America’s Need For A Black Political Party In The 21st Century…January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2100

If I may offer some clarity about Black Americans today supporting the Democratic platform. It is true Black Americans once supported the Republican Party. The two political parties began to flip-flop membership in 1964. Our freed forefathers and mothers who remained (99%) in America naturally joined the Republican Party after the Emancipation Proclamation because of the so-call American Emancipator, Abe Lincoln was a Republican.

The Democratic Party for the most part was Southern / Confederate ideology base. Up to when Democrat Lyndon Johnson signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Voting Blacks jump the ship of the Republican party to the Democratic Party during this period in American politics. Likewise with Whites leaving their Democratic Party joining the Republican. A Democrat today is not a Democrat 150 years ago.

I contend it would have been better for all Emancipated slaves be repatriated back to our homelands in Africa. Sadly, that is the apex of the dilemma Black Americans will always face being descendants of freed slaves, “here by choice” dealing with knowingly or unknowingly. And if anyone researched fully what Abe Lincoln fully desired for x slaves one would realize it included full repatriation of our freed forefathers and mothers.

President Lincoln full  emancipation plan was not the desires of the US Congress, backed by the Elite’s which many members retained new and improved Confederate ideologies. Regarding using Black men and women perpetually as newly adopted lower class citizens, to continue building Southern States and Industrial Northern States.


Thereby, paying low wage earnings for “Black Servitude” to benefit White America.Black Americans have yet to realize American politricks two-party system..

When we do, if we do, we will begin the task to create a Black Political Party that represents real group thinking for the advancement of Black Americans in all of America’s social institutions.

The after effects of electing America’s first Black President has created a vacuüm in the American society. Tail Spinning American politics between its divided lines not seen in 150 years.

The true problem with 21st Century Black Americans is we are divided as a group / race within our group. We are socially mechanized under the controlled majority white group / race here in America. So much so to our own demise we are unable to seize this shifting moment in American politics and its society looking for “real change.” Yet the society over-all does not have the will to correct its inherited race problems from the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Black Americans; For the sake of our future posterity here in the American society must desist at once all our group divisions. Come together regardless of all White American social ideologies (New and Old) we have learned and adapted. Use those ideologies to create and advance the new structure “Change” stalled here in the infancy of the 21st Century.

We must break the alliance with all past social experiments that have failed the past 60 years to make sure for our posterity,  all American citizens, and people of the World an end to the brutal past centuries still plaguing humanity today.


Wonder Woman Needs Your Support!


Wonder Woman Needs Your Support!

Right Wisconsin is looking for their “RightWisconsin/RightWoman.” I am offering my services. I believe I have worked hard to bring you news from the right and I have kept you informed overall as best I can. More importantly, I founded “The Umoja Project” which is our very own historic Black Conservative Movement in Milwaukee and Wisconsin which is growing by leaps and bounds. It is no easy task.  The Umoja Project not only is a movement but we educate everyone to conservative issues impacting the Black community and our state. We are a platform to express how we feel and why we feel this way. We teach and incorporate conservative solutions as taught by our ancestors from the motherland. We plant seeds on solid ground for a bountiful harvest. We create a setting for blacks and people from other cultures to gather together and learn how to best work together to end divisions and share common values.


I am most proud that our legacy is being instilled in our kids. We meet with them and show them there are other ways. We are stopping the very process that is stunting them. We are showing them to analyze everything, including us. Accept nothing, achieve everything! The Umoja Project is truly changing the direction of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

There is nothing remotely like our project in the state and we do a lot of good work that is sorely needed in Wisconsin. We will continue to work with everyone to fill voids that need to be filled. Thus we continue to grow.

An example of some of my published work… (This is for subscribers to the site if you have an account.)


So I am humbly asking for your vote.  The following are the categories and the directions for the nomination process. Suggestions: I am attempting the “Innovator Award.” However the “Iron Lady” Award is also nice. The link below will take you to the nomination page and I hope you will choose me as your Right Wisconsin Woman! I thank you in advance your vote and any consideration. Nominations are accepted until August 18th!!
September 18th we will find out the winner of the Margaret Thatcher award.

In advance I thank the Milwaukee Drum ( on whose shoulders I stand for giving me the platform to even get to create a movement. Secondly, I thank Brother Frederick Meade for constant advice and wisdom. Thirdly, I thank everyone here who reads my posts, agrees, disagrees and keeps the Drum beating in me when I am not at my best. It is not always easy to be WW.

I approve this message :) and Game on.

Peace Family,


Wonder Woman is a community activist and blogger and Chair of The Umoja Project, a Black Conservative Movement in Wisconsin.

She is a proud member of the JustUs League!

She has her own blog site at http://www/

She also contributes to The Milwaukee Drum, the Black Convo Network, Insane Asylum Blog, and Black Bloggers Connect.


You do not need a subscription to enter here or nominate anyone!!

Margaret Thatcher Award

Winner must be a conservative female whose unique character, contributions and effort have led to the betterment of the State of Wisconsin on a large scale.

Trailblazer Award

Winner must be a conservative female whose accomplishments have been unique in her field, allowing other women to follow her path with greater ease than her own pursuit, because of her efforts.

The Trailblazer Award symbolizes the achievement of equal respect in the fields of policy and politics that can be more easily achieved by the next generation of women because of the lives of “trailblazers”.

****Innovator Award****

Winner must be a conservative female whose public policy or political campaign has introduced an impactful and positive innovation to contribute to the betterment of Wisconsin.

The Innovator Award symbolizes the effort to efficiently problem-solve and invent new and better solutions.

*Iron Lady Award*

Winner must be a conservative female who has been uncompromising of her guiding principles and virtues in the face of a battle and proven her willingness to sacrifice to fight bravely for her beliefs.

What does it symbolize? The Iron Lady Award symbolizes the courage and self-sacrifice of a leader willing to risk comfort for the advancement a meritorious cause.


The Black Conservative Town Hall 2013

FOX’s Sean Hannity Show hosted a Black Conservative Town hall and since then this video has spread like wild fire. It brought up issues many people liberal and conservative alike could relate to. Blacks began to find that there are not wide divisions between their conservative counterparts and themselves. This could be a great start for Blacks as we need to come together and start healing and talking to form the new Underground Railroad. Seeing that we really have more in common than differences will start to break down the walls of division and help us to start to focus on the true enemy that keeps us from moving forward.
This is a great video that needs to be shared in its entirety. Many people want to know about the elusive Black Conservative. Well here is a segment of us in a town hall answering questions and talking about issues and matters near and dear to our hearts.
I am sure if people listen to this with an open mind they will find some pieces where they can agree and find common bonds. The differences, well as I always say; We shall have to agree to disagree. However this video is very interesting and is great food for discussion.
Peace Family,

Obama Embraces Keeping Blacks Stuck On The Democrat Plantation

Obama Embraces Keeping Blacks Stuck On The Democrat Plantation

Hate, fear and smear!! “Shame on you Barack Obama!!” – Feb 23, 2008

Kevin Fobbs

Freedoms Journal

This is the legacy of the Democrat party and one which President Obama embraces and actually appears to relish. He is quite familiar with the hate, fear and smear art form practiced by his fellow democratic leaders. He uses it with adept frequency. The president flies into crucial swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Virginia with his practiced hanging drawl. He then enchants the black locals with notions of sugar plum government programs that will make their life better, if they give him the same chance they did in 2008.

This is done with no reflection upon their own increasing misery index which just happens to coincide with Obama’s increased abandonment of any job, education, or community safety-net promises made. Instead, it is only through continued black misery indexing upward can Obama and democrats continue their titanium plantation grip upon over 90 percent of America’s black electorate.

Where’s the beef? Where are the jobs?

The goal of democrat plantation politics has been to find a convenient and perpetual target that can be feared, hated, smeared and consequently demonized. Republicans are that target group, which unions, democrat community organizers like Obama, and democrat political machine leaders have made their primary election year goal.

Of course with the compliance of the NAACP, as their contracted plantation house servant, the nefarious and typically highly emotionally charged negative rhetoric rings off of church and community center walls every election season. But what are universally missing are the facts of Republican misdeeds. Emotional sing song rhyming rhetoric is the bait democrat plantation leaders ply to submerge common sense or biblical principles and values learned in the church.

President Obama not only knows this but he is absolutely banking on black mothers and fathers, grandparents and families to not look under the sheets and discover they have been hoodwinked and short-sheeted by Obama and the democrat plantation care takers. To borrow from Obama’s own 2008 words which blacks on the democrat political plantation would do well to remember, “Instead, they’re betting on amnesia. That’s what they’re counting on. They’re counting on that you all forgot. They think that they can run the okey-doke on you. Bamboozle you.”

This is what Obama said to blacks in 2008 about Republican, but look at the facts, and see how the bamboozle practices applies to the plantation democrat caretakers.

First, joblessness in the black community has skyrocketed from 12.1 percent during the last month of the Bush presidency, to as high as 16.3 percent according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In July it was reported that black families were hit hardest by unemployment. The rate increased from 13.6% in May to 14.4% in June. In fact, mainstream and black media artfully avoided holding Obama’s hope and change feet to the fire for the abysmal unemployment rate increase of 39.3%, up from 36.5% in June, among black youth 16-to 19.

Instead, Obama and the plantation overseeing democrats came into Ohio and other crucial battleground states diverting attention away from murder rates in Chicago, escalating joblessness in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio and hopelessness in Detroit, and the increasing black poverty 20 percent rate in Virginia from 2010.

Black Americans have to truly take a serious look at themselves, and come to the realization that this nonsensical embrace of plantation charlatan practices by Obama and the democrats is a death sentence for their children’s future.

Think about this, as blacks, you have been told to discard their own misery index which continues to shackle the hopes and dreams of your family. Instead you are spun a myth with no facts. If one were to ask a black democrat plantation resident, what is wrong with a Romney or President Bush, or even a President Reagan or President Nixon, they cannot give one specific fact-based reason. The only practiced response uttered is “They… said he or they hate blacks!”

Did Republican President Lincoln hate blacks when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation to free black slaves? Did Republican President Eisenhower hate blacks when he sent federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas to protect the lives of young black school children or support civil rights bills? Did Republican President Nixon hate blacks when he supported and promoted funding for historically African American colleges, minority-owned businesses, and supporting ill-advised affirmative action programs?

So where is this disconnect in the black community coming from? Why the hate, fear and smear campaigns against republican presidents and candidates?

Democrats truly believe that black people should be handled as if they are less capable of getting voting identification than whites. The democrats believe that blacks would rather listen to emotional fictional tripe from Obama’s cleverly crafted Chicago campaign message makers. Democrats want blacks to ignore their personal pain and anguish that the facts bear out. Democrats want blacks to subdue their misery index; while the outcome of Obama’s failing policies have cost them their homes, their jobs and their children’s future.

Getting free of the chains of the Democrat’s plantation politics is crucial. Instead blacks must reject the withering racial divisiveness of Biden and Obama, and seek solace in Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s vision to not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. They must head towards and not away from King’s devotion to a new national colorblind heritage.

So before Blacks walk into that voting booth or fill out that absentee ballot, they have to have to ask themselves one crucial question. Are you willing to trade continued enslavement of democrat plantation politics for a chance to own your own destiny as an American in a colorblind nation?

On November 6th, what destiny are blacks willing to choose? Will the choice be one of freedom, or one where their freedom and their destiny are planned, government funded, and government determined for them?

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. stressed, “Man is man because he is free to operate within a framework of his destiny. He is free to deliberate, to make decisions, and to choose between alternatives.” Blacks should not let the democrats racial divisive plantation politics determine their destiny. Reject hate, fear and smear. “Shame on you Barack Obama!!”

The decision is yours as to which dream and future you are willing to risk!

Let me know what you think:

Kevin Fobbs began writing professionally in 1975 and has been published in the “New York Times,” “Detroit News,” “Michigan Chronicle,”, “GOPUSA”, “Soul Source” magazine and “Writers Digest” magazine as well as Ann Arbor and Cleveland Examiner. Fobbs obtained a political science and journalism degree from Eastern Michigan University in1978 and attended Wayne State University Law School. He spearheaded and managed state and national campaigns as well as White House Initiatives, including Education, Social Security, Welfare Reform, and Faith-Based Initiatives.




Wonder Woman is a community activist and blogger.

She is a proud member of the JustUs League!

She has her own blog site at

She also contributes to The Milwaukee Drum, the Black Convo Network, and Black Bloggers Connect.

Contact info:

2wonder2woman (Twitter)

Black revolution must start now even without total Black Unity.




You hear it every day.  “Man, if Black people would just come together we could” or “All we need is unity among Black folks and everything….” Most Black people have/had some romantic notions of ALL Black people, with afros and dashikis marching towards New Africa, with the Isley Brothers, “Caravan of Love” playing in the background. Reality is probably going to look more like what were seeing with the Occupy movements and Arab Spring, different groups of Black folk doing different things  at different times in different places for similar outcomes.  That is just fine.  No people in history have ever been totally united on anything.  Egypt was not totally united, Rome or Greece were not totally united. All South African Blacks didn’t support Nelson Mandela and all Negroes didn’t support Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Black people come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  They have different DNA, life experiences and  want different things.  The common thread is the history of suffering and oppression along with a destiny to resurrect the community and homeland. This reality is being created now. Yes, The revolution has started.  Its going on now and its personal.  You are the revolution.  You and the person(s) you are with are the army.  Start today with whomever you are with, wherever you are. Get involved, you are whats missing..  No one can do everything yet everyone can do something.  If you sit in front of the t.v. or computer with the young people at your home and explain to them whats going on in the world….That is Black revolution. The Black problem now is not lack of unity but ignorance and fear..

While we  are here, does anyone remember the “Good ole days”?  Well, thats a lie  that old heads use to  dump this current crop of bs on the laps of young people.  The history books have no record of a time in Black American history that can be sanely called  the “Good ole Days.”  Black people have always caught and continue to catch pure d hell in America. Blacks never all got alone or all worked together. Even during segregation there was backstabbing and boot-lickin going on then as now, Black Wall Street and Rosewood notwithstanding.  There are wealthy Black towns and neighborhoods today yet they hardly represent the state of Black America. Every generation has had victories and failures in the struggle for Black liberation

The time for action is now.  We are the continuation of the struggles of our ancestors.

He who waits for the perfect time to plant, never plants…The Bible

Power to the people.  Peace.

Calling All Civil Rights Leaders Past & Present in Milwaukee

Between 1958 and 1970, a distinctive movement for racial justice emerged from unique circumstances in Milwaukee. A series of local leaders inspired growing numbers of people to participate in campaigns….

Calling All Civil Rights Leaders in Milwaukee

“We Are The Drum – A Rhythm In Wisconsin” – 2012

Since 1990, CAPITA Productions (City At Peace In The Arts) founded by Brother Booker Ashe and others has been presenting a Black History Program yearly for thousands in the Greater Milwaukee Area. 

This year we are adding a very special and overdue segment which will celebrate those brave marchers and demonstrators, from all backgrounds, who risked their lives for the cause of civil rights, especially in Milwaukee. It will be a dramatic reenactment of the Underground Railroad, prominent in the Waukesha area; the escaped slave Joshua Grover, and Fr. Jim Groppi’s “March on Milwaukee”.

For 200 consecutive nights hundreds marched for open housing through rain, snow and fear of physical attacks. These heroes have not been properly honored until now. Their stories should be known by our youth as well as everyone in Milwaukee and across the nation.

We are calling on those who lived this experience to share their stories with us in special listening sessions on Tuesday, November 15th and Wednesday November 16th from 5 pm to 8 pm and again November 19th from 10 am to 1 pm. We will meet at North Division Room #102, 1011 West Center Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We are looking for all those who participated in the demonstrations, served on the NAACP Youth Council, Commandos, and all organizations that led or joined in some way, the historic Milwaukee’s Civil Rights Movement.

If you are interested in attending and would like more information please call 414-397-8661 or email (zero, zero). Otherwise we would love to see you at the meetings. Please share this announcement with everyone. We want to make sure we honor and thank you for your courage and brave acts that moved Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the nation so powerfully.

Thank you,

CAPITA Productions

An excerpt taken from

The Selma of the North:

Civil Rights Insurgency in Milwaukee

Patrick D Jones

Between 1958 and 1970, a distinctive movement for racial justice emerged from unique circumstances in Milwaukee. A series of local leaders inspired growing numbers of people to participate in campaigns against employment and housing discrimination, segregated public schools, the membership of public officials in discriminatory organizations, welfare cuts, and police brutality.

The Milwaukee movement culminated in the dramatic—and sometimes violent—1967 open housing campaign. A white Catholic priest, James Groppi, led the NAACP Youth Council and Commandos in a militant struggle that lasted for 200 consecutive nights and provoked the ire of thousands of white residents. After working-class mobs attacked demonstrators, some called Milwaukee “the Selma of the North.” Others believed the housing campaign represented the last stand for a nonviolent, interracial, church-based movement.

“We Are The Drum – A Rhythm In Wisconsin” – 2012 Show Dates:


Public Shows:

Fri, Feb. 24th, Sat., Feb. 25th, Fri. Mar. 3rd & Sat., Mar. 4th at 7:30 pm-

Tickets will go on sale on Dec. 1st

Student Shows:

The dates are: Tues. Feb.21st, Wed, Feb. 22nd, Mon., Feb.27th

 & Wed. Feb. 29th at 10am & 12 pm. tickets are $4 per child.

For more info on the student shows, call Liz Coleman- 414-807-7322

You can find more about CAPITA by visiting us on our Facebook Page

or Twitter @CAPITAProd

Rev. Sharpton FBI Informant… Old News Or Relevant Today

Activist say that without doubt, Reverend Al Sharpton tried to set up for the re-capture the FBI wanted escapee/fugitive Joann Chesimard aka; Assata Shukur!

By Ron Howell, Newsday, Friday 21 October 1988

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who has worked as a federal informant, tried to set up a meeting with black fugitive radical JoAnne Chesimard in 1983, according to activists who said they were approached by Sharpton.

JoAnne Chesimard

The black activists said they feared Sharpton was trying to deliver Chesimard into the arms of federal agents, but said they had no proof.

One law-enforcement source, who declined to be identified but has detailed knowledge of Sharpton’s activities as an FBI informant, said this week that Sharpton was working as an informant at the time he sought to meet Chesimard. The source said that one of Sharpton’s assignments was to try to lead agents to Chesimard, who escaped from prison in 1979 after being convicted in the killing a New Jersey state trooper.

It wasn’t a big massive operation. It was just a small shot, an everyday deal, the source said. I would equate it with setting up 10 traps a day trying to catch a fox . . . He said Sharpton was not a major participant in the search for the woman, who goes by the African name Assata Shakur.

A top FBI official said that Sharpton was not used in any manner to lure Shakur into a trap. This is the first I’m hearing of it, it’s bull———, FBI Assistant Deputy Director Kenneth Walton, who led the Shakur investigation, said earlier this week.

Sharpton flatly denied trying to make contact with Shakur.

Newsday reported in January that beginning in 1983 Sharpton secretly supplied federal law enforcement agencies with information on boxing promoter Don King, reputed organized crime figures and black leaders and elected officials. And in a two-hour interview, Sharpton admitted to Newsday that he had assisted the government in drug and organized crime cases. He said he also accompanied undercover federal agents wearing body recorders to meetings with various subjects of federal investigations. He said he had allowed the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York to install a tapped telephone in his Brooklyn home.

Sharpton has insisted he never turned over information on black radicals or on King.

This week, Sharpton denied assertions by Ahmed Obafemi, a long-time activist, and Kwame Brathwaite, an activist and photographer who says Sharpton asked him to set up an encounter with Obafemi. Both men say that Obafemi acted as the intermediary in the failed discussions with Sharpton to reach Shakur.

Sharpton called the men liars and said they were possibly police agents. He charged they are part of an element in the black community that has lost out . . . and that will fabricate any story out of jealousy because they have no following . . .

Obafemi, the national organizer for the New Afrikan People’s Organization, said Sharpton met with him in Manhattan at least four times in 1983, over a period of about two months. He said that Sharpton offered to donate money to help black revolutionaries running from the law and that Sharpton was particularly interested in setting up a meeting with Shakur, once referred to as the soul of the Black Liberation Army.

Sharpton told Obafemi he was representing two former Black Panthers, who wanted to see Shakur, according to Obafemi.

The ex-Panthers were supposedly trying to make useful contacts in case they had to flee the country someday, Obafemi said he was told.

The first discussion was that they were close to her, that they had been in the [Black Panther] party with her and that they wanted to talk to her, Obafemi said. I wanted to find out who they were, but he said they really didn’t want to be known.

Shakur was once a member of the Black Panther Party, but went underground around 1971 because she said she believed the group was being infiltrated by city and federal law enforcement officers.

The 1983 deal fell through at a final meeting when Sharpton insisted that money would be donated only if the two former Panthers could meet Shakur. Failing that, Obafemi said, Sharpton was interested in making any kind of contact with her or with any of her close associates also on the run from the law. Naturally, I never got back to him, said Obafemi, whose organization believes that blacks should have their own country within the United States and that they have the right to fight for it.

Obviously we had to feel that a definite possibility existed he was working for the government, and we would have felt that way about him or anybody else who approached us in that manner, said Chokwe Lumumba, an attorney and chairman of the New Afrikan People’s Organization.

Lumumba had been informed in 1983 by Obafemi about Sharpton’s proposal. The attorney said his organization was more interested in getting information about Sharpton’s motives than in receiving money from him. I can’t say that we were able to make any definite conclusions about whether Sharpton was acting as an agent for the government, Lumumba said.

Both Lumumba and Obafemi denied knowing where Shakur was at the time.

Sharpton’s first broached his interest in Shakur during a chance encounter with Brathwaite, a black nationalist, Brathwaite said. Brathwaite said he happened to run into Sharpton one day in midtown but he could not remember the month. Already acquainted with each other from entertainment circles, the two men started talking and Sharpton said he wanted to make a donation to Assata, Brathwaite said.

A day or two later, Brathwaite told Obafemi of the offer. I told him to watch out, said Brathwaite. I knew that authorities were trying to find out where she [Assata Shakur] was and that they were trying to get close to somebody who was close to her . . . And then I just knew that he’s always been a hustler.

Last year, Newsday disclosed that Shakur was given political asylum in Cuba and was living there with her daughter, now 14 years old. She is probably the most sought-after of the 1970s radicals linked to bank robberies and police killings over a 10-year span.

The specific amount of the contribution Sharpton said he was prepared to make in 1983 on behalf of the ex-Panthers was not discussed, Obafemi said; but Sharpton said the prospective contributors gained the money by ripping off the system, Obafemi recalled.

He said that at least two of the meetings occurred in a luxurious apartment at 30 Lincoln Plaza, near Lincoln Center. That was the building where, according to a law enforcement source and a report published in the Feb. 2, 1988 edition of The Village Voice, a federal agent using the name Victor Quintana set up an apartment in 1983 or earlier to lure boxing world denizens suspected of illegal activity. Quintana in that year ensnared Sharpton into working for the FBI, New York Newsday reported in January.

The Village Voice article reported that apartment was on the 29th floor, but Obafemi could not recall the floor on which he had his rendezvous with Sharpton. Sharpton lives in Brooklyn and Obafemi said he did not explain why Sharpton had access to the apartment. He made me think it was his, said Obafemi. I was saying (to myself), ’What kind of money must they have to have a spot in here.’ He had the keys and everything.

Sharpton denied this week ever being in the building.

Obafemi said that up until 1983 he knew Sharpton only as the head of a youth organization, the National Youth Movement, and as someone with vague connections in the entertainment world.

Obafemi is the ex-husband of Nehanda Obafemi, once known as Cheri Laverne Dalton, who is still wanted by the federal government in connection with the notorious Brink’s robbery which took place seven years ago yesterday. She is allegedly connected to the group of black and white revolutionaries convicted in the Brink’s heist. A guard and two police officers were killed in that incident, which took place upstate near Nyack.

In 1983, Obafemi was busy trying to gain support in the black community for the people arrested in the Brink’s case. In October of that year, several blacks and whites were convicted in that robbery and in the highly planned breakout of Shakur from prison in 1979.

The law enforcement source implicating Sharpton in the hunt for Assata Shakur said that Sharpton was also, secondarily, trying to help agents get other fugitives, especially Mutulu Shakur, who was still on the run at that time. Mutulu Shakur, no relation to Assata, was later apprehended and convicted in connection with the Brink’s robbery and the escape of Assata Shakur.

Robert E. Kessler contributed to this story.

[***The following appeared in the City version***Brathwaite is the brother of Elombe Brath, an official of a black nationalist organization called the Patrice Lumumba Coalition. Brath and several associates have been opposed to Sharpton because of his FBI ties. ]

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