School board members showing their true colors and hidden agendas….and you baby ain’t one of them!



Save MPS, Save our Inner City Schools!

Say No to Resolution 1314R This Thursday 6:30 PM @ Central Offices WE NEED YOU!!

I warned people with the last school board election that major changes would produce rotten fruit for MPS and now that sadly is coming true. HOWEVER we have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O’Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!! It is not Choice nor Governor Walker, or Republicans we must fight.  The enemy is revealing themselves. The enemy comes from within the system itself.

MPS School Board

Firstly Dr. Michael Bonds has been working closely with Dr. Gregory Thornton and the district to reinstill necessary curriculum and programs. Some of these things include Driver’s Ed, Physical Education, Job Training & Placement, and the Fine Arts. They also have been fighting for grants and funding for critical programs that teach our kids to resolve matters using peaceful techniques instead of guns and violence. You know the things they enjoy in the outer regions of the district and out in the suburbs. Things we do not have any more in the central city. These things are critical to help our kids to meet national Core Curriculum expectations and expand essential Multiple Intelligences. These things were ripped out of our inner city schools. If you notice the loss of these programs coincide with the increase in violence and discipline problems in our schools and the decrease in educational achievement. Take away necessary disciplines and you leave a district in peril. Hence current day MPS.


Certain board members with clear agendas that certainly are not children first, want to take your $43 million surplus and keep it out of the classroom. They want to give it to consultant pals, conduct “testing” and do nontransparent/union directed, politically motivated things. The answer is clear. Choice knows it, education reformers know it, teachers and MPS know it. Give it back to the teachers and classrooms where it is desperately needed!


Whatever your personal thoughts about Thornton and Bonds we can agree they have done much more for our inner city than any other two Superintendent/Board President combo then I have ever seen. We are hard pressed to find a more committed pair of brothers who know and understand that lives are on the line in Milwaukee. They are not perfect but they are better than what is out there waiting to come in!!


To be clear, Board member Larry Miller (District 5) and Board Vice President Meagan Holman want to see the $43 Million surplus given to fund things outside our classrooms. Annie Woodward, who is supposed to be on our side, is in full agreement with the enemy. Today she called into WNOV’s “The Forum.”  Sherwin Hughes took her to task, what did she expect? Why is she on the board? At this point should we question the status of her mental health? She sounded real confused and didn’t seem to have her facts straight. She clearly does not know what is going on in Milwaukee Public Schools. $43 million is not a “small item” or a “distraction” Ms. Woodward. Unless you know something we don’t. Maybe she has friends in the IRS. That is a big ticket item to me and I think most teachers and administrators would happily accept the gift!

Here you will find a link provided courtesy of Sherwin Hughes 860 AM WNOV’s “The Forum.” It is from the School Board Meeting May 30, 2013. Here Bonds clearly fights the battle to keep his presidency his alone. He was elected by a clear majority. Now he is left to fight lies, deceit, and hidden agendas exposed by certain members of the board. Why must everything, including our precious children be politics as usual in Milwaukee?

Roll to mark 32:00 (The battle is towards the end of the meeting)


If you fight against Choice, and Governor Walker, than I expect to see you tomorrow night just as loud and angry.

This is more Milwaukee BAMBOOZLING that goes to show if you can’t win change the game. Can I count on you to help our kids?  Let’s help Dr. Thornton and Dr. Bonds save our babies. Save MPS, SAY NO TO RESOLUTION 1314R-001. We need the $43 million back in the schools not back in the hands of the “have’s!”

To Call Board Members and let them know how you feel:

Please check in if you call and let us know what they say in the comments box below!!

Dr. Michael Bonds 520-3890

Larry Miller 414-469-9319

Meagan Holman 414-475-8284

Annie Woodward (414) 510-9079

http://www2.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/governance/ or call 414-475-8284

The Resolution can be found here:



Peace Family,


Wonder Woman is a community activist and blogger and Chair of The Umoja Project, a Black Conservative Movement in Wisconsin.

She is a proud member of the JustUs League!

She has her own blog site at http://www/wonder2woman.blogspot.com

She also contributes to The Milwaukee Drum, the Black Convo Network, Insane Asylum Blog, and Black Bloggers Connect.


As you can see each member’s area tells you how “vested” they are in the district, specifically the inner city.

District 3-Bonds


District 5-Miller


District 8-Holman


MPS board committee approves some constraints on president (Journal Sentinel Story)

By Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel


And by the way, where is our M.I.A. Mayor who once had so much to say about MPS and its dealings????

 milk mayor

 Board Memebers

No Longer Stuck… in the Valley of the DOLLS

This piece is being written specifically to hopefully shed  luminance on the BLACK DOLL, WHITE DOLL Syndrome:

Why a Black child will chose a White Doll over a Black doll. This started first coming to the world’s wonderment when in 1939, husband and wife psychologists, Kenneth Clark and Mamie Phipps, devised a study where it was shown that Black children would chose a White doll before choosing a Black one. Said case study was propelled to international attention though when from his tireless effort Attorney Thurgood Marshall prevailed in getting The highest court to overturn the ‘Separate But Equal’ doctrine in place at that time. That time being 2:00p.m. May the 17, 1954. The case had been Brown vs. the Board Of Education. Which took place in the city of Topeka.  In the State Of Kansas. In the Country of The United States o America.  With a gargantuan force that came to decidedly break the camel’s back;  the Attorney for the Organization that initiated the suit, and The Organization’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund Advisor, the VERY Honorable Thurgood Marshall, argued successfully for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  Speaking for The Supreme Court, himself, and on behalf of the other Justices, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the land Earl Warren, made the long awaited, though tearfully prayed for, announcement in favor of the NAACP!

Attorney Thurgood Marshall had used the experiment with the dolls, and the Black children to put the stamp of victory on his case for The NAACP.

Now comes Henry Jackson. He contends that this phenomenon is no where near any phenomenon. He intends to show the Reader (jury) that this LEARNED BEHAVIOR is just that LEARNED!  And it is  gotten by these Black children from two (2) sources. One of them you already know, but did not know that you already knew it. The other one he shall explain to both you, and the Research Community et al.

NUMBER ONE: The first, and by far more evil culprit of the two are the MEDIA. This is to include different varieties of hidden agenda children’s games also. And that Black athletics, and musical artists are just as well at fault, and share a huge amount of the blame, therefore guilt, is without doubt paramount. I do not know if their conduct is dictated by their handlers or themselves. But then too it probably goes back to the Giant MEDIA Empire. As Black heros and heroines gain fame and money; they start to use the Skin Lightening procedures available. And their hair progressively continuously goes from black to a progressive shade of blond. Then their processed/relaxed/permed/multi-colored hair is seen on the MEDIA’s magazine covers, etc. The entire gamut is transversed from nose jobs to bleached epidermises! All unnatural. What?  And you don’t think the children are watching?  Then many seek to marry a lighter hued person then themselves. The Black child sees all of this. Some celebrities marry White! Yes, this too the child sees!  The Legendary Michael Jackson went 100%.  Michael ‘became’ the White doll!  Emphasis emphatically added!

I think the child at times gets the wrong information from their parents. In that they do talk about, and against each other. Black parents might bad talk another Black individual, upset, but not really meaning any real harm. But the young child does not distinguish the difference. All she/he hears are derogatory terms such as black bastard, black bitch, nigger, motherfuckin’ nappy headed this and that. And very sadly, the list goes on! Then society wonders how children are able to profane like they have an Academicianship Certificate in Profanity. Well they get it from you the guardian(s), or other children who in turn got it from their parent(s); or the all encompassing MEDIA. Oh,oh! There is that word again.

MEDIA! Advertisers target, by way of the MEDIA, the money! Who has the money? White folks! The lowest minority of folks have the highest majority of the wealth. Now, it is all about the all mighty dollar. So the MEDIA has to make those who have the money look even better so that this group can put money into the pockets of the advertisers so that they then put money into the pockets of the manufacturers who in turn put even more money into the overflowing pockets of the MEDIA…. World control and domination.   Confused yet?  Allow me to explain then please.  If you will.

The MEDIA by way of hook or crook make the World’s shot callers look good. It, the MEDIA, make disappear the sins of the CLASS ELITE. They too are White. These Elites send troops into other Countries to slaughter the poor populace in the name of greed.  In the name of domination.  Tyranny!  The intention is to divide and control dark pigmented people!

That is the meaning in the arcane MASONIC SYMBOL the SQUARE, and the RULE! Divide and conquer! Divide and conquer.  Divide and RULE!  Divide and control the World! The SCULL and the CROSS BONES!  The black flag of the Jolly Roger!  Anarchy but with a knowing CONTROLLING HAND!

The News Conglomerate knows not to broadcast that News about the take over of Nations done solely for the out right theft of that Country’s Prime Material ! The MEDIA cleans up the mess though through lies and propaganda. White Washed, they the thieves come out all white and brand new.  Then more Use of tax payer’s money in planning, and equiping for the next invasion.  The next take over of a defenseless sovereign non White Nation!

These atrocities to other peoples are not heard on the News Programs though. What is heard is about the Black homeless guy with all odds against him, harmlessly asleep on the cold sidewalk.   That is who, that is what is captioned on television’s Morning News Cast that the child overhears just before the Black children are about to walk out of the door on their way to school where for hours on end very little if anything is ever said about any Black beings that might have done something (anything at all) to benefit society. The talk of the town is about the Black homeless guy, the Black shoot out, the Black drug bust, the Black pregnancy/abortion rate. The Black unemployment rate because Blacks are lazy.

Never mention to these same Black children that it was their forefathers that coerced the White men (cavemen) Neanderthals, and White women (cavewomen) out of the caves of the Northern Caucus Mountains of Europe, and taught them to walk erect! Like we [ to use their term ] BLACK Homo Sapiens walk(ed)…. No where is it told how Black people showed these people that it was okay to wash the layers of caked on filth, and dirt from their bodies.  Because these people erroneously thought that the filthiness warded off sickness!  Never does History mention how men from all over the known world went to Amexem, Thebes, Wo’se, Nowe, Kemit, and Alkebulan.  All different names for the same place AFRICA!  They went to learn the secrets of greatness held only by the Black geniuses of Amexem, of Africa!   These men traveled many miles in order to learn at the feet of the WISDOM MASTERS!  To learn at BLACK feet!  The Great Alexander went and stole some of this great knowledge. Where he took it to was to the yet White heathens of Europe.  Where through the arch plagiarizer Aristotle; light (knowledge) was imparted to the very savage, and backwards Countries of Europe.  These priceless stolen scrolls, and artifacts, are now housed in the GREAT VATICAN City!  Without doubt the abode of SATAN. THE ANTI-BLACK RACE, ANTI-CHRIST demon!  Who along with his vile, evil cohorts (for now) own the Planet Earth!  The Planet Earth was built from the ingenuity, the sweat, the blood,  the abuse, and the tears of the Black MAN! Tell those Black children this bit of information too oh ye diabolical manipulators of the MEDIA.  Let it be known that it is you also you bastard MEDIA you, that control thus corrupt the Black children’s purposely designed to be debilitating – text books!

By all of this good White people, charade, the Black child’s Psyche is bombarded 24/7 with the White’s faultless perfection, with the White’s faultless qualities. And the Scientists do not know why the Black child consistently over the years, after the many studies, still chooses to this day; to pick the White doll? Hell! Under these conditions that we live Reader, give this same test to some grown Black folks, and I deplore you to PLEASE not feel offended when you see one or two of them walking around the Test Site smiling, hugging on a White doll as well. Looking at the genital area to ascertain if it is a male or female doll; and if it pees!

NUMBER TWO: When African children interact with Caucasian children here too key data is gleaned as to why the tiny African hand reaches out first for the Caucasian doll!

When African children are together unsupervised a hierarchy is soon worked out among them. The toughest ones get most of the marbles not having to ever risk loosing any of her/his marbles.  This same scenario of pecking orders applies for unsupervised African siblings in their homes as well.  This standard holds true for Caucasian children too by the way.

A different story unfolds though when these two groups of children are placed together unsupervised mind you!  Unsupervised an African child that might have been ostracized by his/her perspective group in the other sample group just might turn out to be the dominate one in the weaker group.  But assuredly not the child on or near the bottom rung for sure.

This must also have to do with the proven scientific fact.  That an African child develops much faster than a Caucasian child with the very same birth comparison.

So, back to my point.  The African child who was bullied in his/her group is king or queen in the other group.  And that information is not lost on the African child.  This child was not appreciated by her/his peers, but overnight is PRESIDENT of the sandbox when playing with Caucasian children.  And is sudden endowed with Executive Powers!

Therefore when asked which doll this Black child would prefer, of course the child chooses the doll from the group that gives no negative feedback to the child.  THIS DOLL REMINDS THE CHILD OF THE OTHER LITTLE ONES WHERE HE/SHE REIGNS SUPREME!  Their buddies!

When asked which doll (except for coloration the dolls are replicas i.e. exactly alike) is the uglier of the two the African child points towards the black doll.  Of course.  No Caucasian child has ever with frowning face, and bulging eyes taken anything from the African child; that was always the other African children!The BAD children!   It was the other ‘mean’ African children who took his/her toys, and shoved her/him out of the sandbox face down scratched and bleeding.  Pride gone!

What sounds feasible to me as well, in the cases where The African child chose the African doll, is that that particular child is a dominate one.  And for all likelihood could have just as well chosen a Caucasian doll as well.  It would merely depend on what frame of mind the child was in, when asked the question which doll they preferred. It really would not matter for he or she is not intimidated by either group.  But of my examples Numbers One or Number Two, Number One; the MEDIA. overwhelmingly supersedes Number two as the far worse villain by far.

Wake up Black Race!  I beseech you!  I am hollering! If you do not do for yourselves; one for the other, you are collectively DOOMED!  Black people is it that one eye has been lost due to the catharses of  SLAVERY?  And you have a vision deficit in the remaining eye! Can you not see that you have to hold each other aloft or parish individually?  Can you not see that you,  you and you, are your very own salvation?  That you and you are your own DEITIES! If ALL OF YOU Black folks can not see it then can you not intuitate then that god (sic) has already chosen. WAKE UP!  You all’s god has chosen The WHITE DOLL!

So what is it Black people?  The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?  Well?  Which one?  If you do not decide it will be decided for you!  Trust me.  You DO NOT want that!  That is funny!

Lastly, I wonder was there any criteria in these studies ever put in place to prevent the African child from acting in a given way, knowledgeable that the adult observers were in expectation of a specific performance from them?  That would taint (contaminate) the study in such a manner as to actually nullify said results.

Upon ending, and in my mind anyway;  I whole heartedly believe that I have without reserve defended my Dissertation Thesis.  In other words I have proven what I claimed to achieve in my initial theses statements.

Post Script:  Should any Black person or White person feel slighted or bitten by this article <\/> too damn bad!  Get over it! For this too shall pass!

ALL Rights, known and/or unknown for this writing has been awarded/legally sold to me Henry Jackson in collaboration w/ hjacksonenterprisez LLC.  This was written in conjunction with That Pen Again Inc.

by: That Pen Again

Say What?…Black families protest the NAACP?

Here is another example of the news you don’t get because it exposes  hypocrisy within the ranks of liberal groups. It is time to seriously examine your ideological affinity to traditionally liberal organizations like the Democratic Party, Unions and yes…the NAACP.


HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.


In the hood, more and more people are starting to understand or realize 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

People are waking up to understand that supporting rich union white men means less and less WE get in government benefits and discretionary spending for those of us needing government assistance just to get by these days. Yes this means you, you waiting on Vliet to get your Quest and BadgerCare. I’m talking to those of you who are waiting to get scholarships and aid for school, daycare, and medicine. Those of us holding our breath to see what kinds of co-pays we will be assessed for BadgerCare after this mess is over with. Make sure you understand what is really at stake before you go out there and keep supporting that tired old mantra about Republicans and who is against us. It is going to cost us big time if we keep supporting those who do not support us! Who else do you think they will pick on if we don’t stand one good time and voice our objections to this new union master?

Surprisingly I hear this more and more and I think people are getting it!! We are either for rich white men getting more money and keeping their billions, or we are united in a joint effort and alliance to support this Republican governor for the good of our own cause….US!

Located in the heart of the Inner City of Milwaukee Wisconsin is the JUSTUS League Headquarters and right there is where I sit in my fortress of solitude and ponder over this mess of an urban dwelling that used to be so vibrant and full of life. I can only think what one thing remains constant.

The DEMOCRAT Party’s Choke hold On the Black Community!

Blacks move in and out, other races move out, jobs gone, drugs, crime, and disease back and festering to higher levels than ever before. The only thing that remains the same is our love for Democrats and everything they tell us to support. I have already embraced a different path and if not for those of us who call out this relationship gone bad, some people would just be happy with the same old, same old. I may not be any more right than the next person, but I see the devil in ALL his forms and this is not what the hell Democracy looks like when I walk down North Avenue.

Lena and Spencer talk, run, and they hide, but at the end of the day we all see the same thing. The hood is still the same as it ever was. They have made little if any impact, they throw us a bone every once in a while to make sure their Couriers, Journals, and Times keep their names visible but what do they really do for YOU?

They keep telling us “it’s the rich business wealthy, evil corporations” and those types raping our communities and taking our opportunities and jobs. Don’t you get tired of hearing the same ish over and over again? When will they own some of this problem and stop getting paid off the backs of blacks?

But WE need to call out the real demons if we’re ever going to get somewhere. I see the real criminals being OUR black representatives first and foremost! Another criminal of the black community is the talking head at the main “news” paper that seems to never do too much here in the city for our young black boys or writers, but sure knows how to stay paid. The other criminals are those black “blue blood” families and bougie negros who want to seem like us (when convenient), but are in bed with the devil himself. Those are the leaders of the attack and rape on black Milwaukee and black everybody! 

Ask yourself this question, they had it their way in this state for almost 2 decades and what did they accomplish? What good did you see from this state in its 2 decades of Democracy? Or will you let them off the hook by blaming GWB and other Republicans? The easy marks!

Let’s break it down shall we?

  • Increased costs for insurance for those of us driving. Thanks black representatives!
  • Payday loan scandals that directly hurt US because who else needs a loan. Thanks black representatives!
  • Lena, Spencer, Tamara are all union funded and branded. They also accept PayDay loan money and love a little something, something from the Arabs as well. Did you really think those corner stores and gas stations just opened up over night without some help? As much as Willie Hines worked to try and keep them at bay, his counterparts in the state worked equally as hard to make it easier for them to open up shop and avoid taxes OUR businesses must pay to do the same business.
  • Finger printing by police at random stops to place US in their databases to be called up when they need to pin something on US. Thanks black representatives!
  • Millions of dollars funneled to Cadillac pensions of white men running unions at the cost of our kids educations and futures.

So I say all this to start a discussion about what is OUR reality and what we expect and how do we use this next election to get what we need to not just maintain but to say ENOUGH!

They say people support them but if we look, there are more of us coming out to show some concern for our own way of life. What about you? Did you notice that Lena spent more time on getting Alberta Darling recalled than on your needs, finding jobs, and helping the truly poor? Does it concern you that she and our other black elected get big money to keep us “in line?” Are we sheep and they are our herders or are we going to back it up and flip the script to show them the muscle we have in this community.

Now I am not saying Republicans got it right all the time, but on this one issue, for this brief moment, we need to rise up and be counted. We need to say to hell with the Democrats this one time and start a new trend and take back both parties (possibly add a new party) and remind them who the hell is in charge and whose money counts in the end.


April 5th I am asking for your voice and your vote. Do not sit by idly and let them get away with the biggest lynching of all time on OUR poor. Will you join me? Will you send them a mandate that unions have their fair share and it is time we gets ours too!

Peace Family,



Analysis shows emails to Walker favored budget repair bill



Gov. Scott Walker was right: The angry crowds in Madison didn’t tell the whole story of how Wisconsinites felt.

In the week after Walker announced his plan to dramatically curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state budget repair bill, a wide majority of the emails to him expressed support, an analysis of those emails indicates.

They ALL know the only force to be reckoned with, the true silent, majority is the working poor and poor. We get dumped on, just because, by both parties because we are somehow content with the scraps we are given. I am not content to let the rich get richer.

While You’re Waiting for Superman, Wonder Woman Is Already Here!

While You’re Waiting for Superman Wonder Woman Is Already Here!

I have heard the complaints from those opposed to Governor Walker’s budget and I have listened, putting aside my own personal biases and Conservatism to try and get a handle on what we are dealing with as far as the schools go.

First  it is important to note that while many consider the “fleeing 14” heroes, it is also important for you to know that they are allowing time for the school districts to put into place new contracts with the unions. These new contracts and negotiations are 16 months overdue and counting. Remember these teachers in many districts have been working without contracts for over a year. Why then did they wait? Was it that the unions thought Barrett would be the man and they could get even more concessions then they have now? Was it that they thought they had some leverage over the state and would bargain for more wasteful spending? Why didn’t their guy Doyle, get these negotiations finished in 16 months? Many questions and only speculation as to why!

Also one other thing to note is that if you ever wonder why they are really gone, check on Ballotpedia to find out who is “outsourcing” their campaigns and true intentions. Meaning who is pulling everyone’s strings!


We all agree we want to see our kids get ahead but the main sticking point is the wasteful spending in the districts and the notion that the unions run the show not the taxpayers. It is a simple concept, not one student should go without out if our districts would be fiscally responsible and not beholden to unions. With all the money we have spent for public education, we are still seeing little progress and even more waste and abuse of tax money. When people recommend merit-based pay or vestment (a secured position) based on achievement, the unions run away from these things. Why do they keep fighting for the rights of bad employees, wasteful boards, and downright criminals? Why do they not embrace forward thinking programs regarding the competency of their teachers, secretaries, and all public education workers? Or for that matter fight for programs that are educating our kids effectively before fighting for Viagra?


Case I: Waste on Your Watch

In Green Bay there is such a thing called the “Emeritus” Program that allows teachers to only work 10 days into their year and get even more payouts. This is a travesty of justice and an outright crime against taxpayers but yet a collectively bargained agreement.

Green Bay’s “Emeritus” Program

From Try 2 Focus / Brad Van Lanen



The Emeritus Program gives one full year’s salary paid over three years. That is in addition to pension benefits. The Emeritus Program is something that has been negotiated into the teachers’ contract through collective bargaining.

Note that over the next three years teachers would have to provide only 10 days of service to the district to receive the equivalent of one year’s salary.

Back to me…

Many opponents say that Walker’s Budget Repair will only hurt students and trounce on their budgets and programs that help our kids achieve. Where’s the big achievement, is my first question? Secondly, their account of “harm to students” is proportionally way off base. These budgets are now being negotiated prior to the repair bill’s passing or its failing. They are salvaging the ridiculously unfair benefit and pension packages that we are trying to recover from. These new budgets could have waited until a new governor was in place (as is the custom), or the bill was in place, or could have considered that this state is paying way too much in benefits and pensions and realigned themselves without force showing fiscal constraint and good stewardship of tax monies.

One must wonder what kind of people would rather keep the status quo of gross overspending with little oversight and not consider that spending needs to start in the classroom first and foremost. If you look at just MPS, they could save millions in costs and reductions if they would negotiate fairly, realizing that the taxpayer is the employer not the WEAC or MTEA.

Case II: Is Anybody Home?

MPS holds the deed to 27 school properties that could be sold or better yet used. They do have several charter schools renting space in non MPS buildings. Worse yet, they are paying rent to (dare I say) Christian entities!!!

MPS pays PRIVATE INDUSTRY COUNCIL OF MILWAUKEE $12,502.46 per month ($426,672.26 over the past three years) to house Kilmer South High School, an alternative school that only has about 350 students.

Do also keep in mind that the district is reporting massive amounts of population decline in the past 3 years, so I guess they don’t really need those buildings anytime soon.

Some of this property has been sought after with relentless vigor and lots of money being thrown on the table because it is considered prime land or real estate. Yet our superintendent refuses to sell these vacant buildings, sighting that he wants to hold on to the property because they may need it one day. We are talking about buildings that are beyond repair, have atmospheres that are not conducive to current learning trends, and do not take into account that we are trying to eliminate bussing and eventually returning back to neighborhood schools. Not to mention that we are employing and paying for maintenance staff to keep these buildings up to code.

A report from James Causey about the MPS Vacancies:



Case III: Abuse, Fraud, and Accountability from MPS to MATC

Another problem of MPS, MATC, and school districts throughout the state has been the continued mismanagement of funds. No person has been jailed or even penalized for these countless acts of fraud. MPS’s former superintendent laughed off the “staplergate” controversy and said they would look into it. Yet no one has been held accountable unless you count the poor taxpayers who keep unwilling and unknowingly fund these crimes.

The Milwaukee Public Schools system spends $3,287,671.23 of your tax dollars every day, 365 days a year.

Here is an example of where Title I / Reading Initiative spending is going:

Wisconsin Interest reviewed scores of MPS educational plans and a portion of a database of more than 400,000 MPS invoice descriptions obtained by a watchdog group, Citizens for Responsible Government.

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School spent more than $680, including $550 on tickets and $57 on Bradley Center food – on a Bucks Family Night.
  • Community High School spent $742 for a field trip to the AMF Bowlero Lanes bowling alley.
  • John Burroughs Middle School paid $4,761 to a vendor described as the Funny Business Agency Inc. for “carnival set-up and services.”
  • Cass Street School spent $960 with an outfit called Fun Services.
  • H.W. Longfellow Elementary spent $528 on a trip to Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells.
  • More than $470 in Title I funds were used by Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science for a trip to a roller skating and fun center.

The accuracy of the database isn’t disputed by Roseann St. Aubin, the MPS director of communications and public affairs.


So what do these activities have to do with reading you ask?

And even more abuse of taxpayer dollars…Remember when…

  • Bradley Tech High School spent $1197.94 on pool supplies from LENNYS POOL SERVICE INC. Interesting to note that off hand this seems like a fair expense but with one exception. TECH HAS NO POOL!!!!

Here is a quote from that report:

Students at Bradley Tech gave their school the poorest rating with 70% of students stating that facilities were either fair or poor. This is particularly upsetting because Bradley Tech is less than three years old, yet it was built without an auditorium, athletic field, swimming pool, running track, or band/music room. What’s worse is that Tech was built without walls separating the classrooms and the hallway, making it difficult for students to learn.

And more waste:

  • MPS has spent $27,144.00 to purchase… iPod’s
  • MPS has paid $72,682.22 to The Daily Reporter, for school marketing advertisements. This is just one media outlet; MPS spends hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars per year on advertising.
  • MPS pays PRIVATE INDUSTRY COUNCIL OF MILWAUKEE $12,502.46 per month ($426,672.26 over the past three years) to house Kilmer South High School, an alternative school that only has about 350 students.
  • Taxpayers have paid $503,722.57 in union dues to AFSCME LOCAL 1053 for Milwaukee Educational Secretaries. Aren’t union dues usually paid by the employee?
  • MPS has paid Yogafit $13,257 for yoga mats and training DVD’s
  • MPS has spent $1,621,525.37 with the Florida based Intelistaff for temporary staffing needs. $1.6 million Milwaukee tax dollars to a Florida based company, but they haven’t spend a dime with the Milwaukee
  • MPS schools have spent $126,482.60 at the Oriental Trading Company. Some of the items they purchased (a random search of the 2,000 orders): Mardi Gras Beads, ROCK-SHAPED BALLS, Foam Snowman Doorknob Hangers
  • MPS has spent $54,438.86 at the CORK N CLEAVER restaurant for things like In-service meetings


Get the point? This is just one school district and I could log the abuse of tax money for days and probably even years.

MATC here’s your fair share of abuse and misconduct:

MATC tuition Should be in line with that at UW system and duplicate programs eliminated


MATC OKs contract that preserves no-cost pensions


In a final word, people wonder why there is outrage and why our kids are not succeeding in these pirate environments where lying and cheating are the norm and good teachers are stifled by the noise of common sense.

People look to School Choice because they educate kids at $6000 while MPS charges $12,000.

Bottom line, schools are not going to work if we allow this incompetence to keep growing. They prove every single day that they have enough money but could care less if it is used on the future of our children correctly. So their outrage and ours would be better understood by those who make it impossible for us to move forward. The districts and the union administrations, and bad members are to blame. If you are a good employee, Wonder Woman wants you to know I see you. You are our only hope for survival. You always have been. Those of you who spend your own money, give of your personal time, write letters to your boards and the community and loose your jobs because you are fighting for our kids, we love you! Keep teaching and reaching and calling out injustice!

Peace Family,



Components of Gov. Walker’s Bill Regarding K-12 Education

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Administration website and look up “Budget in Brief” to find this and other information regarding the budget. The Drum received this document from a Waukesha County School District resident. These memos were sent out to all the parents of children in their district and we were told the teachers are not happy.

There are some interesting changes Gov. Walker is looking to pull of. The one that stands out to me is found in the last bulleted point on page 1. It is the repeal of the requirement that charter school teachers hold a DPI teacher license and the only requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree.

This won’t be popular, but I know several professionals that want to get involved in education and do not because of the licensing requirement. If this gets repealed I know that some will get involved in charter schools and they will have a positive impact on students. There will be more Black Male teachers as a result of this sea change.

Now, many of the other items on this list I have issues with. And there are many, many other things in the overall budget I don’t like. One thing I’m consistent with is slamming legislation on the people. Gov. Walker is bullying people in this state and I don’t like that and if this is a sign of how he will govern, I won’t have much positive to say about him.