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Sen. Darling Making Moves On MPS Buildings, Alderman & Mayor Ride With Her

What do you think about the sale of MPS buildings that are presently vacant? And what is the deal with all this renewed focus and energy on MPS by pols?

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One comment on “Sen. Darling Making Moves On MPS Buildings, Alderman & Mayor Ride With Her

  1. Wonder Woman
    January 20, 2011

    I read this story in the paper and to own 19 unused buildings and the excuse was “well we never know what the future holds,” did not hold weight with me. Sell them and get rid of that bad karma! Also to build newer buildings in some of the cases would save on maintenance and repair costs. Some of the buildings were just plain worn down or past their prime. Some of them housed racism and other intangible things. Sell them and hit the restart button!

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