“We Must Deal With Them”


For one moment let’s break Paul Ryan statement down to its roots. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan stated… “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular…” Obviously this is a broad statement considering the fact there are 19,355 cities in the US, but it leaves room for denial on his part if called to the carpet to answer if he is race baiting with his Tea Party white constituent political base.

Paul Ryan offered clarification to this statement by including specifically “men.” Continue…”of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of the culture of work.”

Paul Ryan clarifies cities with the term “inner cities” which refers to the central section of a city where mostly ” Poor and middle-class Black Americans live.” Inner City is code term for America’s white racist. Believing that Black people only live there, destroying the landscape and real estate once occupied by their white grandfathers and mothers. Paul

Paul Ryan stated specifically… “in our inner cities.”

Paul Ryan himself was raise in a small white suburban town called Janesville, WI. But, Ryan believes like other (tens of millions) arrogant white people that they are rightful owners to all the land of these United States.

He did not specify which cities in particular are a “tailspin of culture.” Are we to think and believe that P.R., believes only Black men live in inner cities? Did anyone ask that specific question? Although white men living in inner cities are more than likely employed than Black men.

How do we know for a certainty he was specifically referring to Black men exclusively?

Because obviously White men and Black men cultures are different as the two shades black and white.


Paul Ryan fully understands U.S. cities culture and race demographics. Ryan majored in economics and political science or “Political Snake Charming,” at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Paul Ryan race baiting statement ends in part suggesting or warning to his white constituents… “There is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.”

What does he mean by “deal with…?”

Other than increasing the present and past Black male hyper-incarceration rates, illicit drugs dealings, gangs and gun violence across America. I can not imagine a worse groups social-culture condition(s), except Jewish people sufferings during Nazi Germany attempted genocide of them. Or may be Paul Ryan is signaling a return to American good old Institution of Slavery.

What do you think Black America?

Sounds to me like James Brown Hit song, “The Big Payback” lyrical lines sung in Paul Ryan voice… “I going to deal with you. I want revenge, my patience thin. I want revenge.”

Finally, Black People need to “Wake Up, Unify and Do For Self. Just as White People have done and continue to here in America the past 400 years!


3 responses to ““We Must Deal With Them”

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  2. Haha, oh my, this is more “race baiting” articles… Inner cities are ANY city which has congested streets and activity. It has nothing to do with race and more to do on what the area has become. Everyone can argue all they want on the origins of when America finally jumped-the-shark, but we cannot have people like this blogger trying to twist every word they hear to fit their agenda. Yes, pop culture has ruined the youth, and yes music wasn’t what it used to be and yes, more little girls worship Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katey Perry, Lil’Wayne, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and countless other celebrity trash. And YES, education wasn’t what it used to be 50 and 100 years ago. Let’s face it America, Education was trashed during the 70s.

  3. The term “race baiting” is utilized by white males attempting to deflect white male dominance in the overall society and their majority control of institutions. You can not deny white males dominate as a “race” in the American society and hold majority control of all social institutions. In this case white males unconsciencously feel responsible for creating the many social ills experienced by my group and other so-called minority groups. Take my advice when reading my blogs or writtings. Swallow your pride and get out my way if you do not have anything to say positive. My main concern is unifing the Black masses in America to do for self and accept responsibilty for kind. And to uplift our group out of poverty through group economics. This can only be accomplish when Black people are not dependant on the white male dominate society to provide life sustaning means in our communities.

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