Exposing the Milwaukee Machine Misuse of Federal Grant Funds Targeted to Fight Poverty

The Milwaukee Machine led by Tom Barrett and his Citizen Elected Crony Leadership and Private Business Cronies, could not sway The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to overlook Federal policies and rules this time around. 

I wonder why this particular incident raised eyebrows in Washington D.C.? Is Washington D.C. wakening up to Milwaukee City Govt misuse of Federal Grants? Hopefully so!

Specifically, Federal grants intended on alleviating impoverished conditions in Milwaukee. A City Audit would / will revealed millions and millions of grant dollars never making it to poor communities in Milwaukee. It also would have shown most of the Federal grant dollars targeted to poor communities go to surrounding communities, private business residing outside the City awarded contracts (City Procurements) by Milwaukee City Hall Community Development Commission. These outside contractors employees are primarily white and do not live in the City of Milwaukee.

City of  Milwaukee Federal grant dollars received over the decades have benefited Wisconsin Whites citizens greatly more than it has benefited Wisconsin Black citizens. Someone proves me wrong! Only an audit of City and County books can dispel this belief which publicly presented by the Local Chapter of The NAACP. Though these charges have floated in the Black community by concerned citizens for many years with no redress when presented to elected public officials.

Obvious proof of the misuse of Federal Grant Fundings, by Elected City Leadership is mounting researched data and reports outlining the ill social living conditions of the Black residents living in the City of Milwaukee. Plus often Nationally and Abroad reports and studies. Findings outlining Milwaukee, WI. ill rankings in social living indicators, e.g. Crime rates, Black male incarceration and unemployment rates, Education, Infant Deaths when compared to other Cities demographics in the Nation.

No comparison needed in my opinion. The proof is in the pudding. 


image001If there is no truth in this cartoon. Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele why not agree to open the books to an outside audit? Your window of deniability might be closely approaching.

2 responses to “Exposing the Milwaukee Machine Misuse of Federal Grant Funds Targeted to Fight Poverty

  1. Geat artical how do we continue to highlight the issue and educate the masses?


    • That is the missing 64 year old question. No one seems to have an answer too, including me. I have been writing about this issue and many other issues surrounding do nothing politicians (Black and White) exploiting the ill social conditions for Blacks in particular in the City of Milwaukee. Even our young and old aspiring and active Local, State, Federal representatives realize the problem, but cast a blind eye where Federal Grant monies is not adding up to a pile of beans to impact social change for Black citizens here in Milwaukee. Good example is the repeated support from Black elected representatives, Community Journal Newspaper for Do Nothing Mayor Tom Barrett leadership the past 10 years. I for one will be attending the 15th District candidate forum with ears open and hard questions, if allowed input (Doubtfully). The last political forum for Mayoral, Aldermanic and County Supervisors I attended was obviously staged in favor of hand picked politicians like Tom Barrett, Stampler Jr. Nikia Harris and
      David DB Bowen. Not one of these Black elected officials have backed the NAACP lawsuit calling for an audit of County and City books. The question of how to educate the masses is simple. You can not educate a group of people like here in Milwaukee while they are politically slumbering and most kept asleep by religious leadership dogma. Most Black people here in Milwaukee for some reason trust that any elected politician and the local media outlets are doing a good job on the job. So why vote during local election seasons. Go figure…Is it hopeless? Of course not. Thats why I write and speak on the issues kept under the carpet.

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