WOW!….Only in America…Where Politics Breeds Arrogant Boldness!

Only in America can a convicted felon run for public office. Talk about putting a “Fox in charge of the Hen house.”  Then again, the prison Gary George served his time, Federal Prison Camp, Duluth Minn, is more like a long-term stay at a golf resort. Also, Gary George once released broke the stereotype that “X Felons are consider “unemployable” in Americas workforce. Gary George intellectually is far from being what is consider “dummies.” .Gary George_safe_image!UV7Z2.

Gary made a bold attempt in 2008 to have his law license reinstated, but a lower Court and upper Supreme Court determined he had yet, learned the lesson, “Foxes should not get caught in the Hen house.” But in 2010 the Courts determined Gary learned the lesson, and reinstated his Wisconsin Bar Law license, see link

America after all said and done, does forgive convicted felons. At least if convicted of what is socially considered a “white-collar crime.” Notice Gary George above photo…He is wearing a white-collar.

The question for voting residents in Wisconsin Congressional 4th District is; If elected will Gary George do better than the incumbent Congresswoman Gwen Moore representation these past 9 years? Especially in light of Huffington Post, recent “dark exposure” reporting about Congresswoman Moore covert corporate stooges role for Wall Street…see link..

My God she’s a Democrat…I know!, Go figure! Have you read a public response from Congresswoman Moore. Maybe she hoping it will just go away then she can continue her corporate stooges role by operating under the wire of scrutiny which is highly practiced in Milwaukee, WI, by Elected Democratic Leadership. Especially, down town in City Hall, (Mayor Tom Barrett and other Elected City Council members present and former elect’s.

I stated Gary George is far from being not smart. More than likely he sees (Congresswoman) Gwen Moore as a lame incumbent duck  for this fall hunting season rather Congressional Election Season. We all take calculated risk unknowingly and knowingly in our lives. But American Politics is control by the “Good Old Boy’s Club,” and it has a long history of secrets hidden behind closed doors where political deals and compromises are create.

Unknowingly many Professional Black politicians since the 1970s have had limited membership privileges. Black Politian’s knowingly aware of their limited privileges in the “club,” are what referred to as a “Sell Out” by America’s Black politically aware masses. Up until America Elected its first Black President into the Oval Office in 2008 (Hurrah) Black Politian’s knew this seat was off-limits and those Black Politian’s that indulged in running for the seat in the Oval Office, seem to have been symbolic campaigns to say the least.

Unseen political back door deals with Corporate America often come under the public eye of scrutiny because in many of these deals lines between legal and illegal remain obscure until State Courts, DOJ or a Congressional Committee investigations is launch proceeding reports, such as, the Huffington Post “detailed” report about Congresswoman Moore apparent conflicting political relationships with Wall Street Banks and Corporates… linked to this report by, Tony Muhammad.

6 responses to “WOW!….Only in America…Where Politics Breeds Arrogant Boldness!

  1. Put ’em out there. They could both stand a ‘Public Scrutiny’.
    Gary is probably calculating that, ‘The Pot’ won’t call ‘The Kettle’ ‘Black’, but We (the ‘Public’) sure as heck can.

  2. I think he paid his debt to society and why not let him like so many Black men get a second chance to make it right.
    He has been an upstanding member of the community. Let him redeem himself.
    Just my two cents

    • I do not have a problem with anyone redeeming themselves once they have properly “atone” for their wrong-doings. Especially when they are caught stealing tax-payer’s dollars. Do you believe Gary and the others punished for stealing millions of dollars of tax payers contributions to one of Milwaukee’s W2 programs, “conspiratorial” intent was to get caught and go to jail? Of course not! So now you believe some how because Gary did minimal time for his crime his greedy heart of hearts has changed? Unarmed bank robbers who get caught do double the time Gary and his co-harts recieved.

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