Meet Naima Adedapo, The Beautiful Flower!

Introducing your Next American Idol: Naima Adedapo

In case you don’t know we have a Milwaukee contestant in American Idol. Her name is Naima Adedapo and she is definitely one of Milwaukee’s finest!

I hope you will take some time to support her tonight and throughout as her competition is fierce. Our voting numbers have been weak so we need to show up and make our voice heard for this amazing hometown talent.

Naima is a 2003 graduate of St. Joan Antida High School, and was a former student of mine. This young lady is a very good example of a strong woman and she is worthy of our support.

Prior to making the American Idol cut, Naima was working maintenance at Summerfest for some time. She is an artistic person by nature, but work in this field is very hard to come by. She has two little girls and has done all she can to support her young family while trying to practice her calling in the fine arts. She is a fantastic dancer and singer!! With her free time, Naima teaches dance and the arts to young people all around the state as well as performing for Ko-Thi Dance Company and CAPITA (City At Peace In The Arts) Productions respectively. She also hosts poetry evenings and does a lot of work trying to keep Milwaukee a beacon of the fine arts, especially in the urban area where art programs so hard to find.

As a student she was always very talented and gifted. She stood out as the “beautiful flower” she is. Her name also means “beautiful flower.” As a teen she was always respectful and true to her convictions, which is not easy to do at such a young age.  Anything I asked her to sing, she did it and did it well. She is the consummate professional! I could always count on her for leadership and she always challenged herself and those around her to do better and always give 110% never asking for anything in return but to share our gifts with others and enjoy the blessing of our life with others.

Naima is the daughter of Adekola Adedapo who has been a fixture of Milwaukee’s jazz scene since the late 1970′s. Adekola has sung with music legends like Cab Calloway, released her own CD and performed as an actress with several Milwaukee companies. Her mom is a legend in her own right! A purchase of her CD’s is a wise investment as well!!


As you can see from Naima’s performances, she is the complete package, infusing African dance and several cultures into her presentations. Please do take a moment to watch her dazzle the audience with her rendition of Martha and the Vandella’s “Dancing in the Streets.”


Thanks for reading this and please pass this along to everyone. Voting is worldwide!! You can text (AT&T), vote online, or call. Idol gives out the number at the end of each performance.

 If you should like to learn more about Naima and want to know more about supporting her, please visit the link below.

Peace Family,



Update On Real Housewives Of Milwaukee

I was the first to drop the scoop about The Real Housewives of Milwaukee last month – It’s True Real Housewives Of Milwaukee Is Coming…

Well your boy is going to drop a little more on you today. Check this out, I’ve been told the profile of a (the 2nd*) confirmed housewife. Not that race matters, but she’s a White American and is divorced from a very wealthy Milwaukee businessman. That’s not very sexy is it? Hold on… here’s the drama.

This housewife was couldn’t maintain her lifestyle without her wealthy ex on her own. His checks just didn’t allow her to ball like she was used to. So according to our source, she has moved back in with her ex. They tell me she’s had some plastic surgery to keep up with these young chicks… hmmmm, maybe she’ll be this show’s NeNe Leakes from the Atlanta Real Housewives program.

* I’m still not ready to tell you who the 1st housewife is. She’s a lovely woman from what I hear and will be a fan fave. I really, really want to tell you her name. Stay tuned because in my next update I will.

It’s True… Real Housewives Of Milwaukee Is Coming!

real housewives

This is your boy Steele and you know I keep it hot for you. Well I have something more than hot… this is fire! A new reality TV show is being filmed right here in Milwaukee! That’s right… I said Milwaukee!

By now you all know about the uber hot The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Guess which city is about to rep next in the franchise if all goes well? You guessed it, The Real Housewives of Milwaukee is currently shooting pilots all over town and only a few of us are in the know. That was until today because I’m hitting the net with this scoop.

Your boy Steele has been told that a professional baller’s wife is one of the housewives that will be on the show. I cannot wait to see what life is like behind the scenes for one of Brew City’s famous athletes… and his wife is very easy to look at. I have the name, but I’m holding off on that… hit me up in our inbox and I might just holla at you with the name.

Don’t be surprised if you are about town and someone comes up to you asking you to sign a waiver to release your likeness on a possible TV show.

Until next time… your Man of Steele.

Milwaukee Needs A Star… Jennings Can Be It


Brandon Jennings is that rare basketball player that can do whatever he wants on the court at any given moment. Jennings is also that rare baller that combines amazing basketball skill with the public relations swagger! Without a doubt, he’ll cash in with his personality and that is a blessing for the city of Milwaukee.

This city lacks swagger… sorry, but it does. There’s no buzz to this town other than a decent baseball team that is about to lose its most marketable player in Prince Fielder. What’s to be excited about there? This city needs a STAR and hopefully Jennings will be just that.

It’s not all up to him. The city has to embrace him, the business community needs to let him endorse their goods and the Bucks need to give him the ball on day 1 and let him be the face of your franchise. Let’s face it, Andrew Bogut isn’t selling tickets nor will he be on the cover of EA Sports, Rolling Stone, or hosting the ESPYs.

Jennings has the potential to do all those things… give him the ball and let the #10 pick in NBA draft do his thing. The Cavaliers did it (I know he’s not LeBron), the Heat did it (or D-Wade), the Hornets did it (or CP3), but he may be exactly that for the Milwaukee Bucks. Get this kid out into the city to make appearances, do clinics, commercials, tennis shoe giveaways, etc.

He has to be visable off and on the court. So, Milwaukee needs a star and is ready for one… will the Bucks let Jennings be one? Time will tell how this story ends.