Milwaukee Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary 27th Annual Mardi Gras Scholarship Ball

Lady Annette M. Frink
8900 N. Park Plaza Ct #205
Brown Deer, WI 53223
January 22, 2015

For Immediate Release

 Lady Mildred Webster will be honored at the 27th Annual Mardi Gras Scholarship Ball on Saturday, February 7th, 2015, at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel, 375 S. Moorland Rd., Brookfield, 53005. It begins with a cocktails/networking hour (5:30 pm) and gala dinner (7:00 pm). A program and dancing will follow. Music will be provided by DJ Sandra Silk. Come help us honor a great lady who has been lifting people’s spirits all her life by lending a helping hand to those in need. All are welcome. Your attendance will support the educational scholarships given out to eligible Milwaukee youth every fall.

This event is sponsored by the Milwaukee Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary, Mueller Communications, Inc., and Miss Annette’s Tutoring Services, Inc. The Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary is a National Catholic Fraternal Organization founded in the 1900’s when Black Catholics could not join White fraternal groups. This order of men and women represents the largest Black Catholic organization in the United States with a membership well over a hundred thousand. The Milwaukee group is affiliated with four parishes: All Saints, St. Francis, St. Martin De Porres, and St. Michael.

Unequal Justice… A Mother Shares Her Pain

I’m going thru the fight of my life trying to help my son and others who have been unjustly accused and convicted for a crime they clearly did not commit.  I’ve tried to reach out to my political organizations with no results.  It seems that we as black people don’t care until it lands on your door step.  What is going on in Milwaukee WI and other cities is not being addressed.  The police are incarcerating our black men at an alarming rate and you would be surprised at how many of these young men are actually innocent.  As with the incident with my son. He would have to have been a magacian  to do what he’s accused of.  And he was found guilty by a jury that clearly did not listen to the instructions of the judge which was if u have a tiny doubt of  his innocence u should find him not guilty.  The doubt that his very good atty brought out was in 20 to 30 minutes of a very bloody murder his client was stopped and taken to jail, police didn’t take a test for gun powder residue which could have cleared him right away. 

It was proven he had on the same light blue shirt with no blood evidence.  1 witness said the murderer had a red shirt on , was 5’10 weighed 170lbs,  my son is  5’5″ 138lbs .  Also he has hair on his face  which the witness says the murderer didn’t have.  There are other discrepancies too.  So what  is going on ?  The police, detectives and the judge dropped the ball in this case so now my son is going to prison for something he clearly did not do. And nobody cares.  I know about the appeal process but  it should have been done right the first time.  My son does not have a bad record,  always worked and was starting a new job  the day after all this occurred.  Please let me know if u can suggest something that we or other organizations might be able to do to help before this young man’s life is ruined. 

Thank You, 

Marsha Booker

Sheila D. Cochran: Unprecedented Power!

I know and hope by now all of you are fully aware of what has taken place in the Governor’s Budget Repair bill that is now in the hands of the Republican Legislature.  Needless to say elections have consequences, and we are seeing the result of our worst fears, unfortunately there are and will be some who still just don’t get it.  As a trade unionist I will and do stand with my fellow union brothers and sisters. 

Even if you aren’t a member of a union your services are provided by members, your family members may be and we all are dependent upon the services provided by them, even Homeland Security.

So that it is clear, if this bill is passed, our public sector unions do not have the right to bargain for anything but wages, and those wages are capped at the CPI.

No seniority, No health and safety, No job conditions, simply put NOTHING!! It is as if wages are the only thing this administration thinks a union is about, and we know better.  This is the use of unprecedented power and extremism and there is no other way to put it. 

The Wisconsin Legislature will be voting on a bill that will strip away our right to bargain collectively.  Our jobs and our rights are at stake and we need to tell the legislature that enough is enough; we will not stand by and watch our rights be stripped away. 

Please call our legislative hotline at 1-877-753-5578 to speak to your State Senator and ask them to oppose taking away the rights of bus drivers, teachers, nurses, snowplow drivers, school counselors, health care workers, sanitation workers, corrections officers, sewer and water workers, and all the other hard-working public servants of our state. 

Sheila D. Cochran
Secretary Treasurer/Chief Operating Officer
633 South Hawley Road, Suite 110
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Office 414-771-7070  ext.14
Fax  414-771-0509
Cell 414-530-7080

Community Leaders Pay Tribute to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with “An Evening of Jazz”

In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent The Merciful, I Bear Witness There Is No God But Allah And That Muhammad Is His Messenger AS-SALAAM ALAIKUM! (Peace Be Unto You)

December 13, 2010                                                                                                   Press Contact: David Muhammad

For Immediate Release

Milwaukee Artists, Community Leaders Pay Tribute to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with “An Evening of Jazz” Fundraiser Saturday, December 18 2010-Members of Milwaukee’s artistic and activist community will gather for an evening of Jazz, entertainment, and awareness at Coffee Makes You Black, 2803 N. Teutonia Ave, to honor over 55 years of service by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The event is a fundraiser for the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day Gift which supports Minister Farrakhan’s work of redeeming the Black and oppressed people.

“Minister Farrakhan has tirelessly worked 55 years for the rise of black people in America. He bows to no one but God and is unafraid to speak truth to power. He has proven his love for us with his life and he is more than worthy of our financial contributions”, stated William Muhammad, Student Minister of Muhammad Mosque #3.

The evening’s MC will be 1290 WMCS talk show host Earl Ingram. The event will feature live performances by acclaimed composer and Smooth Jazz saxophonist James Dallas, as well as singer Ozara Ode’ showcasing selections from her nationally renowned tribute to Nina Simone.

The event begins at 6pm. There is no charge for the event and all community members are welcome to attend and encouraged to donate.

Saviours’ Day honors the birth of Nation of Islam founder, Master W. Fard Muhammad, who established the movement in 1930 and was the teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.



Muhammad Mosque # 3 * 4202 N. Teutonia Avenue * Milwaukee, WI 53209 * 414.755.2006

Talking Points from the Democratic National Committee

Wisconsin Democrats–
I hope that this email finds you well. I wanted to forward these DNC talking points along to you. Many of you have requested information that can be shared with your networks and as these talking points cover issues currently before the President and Congress, I hope this is helpful and useful.
As always, please let me know what else I can do for you. Hope to see you all soon! Happy December!
Unemployment Insurance Extension Talking Points 
  • Today, emergency unemployment insurance benefits will expire, leaving millions of Americans without a key lifeline that helps them keep food on the table and make ends meet while they fight to find a job.  
  • The consequences of letting this aid lapse are stark: in the month of December alone, two million workers will lose this aid, and if we don’t act, almost seven million workers, total, will lose coverage over the next year. 
  • By allowing these benefits to expire many Americans will lose the ability to buy the basics as they look for work; over the next year, over 2.5 million women will lose coverage, along with over one million African Americans and almost 950,000 Hispanics. 
  • Extending this support to those hardest hit by this crisis is not only the right thing to do, it’s the right economic policy. Letting millions more Americans fall into hardship will hurt our economy at this critical point in our recovery and cut off an important source of demand in our economy.  
  • Benefits for the jobless are particularly important during the holiday season. In addition to providing support for families when they need it most, the positive effects of the program on the economy are likely to be greater since American families tend to spend more during the holiday season. 
  • Benefits for the unemployed do not add to long-term deficits because the spending is temporary. To the contrary, unemployment insurance contributes powerfully to economic growth. 
  • Unemployment insurance gives temporary support to Americans fighting to find jobs that will spend their benefits checks immediately, stimulating demand.  As a result, unemployment insurance is one of the more effective government programs according to a wide range of private and government studies. 
  • The President urges Congress to enact a long-term extension of emergency unemployment insurance benefits and to do so as soon as possible. 

Talking Points: President Obama’s Meeting with Bipartisan Congressional Leaders 

  • Right now, America faces a number of particularly difficult challenges, and the American people have demanded that our leaders cooperate in order to deliver solutions.  That’s why President Obama met yesterday with Democratic and Republican Congressional leaders to talk about how both parties can work together to move America forward. 
  • President Obama hopes that meeting will be the start of a new bipartisan dialogue that will produce real progress. 
  • The President believes that it is critical that Democrats and Republicans begin working together right away, because there are a number of critical issues that should be resolved before the holiday recess.
  • It is critical that Congress resolve the issue of tax cuts.  Everyone agrees that we need to permanently extend the tax-cuts for the middle class.  But Congressional Republicans also want to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans – a step that would add $700 billion to America’s national debt.  President Obama believes that doing that would be both unwise and unfair, particularly at a time when our government is considering deep budget cuts that will require broad sacrifice.
  • It is important that Democrats and Republicans find common ground on this issue and give middle-class families the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their taxes aren’t going up.  To that end, President Obama has appointed Secretary Geithner and OMB Director Lew to work with both parties to break the current impasse.  Congressional leaders have promised to appoint members to do the same, and that process will begin immediately.
  • At the same time, President Obama has said that it is important that the parties come together to ratify New START so that America can monitor Russia’s nuclear arsenal, reduce our nuclear weapons, and strengthen our relationship with Russia.  The New START Treaty has already been vetted for seven months and over the course of 18 hearings; it has the support of Senators of both parties, and it is essential to America’s national security.  It should not be delayed any longer.
  • The President also recognizes America’s deficit constraints, and he has asked Congressional leaders to come together to make the tough but necessary decisions required to put our nation’s fiscal house in order.
  • Congress must also move swiftly to extend a variety of important tax breaks for individuals and businesses that are supporting America’s economic recovery but that are set to expire at the year’s end.  Those include a tax credit for college tuition and a tax break for 95 percent of working families, as well as a tax cut worth thousands of dollars for businesses that take on unemployed workers.
  • And Congress must extend the unemployment insurance that expires today, because America needs to continue to provide this critical emergency relief to those who are facing difficult times through no fault of their own. 
  • America is facing some tough challenges, and all our leaders share a responsibility to develop solutions.  That means that they must choose the best ideas over the worst kinds of politics.  That’s the spirit in which President Obama held yesterday’s meeting, and that’s the spirit that should define Congress’ efforts moving forward. 

 Talking Points: Tax Cuts 

  • President Obama has talked time and again about the necessity of permanently extending the middle-class tax cuts.  Because during these difficult times, middle-class Americans deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their taxes aren’t going to increase. 
  • Although Democrats and Republicans agree that middle-class families deserve that peace of mind, Congress is still unable to move forward on this issue.  And if they fail to act by the end of the year, the typical middle-class family will see a tax increase of $3,000, and American businesses will also see a tax increase. 
  • That sort of uncertainty would have the potential to undermine America’s economic recovery.  So, as noted during his bipartisan meeting, President Obama is urging Congress to take up the middle-class tax cut issue in the next few weeks.  Because the last thing we can afford right now is a middle-class tax hike. 
  • America’s deficit situation requires Democrats and Republicans alike to make difficult but necessary decisions.  One of those choices is whether we should permanently extend tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.  And President Obama believes that if our country is serious about containing long-term deficits, we just can’t afford to add another $700 billion to America’s debt in order to give millionaires and billionaires a tax cut. 

Talking Points: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell 

  • Yesterday, the Pentagon released the results of a comprehensive, 10-month study regarding American service members’ views on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy.  According to the survey, a majority of American troops would support the repeal of DADT.  In fact, 70 percent of troops do not believe the change would have a negative impact on morale, and troop readiness would not be affected.  
  • The survey’s positive findings come on the heels of declarations of support for the repeal of DADT by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen.  
  • In keeping with the release of the study, momentum for the repeal of DADT has increased significantly.  The Senate plans to hold hearings on repeal shortly, and the President is hopeful that Congress will then act to repeal DADT in an orderly fashion, rather than allowing this issue to be litigated through the courts – which could potentially be disruptive to the military.   
  • Unfortunately, some Republicans are still determined to prevent the repeal of DADT.  First, they said they would defer to military leadership — and then refused to budge when people like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell all came forward to support repeal.  Then, they said they were worried about how repeal would weaken our military or hurt troop morale — and that we should wait for the results of the Pentagon study.  Well, the results are in: Our military believes the time has come to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” 
  • As the President has said, this should not be a partisan issue.  A sizable portion of the American people believes that anyone who is willing to serve on behalf of our country should be treated fairly and equally.  The President shares that view. 
  • President Obama and Democrats in Congress will continue to fight for the repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ policy because, as he has made clear time and again – including in his State of the Union Address – he believes that all Americans should be able to serve their country, without regard to their sexual orientation.   
  • It is also important to note that not a single person has been discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell since Oct. 21st, when Secretary Gates restricted who could authorize a discharge to branch chiefs only. 

Talking Points: The DREAM Act 

  • The DREAM Act is intended to prevent young people from being punished for the actions of their parents, giving them the opportunity to obtain legal status by pursuing a higher education or by serving in the American armed forces – for the country they grew up in and embrace as their own. 
  • The DREAM Act has long been supported by Democratic as well as Republican leaders. In fact, the Senate Judiciary Committee has twice approved the legislation with support from Senators of both parties, and it passed the full Senate in 2006 as part of comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t receive that same kind of bipartisan support today. 
  • In fact, the DREAM Act was first authored by Republicans nearly a decade ago.  So now that Senate Majority Leader Reid is moving the DREAM Act forward as a stand-alone bill, Republicans should have no reason to oppose it – particularly the seven Republicans who have voted for it in the past.   
  • President Obama is also a long-time supporter of the DREAM Act and was a co-sponsor of that legislation when he was in the Senate, and a number of Cabinet Members and Administration officials have stepped forward to talk about how America would benefit from the passage of the DREAM Act.
  • The American military supports the DREAM Act, and the DREAM Act is a part of the Department of Defense’s 2010-2012 Strategic Plan to strengthen the military’s recruiting efforts.
  • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has said the DREAM Act can play a key role in the Administration’s efforts to ensure America has the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020, making the United States more globally competitive.
  • Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has said the DREAM Act offers a firm but fair way to deal with innocent children who were brought to the U.S. at a young age, so that we can better focus on detaining and deporting criminals and others who immigrate illegally and pose a threat to America.
  • This Administration will do whatever is necessary to get the Congressional leadership support necessary to pass this bill. Because passing the DREAM Act is simply the right thing to do. 
  • But comprehensive immigration reform remains a critical necessity if we want to fix America’s broken immigration system. So President Obama will continue to urge broader reform that sends lasting and dedicated resources to the American border, but also restores responsibility and accountability to our broken immigration system.

NAACP Insiders: What You Did Not Read About the Milwaukee NAACP Election

Dozens of activists demonstrated across the street from the Milwaukee Branch NAACP election site for the “Milwaukee Eight” singing “We Shall Overcome”, in support of themembers who were suspended for supporting now president-elect Attorney James Hall (see MJS Article 

The election process began with one of the NAACP National office clowns, (Amos and Andy redux) verbally assaulting Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer Georgia Pabst in front of several NAACP members including former Milwaukee Branch president Felmers Cheney, to much surprise and consternation, before the election process evenopened. 

Within the sanctuary of Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church NAACP members anxiously waited for hours throughout the process of nominating candidates from the floor. Tom White, State of Wisconsin NAACP Chapter President, and fellow Jerry Ann Hamilton conspirator, introduced Jerry Ann to speak to the electorate as she lamented that she hoped that this branch would “treat the next president better than it treated her!” 

Unfortunately, Jerry Ann Hamilton still views herself as the victim rather than the source of all the dishonest shenanigans that characterized her tenure as Branch president. The blatant thievery and nepotism that led to the lack of respect and support for the local NAACP rests entirely at the feet of Jerry Ann Hamilton and her immediate family. 

The most comical and telling moment of this election process was when Tom White went into a litany of moronic monologues regurgitating his past experiences that the electorate found uninteresting resulting in one member passionately inquiring as to when the actual voting was to take place after finishing a third shift job to attend and participate in this election process. 

Mr. White’s response was that they had already begun counting the votes. Laughter and jeers broke out ceremoniously throughout the sanctuary because everyone knew that the voting had not even begun. No one had cast a single vote, yet Mr. White proclaimed in front of the entire electorate that the counting of the votes had already started and quickly back peddled to ignore this Freudian slipwith more of his outdated soliloquies. 

It could be that Mr. White is so accustomed to conducting elections making untruthful statements about election processes that end with a story about how black folks used to pick cotton or how some racist cop pulled someone’s Daddy over and called him a “boy” distracting voters from the real issue at hand: Conducting a fair election. 

Many commented that this election was reminiscent of grass root civil rights efforts of the 60’s and 70’s and at one point NAACP members started singing “This Little Light of Mine” after the voting actually started. 

Is this a good or bad thing? 

Good, because it represented a community that came together to confront and challenge an administration that has taken its own community for granted by abusing their positions for their own personal gain. Good because it helped foster the argument that the NAACP can be relevant if you have the right people running it and not ruining it. Good because it made transparent that this community is in need and is ready to step up to the plate and start tackling the barrage of challenges that it faces. 

Bad, because the city of Milwaukee after over 50 years of civil rights legislation, protest and activism, has unnecessarily been retarded for the past ten years by an administration that has been immersed in making the NAACP a family slush fund. Something that apparently is not solely unique to the Milwaukee branch. 

These emails started as an effort to expose the shenanigans and improprieties of the Milwaukee NAACP. We will continue to keep you informed about the activities of this branchand the NAACP. 

By the way, Attorney James Hall won by over a two-to-one margin. (Hall-230 to Wendell Harris-99) And no, that does not indicate that Hall has a “70% approval rating” but merely that 70% of the voters on Saturday chose to support James Hall rather than Jerry Ann Hamilton’s hand picked candidate. As a matter of fact, since no one knows the actual membership numbers, we can safely assume that the 329 members voting do not reflect the overall majority of NAACP members

NAACP Member Documents Suspension, Fires Back At National Leadership

Mary Glass, Chair/CEO Milwaukee Professionals Association (MPA), provided TMD with 14 pages of interesting documents regarding her recent history with the local and national NAACP offices. Within these documents, you will see a letter of memebership suspension from the NAACP and other information as it relates to Ms. Glass.