TMD Inbox: Monday, May 19, 2014

My definition of REAL issues plaguing the black community. Growing gang problems, Drug problems Negative images of Black people portrayed in the media YES! Rappers glorifying gang life immoral sex and destruction, whores on those reality shows, Love n Hip Hop and the Housewives of blah blah blah!

I’m speaking of the TRUE problems that are directly cause BY US, and can only be corrected BY US!
We need to directly tackle these issues…

but im a 1 woman army…….. how?

Author Unknown

National Alliance of Black School Educators 2013 Principal of the Year – MPS Principal Dr. Darrell Williams Pulaski HS

Last Friday, November 15, 2013 Dr. Darrell Williams was presented with the National Alliance of Black School Educators 2013 Principal of the Year Award in Detroit, MI. The Drum celebrates OUR BROTHER for his work, influence and dedications to educating our young people.

Principal Darrell Williams

The Story of True Friendship…”Carry On” Dartanyon & Leroy


This is the preview of the story.


What would you do for a friend? This is a powerful piece that ESPN put out and I give a Big UP to all those involved starting with our Brothers Dartanyon & Leroy. Big UP to Sister Lisa Fenn for helping these young men when nobody else would. Please watch this and learn what Friendship & Love is all about.

You have to see the complete piece, go to ESPN’s Outside the Lines to see the story which ran this a.m.

WIFOOTBALLU Spring Football Passing League Kickoff 4/28/13 – Boys Ages 8-17

If you are a parent raising a son (or sons) who LOVE FOOTBALL then is for you! They are hosting their inagural 7 on 7 passing league at the spacious and state-of-the-art Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex. WIFOOTBALLU is inviting all youth, junior and high school football players and teams to join its league and compete against other players from around the area. Players and teams competing are from Franklin, Sussex, Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, Hartford and Greenfield.

This is the only passing league in the area and it is an 8-week season.

For those who don’t know, 7 on 7 football is on par with AAU Basketball. Across the country, top football prospects compete in off-season leagues and attend elite 7 on 7 passing camps in order to impress college recruiters. If you want your son to be prepared for varsity and/or college football, then you better get them enrolled today. For more information please visit

WIFOOTBALLU Kickoff Facebook Flyer