Fatherhood, personal responsibility vs Government entitlements!

While self-serving local, state and national politicians and activists run around rallying people of color to claim anything they can get from the government they distract us from the heart of the problem in our communities and that is the effect that these programs have had on the collective psyche of our communities. These politicians and activists have advocated for a more prominent position at the government trough which has replaced fatherhood and personal responsibility with dependence on the government. Here is a great segment that focuses on the real antidote to the fragmentation of our communities:

3 responses to “Fatherhood, personal responsibility vs Government entitlements!

  1. There is a new movie that has just come on the scene. It is called Courageous and it is about this very subject. Our Pastor has recommended it, even though he said he usualy does not recommend movies. This is the 4th movie that has been produced by Sherwood Baptist Church. I have seen the last three and plan on going to see this one. It is about family, faith and fatherhood. If you have not heard of this Church and the movies they produce, it is a story in it’s self. Hope you take time t see it annd recommend it to others.

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