During the past 60 years, the U.S. and Canada doubled, while Latin America more than tripled its population.
    10. By 2050, Latin America will grow to an estimated 809 million people.
    11. By 2050, the U.S. and Canada will grow to less than 400 million (depending largely on the rate of immigration).
    12. If Latin America cannot sustain itself today in 2010 (more because of unequal resource distribution rather than any lack of resources) with a population of 577 million, how will it be able to sustain itself in 2050, when it will have to feed an additional 250 million (and some estimates say 350 million) people? (The unfortunate answer is likely to be by stripping the U.S. for parts).
    13. In addition, if global climate change really takes off, the snow-capped peaks that provide water and electric power throughout much of Latin America will dry-up (estimated to happen in 40 years in Ecuador, for example). Farmlands can also be expected to dry-up in many areas.
    The most disingenuous part of the pro-legalization lobby’s push from Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a failure to mention these critical population dynamics.
    Their other major fault is in not being honest with the American people in saying that they are not seeking just a compassionate solution for the 12 to 30 million migrants already here. They are also asking that their immediate relatives be allowed to come in under family reunification, to be followed by their relatives’ relatives. That chain migration by itself may total 100 million people in the next few decades.
    Latin America also has serious issues with gender and racial equality. As an American of color who advocates for gender equality within the U.S. Latino community, I can honestly say that importing severe, culturally institutionalized misogyny and anti-Black and anti-indigenous racial prejudice from Mexico and other regions of Latin America is not in America’s best interest.
    If you really believe in progressive, anti-racist values, I would expect you to agree with the following idea: for every one Mexican immigrant who comes to the U.S., allow one African immigrant, alternating with perhaps an impoverished Asian immigrant, to come to Mexico as a permanent migrant. Poor, hard working and morally upright people from Darfur Sudan, Liberia, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Congo and other impoverished conflict areas will contribute to Mexico’s economy, and will help make all of the villages abandoned by migrants to the U.S. productive again.
    The only problem is that Mexico has severe problems with racism, and would reject that idea, even if it benefits Mexico culturally and economically.
    And you as a progressive person can support that blatantly racist reaction how and why???
    Prison-based Latino gangs, with their thousands of often undocumented street ‘troops,’ are already collaborating with the Aryan Nation to target African Americans for racial harassment, intimidation and murder. The U.S. Justice Department arrested 60 gang member s in Los Angeles, a while back, on charges of targeting Black people for murder based only on their race.
    In addition…
    The current CIR legislation does nothing, in real terms, to improve U.S. southern border security. It hopes that the biometric worker ID card (which U.S. citizens will rightly reject) will cause migrants to stay home. The reality is that under-the-table, black market low wage labor will always exist. President Obama and pro-reform legislators are quietly pulling back from defending the U.S. Mexican border, and are at the same time saying that a biometric ID card will be the replacement for the fence and the virtual fence. Ha, ha, ha. That argument will last 5 minutes in congressional debate on the bill.
    The U.S. can do much to assist Latin America get on its own two feet (as it has done with billions in aid over several decades).
    But Latin America’s nations and peoples must learn that the U.S. is not the region’s social services department. They must also learn that they cannot continue irresponsible population growth while relying on the idea that the U.S. will always be there as the escape valve and flowing breast of milk and honey to support that project. Most importantly, it is not the responsibility of blue collar workers (construction workers, for example), to swear a vow of unending poverty and/or unemployment because Latin America does not want to control its birth rate.
    When America’s bread basket starts to go dry during a climate crisis in 20, 40 or 60 years, it will be too late to control rampant population growth and free-for-all immigration at that time.
    For Latin Americans and U.S. citizens, the time to think, and to act responsibly, is now!

    • Taken for Granted
      April 14, 2010

      I agree with many of your points with the exception of “the severe racism” charge and particularly with your premise that population growth is unsustainable and should be controlled.

      I am a 2nd generation American of Mexican descent with family and friends throughout Mexico and while I would never say that there isn’t any racism in Mexico, I don’t hesitate to say from my experience it is less “severe” than you state.

      The population bomb scare has been discredited by the fact that world food production has out-paced population growth through advances in agricultural technology. In this country this is evidenced by the fact that we subsidize farmers not to grow crops as crazy as that is. The over-population argument is a favorite of the pro-abortion and pro-contraceptive anti-family lobby that has racist and anti-religious roots best advanced by planned Parenthood here and their counterparts in the UN. Starvation and famine are most often the direct result of corrupt individuals and governments that hoard resources as way to control their citizenry while enriching themselves.

      European countries are in an economic decline as a direct result of the adoption of the contraceptive and abortive mentality and have to rely on imported workers in a last ditch attempt to sustain their economies. A healthy birth-rate is key to an expanding economy and those countries that have higher birthrates will someday replace the old declining ones.

  4. Wonder Woman
    April 13, 2010

    That is quite a bit for even me to digest, but very good points to consider. I only know that if we take one area, New Orleans and look at what happened after Katrina hit, we can easily say there is a need to address this problem. Latino workers came in to unsafe work conditions and for very low pay and made it home. What was once the birth place of Black standards, Jazz, the Creole people, and other Black legacies now are being cultivated with Latin infusion, for good and for bad. What were once poverty stricken Black ghettos are rapidly Hispanic and they are accepting these places because it’s better then what they came from? I just don’t understand. And how can we make it better for them if we can’t make it better for those we imported here? But I do understand why those Blacks are outraged at the take over. I don’t blame it on Hispanics for taking an opportunity if that is what they call it. I am very concerned that we are sending people to Mexico where I just read a story about a gang taking the human face off a possible informant and placing it on a soccer ball just to send a message and these people are getting into our country? This is some scary stuff! I am all for immigration but Africans aren’t getting in here because of their countries and because of the possible diseases they carry so they won’t be getting into any other place either I suspect. I have many friends from Uganda who try year after year to get into the states and some of them are rich, priests, or from some group that you would think could easily get into this country. I do suspect that you will see a continuing lovefest for Hispanics as they are courted for their massive voting demographic and that is the only way I see Blacks getting into anything, by making our voice count at election time, not just when a Black/bi-racial person is running but even at the most smallest of elections. We really got to step it up a notch or loose even more tax dollars whichever way we fall concerning the immigration issue. We need to get Latin America to stand with us or we need to make this an issue with them mano y mano.

  5. Joe
    April 13, 2010

    First of all, I am a retired detective who was selected to attend many classes, seminars, sessions, on the cause, effect and consequences of committing and being the victim of sexual crimes. These classes put special emphasis on pedophiles, their operations, their victims
    and the pain and suffering inflicted. As a results, I have personally investigated many cases involving Pedophiles and Pedophilia. I must say this first….I have absolutely nothing against Catholics, but there must have been thousands and thousands of young children, both boys and girls, under the age of 12 who have molested and assaulted by Catholic priests, Bishops and Popes. I would think that there must have been thousands of young children who have either, committed suicide, turn to street or heavy prescription drugs solely bacause of
    the lifetime of pain that these Supposedly Christian Leaders inflicted upon these children. And even worse than that, these mostly known preperatiors were protected and shielded from consequences and prosecution primarily by the High Leaders Of The Catholic Church. Fault may also lie with many law enforcement agencies including prosecutors. who were reluctant and confused as how to handle these acts of violent crimes allegedly committed by the persons the vicyims believed and trusted probably more so than anyone else in their young lives….These young victims were most likely too scared and embarrised to tell anyong about these cromes that were committed against them for many years.The Catholic leaders have most likely paid out more than a billions of dollars that were donated to the church. Instead, most of this money was spent to reach
    settlements with many victime and give “Hush” money
    to a great many others….It appears that the High Catholic Leaders were aware of these criminal and deviate acts that were being committed by Catholic Leaders in churches, worldwide, but chose to shield and protect these perpertrators and sometimes reward them by assigning them to other churches…..No wonder many people have very little respect for laws, especially laws involving violent and sexual acts against children…Maybe the Catholic Church should close down for awhile and re evaluate their structure. In my opinion, they have done 10,000 times more damage to our society and especially our children than Toyota Motors..
    has…And many still wonder why many children are so confused and appear to be out of touch…..

  6. Taken for Granted
    April 14, 2010

    Joe, you accidentally posted on the wrong blog, I believe you were looking for ( you are definitely off topic!

  7. Anonymous
    April 19, 2010

    I support real immigration reform!

    I think it is dishonest to frame the discussion as blacks vs. browns. Not to deny tensions, but the reality is that Black people come here from Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America everyday.

    That black vs. brown tension is set up that way through the American prism of race. Keep it real, Black folks left agriculture long ago, and… See More most young blacks are disenfranchised from lower paying jobs because of discrimination that would’ve happened with or without the presence of Latinos.

    Don’t just pick a fight without offering any real position.

  8. Immigrant kid
    April 20, 2010

    America speaks opposed to outlawed immigrants. That if you enter America without necessary documents you are an outlawed immigrant. Take a look back at history when Christopher Columbus arrived to America and found it inhabited already by Indians. You should be deported to!

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