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Herman Cain Rising!

I recommend people get familiar with Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 Plan it makes a lot of sense. I just can’t get enough of him. Here is a great interview with Mr. Cain by Dennis Miller followed by one by Mark Levin:

Dennis Miller interviews Herman Cain

About Little tortillas

Former socialist/liberal/progressive, second generation American of Mexican descent, revert to Roman Catholicism and small business owner with an unshakeable belief in our free enterprise system and our Constitutional form of government. Aka TFG

2 comments on “Herman Cain Rising!

  1. reasonableview
    September 27, 2011

    Just endorsed by Dennis Miller! Herm’s on a roll! Here’s my take on what he needs to do next:

  2. Luonne Dumak
    September 28, 2011

    I have had the opportunity to hear Mr. Cain speak at a few events and have also met him personally. It is hard to explain him, you have to met him in person to unerstand his warmth and wonderful personality. I always tell people that if you met him you will love him. I am going to a conference in D.C in Nov and he will be speaking there and maybe I will be lucky once again to say hello and wish him good luck. I like his ideas very much.

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