Pack the Hall


Dollar Tree does a Rope-A-Dope or Milwaukee Black Community comes through with the right hook….

While we wait on a few key statements from the mayor and others there are important meetings and notices you need to be aware of. We at the Drum want to give you this information post haste.

6th District Meeting


First off if Dollar Tree moves forth it is in large part because Black Milwaukee did not seize its “AH HA” moment. The power is now in the hands of Black Milwaukee and Black Milwaukee alone.

SIGN THE PETITION, CALL THE MAYOR/GOVERNOR & DOLLAR TREE (Does it really take that much time? For something that will impact us for generations to come). Hell there is an online petition how hard can it be to make your power felt? You don’t even have to move out your house.

After talking with Common Council President Willie Hines (and we will quote him more at a later date), we feel very confident Alderman Hines is respectfully allowing Alderwoman Coggs to lead the council and respect her authority in the matter. “We are listening to the people!” said Hines and I do believe him.

However we have yet to hear from the mayor despite repeated attempts to communicate with him and the governor. He got till tomorrow before “in person” visits start. We ain’t the Journal. I ain’t got no journalistic rules or codes and he owes us!!

Contact Mayor Barrett:

Office of the Mayor

200 E. Wells Street/City Hall Rm.201

Milwaukee, WI 53202     Phone: (414) 286-2200

FAX: (414) 286-3191/Email:

Calm yourselves, peep game…Yes the shelves are filling up but that might be tactic and strategy. So do not let that stop you from signing petitions, going to meetings, calling the mayor and using your power.

Dollar Tree Ownership wants you to feel defeated. This is the led astray, bamboozled, etc… strategy and some are falling for it. Don’t be fooled people. BUT DO NOTICE WHO IS NOT HERE TO HELP OUR CAUSE!! Representatives and organizations who claim to have our back around election time. You need to remember their absence in this! This is an important moment in our time because every group and community has an economic power base in our city EXCEPT BLACK MILWAUKEE!! WHY? YOU KNOW WHY!! It was taken away by Mayor Hoan and kept away by Mayor Barrett if he refuses to help us now!!!!

Contact Dollar Tree

So attend a meeting, share information, sign petitions, collect signatures, get involved and be a part of history! Do not let our “ah ha”  moment pass us by!

Online Petition Information:

Collect Signatures and Download the Petition:

Dollar Tree Petition

Worth sharing…

Some of the online petition comments have been outstanding so I want to share them:

“Cheap foods, high medical costs” (I hope Republicans are taking note)

“Dollar Tree has been accused of treating workers very poorly”

“Dollar Tree goes against everything family/community is”

“Fresh foods…eat to live”

Peace Family,



Wonder Woman is a community activist and blogger and Chair of The Umoja Project, a Black Conservative Movement in Wisconsin.

She is a proud member of the JustUs League!

She has her own blog site at http://www/

She also contributes to The Milwaukee Drum, the Black Convo Network, Insane Asylum Blog, and Black Bloggers Connect.

Contact info:

wonder2woman (Twitter)/

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4 responses to “BAIT & SWITCH

  1. The problem is not Dollar Tree or the business person that received Community Development Funds.

    Community Development Corp and the City of Milwaukee is the problem!

    Both are in need of major political change, administration correction and auditing by an outside source.

    The Black community and its leadership is constantly chasing the wrong worms when all signs point to big rotten fish funking up city hall.

    Get rid of Tom Barrette then reorganize the “slush fund ” organization called the Community Development Corporation to reflect the social and economic aspirations of “all” Milwaukee’s diverse community.

    For a clearer and concise insight in this matter of “corrupt city funding and misuse of Federal Block Grant funding.”

    Please contact George Sanders (If he is available for comments). He’s the expert about what I refer to as, “The Milwaukee Machine.”

    Sincerely TM

    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 17:41:24 +0000 To:

  2. i think you hit many nails on the head. HOWEVER the problem is while we are waiting on change and for the sheep to WAKE UP we cannot let the powers that be screw over Black Economic Empowerment Oppotunities that impact gnerations to come.
    I agree wtih you, I do and I been beating that Drum for years. I hear you!! But if we let that corner go, what next? I feel that we must unite to claim what is ours and then have that conversation and spread the information that you present. One day someone will hear it. It’s not we got here over night. And truth be told it was not a bait and switch because problem one, it should not have been in the hands of a non Black to have been SWITHCED i the first place right?? Very right. But again here we are and here are our kids and the community needs this. I do not have the time nor the money to say ha ha I told you so. Though looking back over my blogs one could see that. Now we must clean up the mess that was made when we get in bed with those who truly do not have our best interest at heart. Again Milwaukee is not the continual prize winner of most segregated for no reason. Whenever we decide to be our own independant agent and break free of the chains that bind us, we will truly create a Bronzeville that needs to ask no no laon or no “help” from anyone. FUBU!!! That once meant something. You right brother great comments!!

  3. By the way, there is more than enough space here in the Drum space for you or Mr. Sanders to write if time does not allow to expand on this and other issues. If you look on the front page there is a place for guest writers or people who would like to join our staff to submit your information or seek further information. Please invite him or yourself to share your knowledge.
    Sorry for the typos…

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