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The Story of True Friendship…”Carry On” Dartanyon & Leroy


This is the preview of the story.


What would you do for a friend? This is a powerful piece that ESPN put out and I give a Big UP to all those involved starting with our Brothers Dartanyon & Leroy. Big UP to Sister Lisa Fenn for helping these young men when nobody else would. Please watch this and learn what Friendship & Love is all about.

You have to see the complete piece, go to ESPN’s Outside the Lines to see the story which ran this a.m.

2 comments on “The Story of True Friendship…”Carry On” Dartanyon & Leroy

  1. Wonder Woman
    July 8, 2013
    If anyone can get through this story without a story sobbing wow. This is truly a touching story but what is even sadder still is how many more kids are in their position and need their stories told. This is a good start. Thank you for sharing this and I am glad she broke her journalisitc code. It was worth it.

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