Black Voting Rights – The other side of the story.

Schools today do not teach actual history bet you didn’t know!

2 responses to “Black Voting Rights – The other side of the story.

  1. A lot of this I did learn in public school, but I do agree that most people don’t realize that about 150 years ago The Reupublican party was the party of Black people. I don’t think this changes the fact that the Republican party of today is definitely not Fredrick Douglas’s Republican Party.

    • Disrael if you examine closely with an open mind, what the Republican Party stood for back then and what they stand for today, there is no legitimate way you can come to your conclusion. I like you was fed a steady diet of false characterizations of Republicans and conservatives that caused and still causes good people to blindly repeat that narrative. It is time to acknowledge the plain truth.

      You will be surprised to know, less than 60 years ago (and ongoing today), after succeeding several Democratic administrations Republican President Eisenhower retook the torch only to be obstructed by Democrats:

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