School board members showing their true colors and hidden agendas….and you baby ain’t one of them!



Save MPS, Save our Inner City Schools!

Say No to Resolution 1314R This Thursday 6:30 PM @ Central Offices WE NEED YOU!!

I warned people with the last school board election that major changes would produce rotten fruit for MPS and now that sadly is coming true. HOWEVER we have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O’Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!! It is not Choice nor Governor Walker, or Republicans we must fight.  The enemy is revealing themselves. The enemy comes from within the system itself.

MPS School Board

Firstly Dr. Michael Bonds has been working closely with Dr. Gregory Thornton and the district to reinstill necessary curriculum and programs. Some of these things include Driver’s Ed, Physical Education, Job Training & Placement, and the Fine Arts. They also have been fighting for grants and funding for critical programs that teach our kids to resolve matters using peaceful techniques instead of guns and violence. You know the things they enjoy in the outer regions of the district and out in the suburbs. Things we do not have any more in the central city. These things are critical to help our kids to meet national Core Curriculum expectations and expand essential Multiple Intelligences. These things were ripped out of our inner city schools. If you notice the loss of these programs coincide with the increase in violence and discipline problems in our schools and the decrease in educational achievement. Take away necessary disciplines and you leave a district in peril. Hence current day MPS.


Certain board members with clear agendas that certainly are not children first, want to take your $43 million surplus and keep it out of the classroom. They want to give it to consultant pals, conduct “testing” and do nontransparent/union directed, politically motivated things. The answer is clear. Choice knows it, education reformers know it, teachers and MPS know it. Give it back to the teachers and classrooms where it is desperately needed!


Whatever your personal thoughts about Thornton and Bonds we can agree they have done much more for our inner city than any other two Superintendent/Board President combo then I have ever seen. We are hard pressed to find a more committed pair of brothers who know and understand that lives are on the line in Milwaukee. They are not perfect but they are better than what is out there waiting to come in!!


To be clear, Board member Larry Miller (District 5) and Board Vice President Meagan Holman want to see the $43 Million surplus given to fund things outside our classrooms. Annie Woodward, who is supposed to be on our side, is in full agreement with the enemy. Today she called into WNOV’s “The Forum.”  Sherwin Hughes took her to task, what did she expect? Why is she on the board? At this point should we question the status of her mental health? She sounded real confused and didn’t seem to have her facts straight. She clearly does not know what is going on in Milwaukee Public Schools. $43 million is not a “small item” or a “distraction” Ms. Woodward. Unless you know something we don’t. Maybe she has friends in the IRS. That is a big ticket item to me and I think most teachers and administrators would happily accept the gift!

Here you will find a link provided courtesy of Sherwin Hughes 860 AM WNOV’s “The Forum.” It is from the School Board Meeting May 30, 2013. Here Bonds clearly fights the battle to keep his presidency his alone. He was elected by a clear majority. Now he is left to fight lies, deceit, and hidden agendas exposed by certain members of the board. Why must everything, including our precious children be politics as usual in Milwaukee?

Roll to mark 32:00 (The battle is towards the end of the meeting)


If you fight against Choice, and Governor Walker, than I expect to see you tomorrow night just as loud and angry.

This is more Milwaukee BAMBOOZLING that goes to show if you can’t win change the game. Can I count on you to help our kids?  Let’s help Dr. Thornton and Dr. Bonds save our babies. Save MPS, SAY NO TO RESOLUTION 1314R-001. We need the $43 million back in the schools not back in the hands of the “have’s!”

To Call Board Members and let them know how you feel:

Please check in if you call and let us know what they say in the comments box below!!

Dr. Michael Bonds 520-3890

Larry Miller 414-469-9319

Meagan Holman 414-475-8284

Annie Woodward (414) 510-9079

http://www2.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/governance/ or call 414-475-8284

The Resolution can be found here:



Peace Family,


Wonder Woman is a community activist and blogger and Chair of The Umoja Project, a Black Conservative Movement in Wisconsin.

She is a proud member of the JustUs League!

She has her own blog site at http://www/wonder2woman.blogspot.com

She also contributes to The Milwaukee Drum, the Black Convo Network, Insane Asylum Blog, and Black Bloggers Connect.


As you can see each member’s area tells you how “vested” they are in the district, specifically the inner city.

District 3-Bonds


District 5-Miller


District 8-Holman


MPS board committee approves some constraints on president (Journal Sentinel Story)

By Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel


And by the way, where is our M.I.A. Mayor who once had so much to say about MPS and its dealings????

 milk mayor

 Board Memebers

BETRAYED: Mahlon Mitchell Supports Scott Walker on Residency Requirement

BETRAYED: Mahlon Mitchell Supports Scott Walker on Residency Requirement


“Mahlon Mitchell, the president of the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Wisconsin who ran unsuccessfully against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in last June’s recall, says he’s backing Gov. Scott Walker in his effort to end residency rules statewide.”


As the old cliché goes “politics makes for interesting bed fellows.” So is the case of Scott Walker and once rival challenger Lt. Governor Mahlon Mitchell. Mitchell has left the reservation of the Democratic stable to support the Republicans and Governor Walker in lifting the residency requirements statewide.
(Residency Requirement-city employees must live where they work.)

I am not for lifting the residency requirement. We are barely maintaining now in the inner city. We need the economic stimulus that is generated from our city employed neighbors to sustain the community until we get this mayor and this governor to create a sustainable economic base.
Lifting the residency would cripple our already strained inner city economics especially. The mayor and his minions are stuck on a damn trolley and not so keen on the inner city. Yes it is purely about preserving our community for me regarding the residency requirement. Mr. Mitchell ran to every Black radio show, every Black town hall, meeting and etc… during the recall elections selling a pack of lies about the importance of Black economic growth and Black job creation as priority #1 that he would initiate personally. How would you have done that when you are now advocating for your EMPLOYEED FIREFIGHERTER BRETHEREN who want to move? They knew the requirement when they applied for the job. And one other tidbit they have many don’t have in the inner city, A WELL PAYING JOB! So where are your priorities Mr. Mitchell? Did you lie to us all that time? You cannot serve two masters, sound familiar?
As an aside I do know there are some good white folks who want to stay. I am not directing this at them.
Sure some white folks will sneak in for the occasional Jake’s Corn beef fix or a dash to Speed Queen but that is about it. Those who are “forced to work/live here” actually have to mingle with us and help us fix Milwaukee. Damn shame! They also realize Milwaukee is not as bad as some would have us to believe. It sure ain’t Chicago!! Those so quick to leave, well I am sure they have their reasons but you took the job knowing the requirement in the first place. And hey Milwaukee is a great place on a great lake right!!??
Secondly, pure and simple people tend not to take an interest in things they do not see or have to deal with. Out of sight out of mind! We will no longer be an issue they HAVE to care about.
If the residency requirement is lifted we all know what it means, many whites will get the hell out of dodge and the only thing they will leave behind are scummy landlords who collect on the first of the month and do little else.
It is no surprise to me that the onetime side kick of Tom Barrett revealed his true color now and sides with the Republicans on something so vital to the Black community. This is not Mahlon Mitchell’s first time being exposed as a fraud. Another such time, Media Trackers showed he had never even voted before 2010 despite his big sermons to Blacks that WE needed to be responsible. Come again? He had not been civically responsible himself. How the Democrats even came to choosing him I will never understand and why he continues to come up as a relevant political figure is even more mystifying. About a month ago he mentioned motherhood as not a real job. Now this? What next for Mr. Mitchell?


At least we now know it was politricks as usual. However many did give him their precious vote. If he has his way, working with his new pal Scott Walker he will help shut us down. I hope he knows he is not welcome around these parts again. We need to vet our candidates better before we give them our blessing. There are many good leaders out there we must do better recruiting, training, and mentoring.
Peace Family,


A $treetcar Named $egregation

Family I am telling you I am neither against streetcars nor urban development. However I am against development for the city that is void any meaningful, deep exchange and void all representatives of the city at the table (not including aldermen as the single Black voice, we are not the Borg, we don’t all look and think alike). I understand there were “stake holders” at the streetcar meetings, but yet no one has named as of this blog, one Black business person or Black organization that attended or were welcomed at ongoing discussions regarding the streetcar. However I find it peculiar that off the top of their head Alderman Kovac and his legion had 150 emails of support which included area business leaders and groups that were not invested into the entire city of Milwaukee. Some of these supporters bragged about their countless hours of meetings. So to be blunt the inner city was absent in these discussions unless you include the alder people, who may or may not have been given a bone. Just mere speculation.

Addendum to Streetcar Named Debt

What we did not know last week regarding debt is that ATT & WE Energies will either find a way for the city to pick up their expenses, including consultant fees and the ripping up of streets and removal and restoring their lines elsewhere. Those utilities have said they could pass on those costs to the customers, you and I. The city is looking into tax hikes and other solutions to finance this piece of the project which is not included into some of the figures we have seen from the city.

Instead of spending money on the streetcars this pothole ridden city should first repair streets and help neighborhood business districts.

The city is spending a lot of money to benefit very few people, white people. This proposal does not pass one Black business or person unless you ride the train frequently and live in the downtown district. My apologies to all 5 of you brothers and sisters!!

Ongoing Operating Costs

Big capital spending has to make sense for the long term!

Unforeseen costs and higher project rates for ongoing and implementation expenditures could mean a loss of city services or tax increases to residents of the city. Loss of services could include fire and police, city services, road maintenance, tax hikes, MPS support. Those of us who were outraged at Walker should take note of these operating costs if we are serious about the need to improve MPS. You will be deciding if MPS or streetcars are more important.

Additional Expenses

What about all the money we just spent in the same proposed area for bike paths, costing millions? We are going to rip those up to lay tracks? The paint isn’t even good and dry on those fancy bike paths.

Due to our weather, street bulking and other maintenance cost could be astronomical. We already have severe pothole damage, imagine a streetcar and the mess from the tracks.

MCTS VS. Streetcars

Busses can go around traffic delays, streetcars must wait behind street obstructions further slowing their travel times.

Speed and reliability are eternal values; going forth, people will still choose a faster service over a slower one. The “on-the-go” business person will not be patient; they will opt for the faster more reliable product.  If we need proof, we need only look at Amtrak and how pretty and empty it is. It has not seen a profit, nor will it, but it does see subsidies, you and I picking up the tab. Looking in to my crystal ball I am not certain people will choose an electric vehicle on rails over a bus of the same size and shape, with many of the same characteristics, running on tires.  MCTS and the county have worked hard to make our busses look sleek, run smooth, be green compliant, and you can even watch TV onboard. They have bike racks and kneel easily for the disabled.

But operations in mixed traffic in the slow lane are only going to get slower and less reliable as traffic increases with development.  The cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep or development of the streetcars will also play in the aforementioned loss of services or tax hikes. MCTS is the heart of urban city life. Already the feds and state will be cutting aid and if the city follows suit than we will see higher costs in fares and possibly a competition between the two which would pit the bus rider against a small number of streetcar riders that are only going in a few places for the next few years to a decade until expansion is created or the streetcar fails.

Studies can be found supporting coexistence of both, or support for one over the other. It depends on which you prefer to side with. However I am going to use the debate from the past weeks as my premise for Milwaukee’s streetcar debate. Based on the somewhat loosely racist comments, I am choosing not to support the streetcar of debt and segregation. After I got past the financial components, I started to really listen to the mostly white audience and their message was pretty clear! We want to get away from you negros not help you get closer to us. There were a few who were generally streetcar enthusiasts, but a bit naive.

Eco Friendly

The only green in this proposal will be the green coming out of your pockets.

Segregation Streetcar

In my opinion the current streetcar proposal seeks to bring “wanted” visitors to Milwaukee’s downtown business district. To make this streetcar “user friendly” they must eradicate the “unwanted.” As possible riders theoretically move in, we will be moved out.

 Remember what happened at Northridge? Well the same arguments are being made here. This small starter rail some are now calling “white rail” is the catalyst to making downtown and surrounding areas more attractive to potential streetcar riders. These areas would fill up with businesses dedicated to those riders and not so much to MCTS riders. We see MLK is already aligned with condos and some unaffordable living spaces. We can then speculate the blight will be replaced with even more white sprawl and businesses. The last thing the city would want is ghettos in their cherished business district that would “scare off” potential home/condo owners and consumers.

The Promise of What’s to Come

The city, Mayor Barrett and Alderman Kovac specifically promise this starter car will create even more development and therefore connect us to jobs and businesses in time. Alderman Kovac says that once the streetcar is built there is intention to keep developing to the inner city, Bronzeville, Walnut Way, Midtown and so forth. How high are we on that priority list? What if Tosa comes in and says they want a piece of the action, than we get pushed back even further. However didn’t the mayor already promise to fix up these neighborhoods from what they are now? Does he not see the sun warped signs promoting Bronzeville, emptiness and blight in Walnut Way, incomplete and failed businesses in Midtown? If we wait longer (probably another decade) masta says we will get something from this streetcar that is worth waiting for. Really? How much longer before we send this mayor packing? The unemployment of Milwaukee is the highest for Black males and the segregation is still the worst in the country. He had years to fix this or even show some action and work toward these goals. He only stops in to check on us at election time or when escorted by his personal body guard Chief Flynn to tell us to be good little negros and not shoot each other up. This mayor is the biggest slum landlord of Milwaukee. At least with Norquist (who also tried to implement segregation) he rode the bus every day, walked amongst us, stood with us. This mayor is unreachable for the most part, unless you are a church pastor or crime fighter.


In their words…

“as someone who sat through the committee testimony for hours, all arguments against the streetcar are totally bogus. You can call it a train to nowhere or a boondoggle, or lament the lack of inner-city focus, this money can’t create jobs in Bronzeville, and you can’t get the votes to get the project there…”

“Many of my friends won’t ride the bus, but I know they will (and Republicans will too) ride that streetcar.”

“This growth in public transportation ridership has proven to be the catalyst that finds people in other neighborhoods demanding streetcar service.”

“I’d say to a large extent what Bronzeville needs is private investment, working with the city and WHEDA.”

“The goal of the past few year’s worth of transportation initiatives has been to link people with jobs – and not just the entry level entertainment-type jobs Bronzeville would attract, but family sustaining jobs at a higher pay scale than McDonald’s.…”

“Furthermore, there are very legitimate reasons to be suspicious that a streetcar will intentionally avoid the ghettos. Cities across the nation and around the world design their public transit to keep people from the ghetto away from wealthy areas and downtown.”

“I used to live in Portland, and have many friends there. I go back and visit regularly. One thing I notice is that as the light rail has developed and the city has gentrified, poor people and people of color have been pushed out of the city into the suburbs. It is a pity that our very segregated city rarely does anything to address these issues and often promotes gentrification and the development that precedes it. I would not be surprised if after the city develops Bronzeville that some years from now the folks living around there get pushed out…”Furthermore, there are very legitimate reasons to be suspicious that a streetcar will intentionally avoid the ghettos. Cities across the nation and around the world design their public transit to keep people from the ghetto away from wealthy areas and downtown. In order to calm this fear, @Nik, please give solid commitments to expand the streetcar into the ghettos after this first stage. You will garner far more support and respect from residents if you do. I would like to see a map of proposed future lines after this first one.Furthermore, there are very legitimate reasons to be suspicious that a streetcar will intentionally avoid the ghettos. Cities across the nation and around the world design their public transit to keep people from the ghetto away from wealthy areas and downtown. In order to calm this fear, @Nik, please give solid commitments to expand the streetcar into the ghettos after this first stage. You will garner far more support and respect from residents if you do. I would like to see a map of proposed future lines after this first one.

Back To Me

In my debates I found people saying things that I deemed borderline racist. I found some of the comments “color coded” and some buzz words and terms that mean for whites only!

This means that the city by any means necessary will get this street car one way or the other unless we take a stand and either demand this streetcar be created linking Amtrak to us first, or by demanding our neighborhood projects come first, the ones we have been waiting to have completed for decades in some cases. This streetcar will be used to grow and expand the business district alone for years without expansion. This streetcar will remove urban blight to the further corners of the city where it will once and for all be out of sight and out of mind.

Why do I think this? If we are trying to develop more jobs and a healthy prospering tax base, why would you not start in the bleakest part of the city? We are desperate for job creation and business development that is not “McDonald’s type businesses,” but real jobs that pay living wages and sustain families and communities. We did not bring this upon ourselves so the thought of doing it on our own with a city that seems to accept segregation and racism, is working just as hard against us as we are trying to build us up.  However I am not easily fooled so I know the only way out of this mess is for us to come together. Waiting on the mayor and most elected officials is a futile exercise. Whenever we decide to get our act together and be the people this mayor must answer to, only then will we get all the finances other parts of the city enjoy. No vote for you until we get our 40 acres and a mule!

So I say to you, please do take a minute longer to read this long blog and then make a call or email to your alderperson and tell them just say no. It is not feasible in this economy, Milwaukee shows clear lack of ability to create and sustain far too many projects, and the community most in need should be the community where emphasis and development is focused first, not the areas that have the least population per capita.

That is the way I see it and I don’t see any welcome mats in Mr. Rogers neighborhood laid out for us.

Peace Family,



HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.


In the hood, more and more people are starting to understand or realize 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

People are waking up to understand that supporting rich union white men means less and less WE get in government benefits and discretionary spending for those of us needing government assistance just to get by these days. Yes this means you, you waiting on Vliet to get your Quest and BadgerCare. I’m talking to those of you who are waiting to get scholarships and aid for school, daycare, and medicine. Those of us holding our breath to see what kinds of co-pays we will be assessed for BadgerCare after this mess is over with. Make sure you understand what is really at stake before you go out there and keep supporting that tired old mantra about Republicans and who is against us. It is going to cost us big time if we keep supporting those who do not support us! Who else do you think they will pick on if we don’t stand one good time and voice our objections to this new union master?

Surprisingly I hear this more and more and I think people are getting it!! We are either for rich white men getting more money and keeping their billions, or we are united in a joint effort and alliance to support this Republican governor for the good of our own cause….US!

Located in the heart of the Inner City of Milwaukee Wisconsin is the JUSTUS League Headquarters and right there is where I sit in my fortress of solitude and ponder over this mess of an urban dwelling that used to be so vibrant and full of life. I can only think what one thing remains constant.

The DEMOCRAT Party’s Choke hold On the Black Community!

Blacks move in and out, other races move out, jobs gone, drugs, crime, and disease back and festering to higher levels than ever before. The only thing that remains the same is our love for Democrats and everything they tell us to support. I have already embraced a different path and if not for those of us who call out this relationship gone bad, some people would just be happy with the same old, same old. I may not be any more right than the next person, but I see the devil in ALL his forms and this is not what the hell Democracy looks like when I walk down North Avenue.

Lena and Spencer talk, run, and they hide, but at the end of the day we all see the same thing. The hood is still the same as it ever was. They have made little if any impact, they throw us a bone every once in a while to make sure their Couriers, Journals, and Times keep their names visible but what do they really do for YOU?

They keep telling us “it’s the rich business wealthy, evil corporations” and those types raping our communities and taking our opportunities and jobs. Don’t you get tired of hearing the same ish over and over again? When will they own some of this problem and stop getting paid off the backs of blacks?

But WE need to call out the real demons if we’re ever going to get somewhere. I see the real criminals being OUR black representatives first and foremost! Another criminal of the black community is the talking head at the main “news” paper that seems to never do too much here in the city for our young black boys or writers, but sure knows how to stay paid. The other criminals are those black “blue blood” families and bougie negros who want to seem like us (when convenient), but are in bed with the devil himself. Those are the leaders of the attack and rape on black Milwaukee and black everybody! 

Ask yourself this question, they had it their way in this state for almost 2 decades and what did they accomplish? What good did you see from this state in its 2 decades of Democracy? Or will you let them off the hook by blaming GWB and other Republicans? The easy marks!

Let’s break it down shall we?

  • Increased costs for insurance for those of us driving. Thanks black representatives!
  • Payday loan scandals that directly hurt US because who else needs a loan. Thanks black representatives!
  • Lena, Spencer, Tamara are all union funded and branded. They also accept PayDay loan money and love a little something, something from the Arabs as well. Did you really think those corner stores and gas stations just opened up over night without some help? As much as Willie Hines worked to try and keep them at bay, his counterparts in the state worked equally as hard to make it easier for them to open up shop and avoid taxes OUR businesses must pay to do the same business.
  • Finger printing by police at random stops to place US in their databases to be called up when they need to pin something on US. Thanks black representatives!
  • Millions of dollars funneled to Cadillac pensions of white men running unions at the cost of our kids educations and futures.

So I say all this to start a discussion about what is OUR reality and what we expect and how do we use this next election to get what we need to not just maintain but to say ENOUGH!

They say people support them but if we look, there are more of us coming out to show some concern for our own way of life. What about you? Did you notice that Lena spent more time on getting Alberta Darling recalled than on your needs, finding jobs, and helping the truly poor? Does it concern you that she and our other black elected get big money to keep us “in line?” Are we sheep and they are our herders or are we going to back it up and flip the script to show them the muscle we have in this community.

Now I am not saying Republicans got it right all the time, but on this one issue, for this brief moment, we need to rise up and be counted. We need to say to hell with the Democrats this one time and start a new trend and take back both parties (possibly add a new party) and remind them who the hell is in charge and whose money counts in the end.


April 5th I am asking for your voice and your vote. Do not sit by idly and let them get away with the biggest lynching of all time on OUR poor. Will you join me? Will you send them a mandate that unions have their fair share and it is time we gets ours too!

Peace Family,



Analysis shows emails to Walker favored budget repair bill



Gov. Scott Walker was right: The angry crowds in Madison didn’t tell the whole story of how Wisconsinites felt.

In the week after Walker announced his plan to dramatically curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state budget repair bill, a wide majority of the emails to him expressed support, an analysis of those emails indicates.

They ALL know the only force to be reckoned with, the true silent, majority is the working poor and poor. We get dumped on, just because, by both parties because we are somehow content with the scraps we are given. I am not content to let the rich get richer.

Text of Governor Walker’s Budget Address

Before the media and other people “interpret” the Governor’s Budget Address, here it is in his own words.

Read for yourself, decide for yourself, voice yourself!

Peace Family,



For Immediate Release
Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Text of Governor Walker’s Budget Address

Madison–Below is the text of Governor Walker’s budget address as prepared: Speaker Fitzgerald, Speaker Pro Tem Kramer, President Ellis, Majority Leader Fitzgerald, Minority Leader Barca, Supreme Court Justices, Constitutional Officers, tribal leaders, members of the Cabinet, distinguished guests, members of the Legislature, and most importantly, fellow citizens of Wisconsin.

Each and every one of us gathered in the chamber today hold a diverse set of beliefs – beliefs that we are passionate about sharing – and that serve to guide our actions. Each of us has a vision for a better tomorrow in Wisconsin. 

But we all share something in common — an unrivaled passion for this state and the people who call it home.  We all want Wisconsin to be the very best that it can be.  Yet, — because our experiences are unique and our beliefs diverse — our paths may diverge as we tackle today’s challenges.  But even at the height of our differences, we can and must keep our promise to people of Wisconsin that they will always come first.        

Democracy does not just expect differences, it demands them.  It’s the manner in which we discuss and resolve those differences that leads to bold solutions and innovative reforms.  I ask that we continue to be mindful of our differences – as well our similarities – in the coming days, weeks and months.  Above all, let us not lose sight of the fact that we were each elected to represent the people of this state by participating in our democratic process.

I applaud the State Assembly and those in the State Senate who are here today for not losing sight of that.

Over the past few weeks, a great deal of attention has been focused on Wisconsin.  That’s ok because freedom thrives each time there is a passionate debate in our society.  Passion and civility can go hand-in-hand and that’s what’s on display here in Wisconsin.  

But outside observers need to know that there is more to this state as well.  Wisconsin is filled with outstanding workers and multi-generational employers.  We have tremendous resources and amazing attractions.  Most importantly, we have decent people in this state. 

The good people of this state come from all walks of life – young and old, urban and rural, Democrat and Republican. 

Recently, I learned of yet another story that affirms that sense of decency. 

Some of our state employees at the Farm Center spent time with two brothers who jointly operate a dairy farm that was – literally – on the verge of financial collapse.  One of the brothers was so stressed that he was considering some horrible options. 

The Farm Center staff calmly walked the brothers through a variety options and got them through their immediate crisis.  That day, our public employees not only helped someone’s life, they may have actually helped save someone’s life. 

This story says a lot about the people of Wisconsin. 

It certainly reinforces the financial strain that so many are experiencing across the state.  Without a doubt, it shows the compassion of our people toward their fellow citizens.  And it shows the professionalism of our public employees who really care about the people that they serve. 

This is why we need to move this process forward and get this state working again. 

I have been asked a lot over the past week about what happens next.  Well, I’m an optimist.  I believe that after our budget repair bill passes, tempers will cool, and we will find a way to continue to work together to help grow our economy.  We will position Wisconsin to emerge from this economic downturn stronger than ever, with new opportunities for our workers and our families.

You see, for six weeks we worked together to pass bill after bill to show that Wisconsin is open for business.  Most of our legislation received bipartisan support.  It is my belief that we will soon get back to that type of cooperation in the Capitol.

We introduced a budget repair bill that is the first step toward addressing the long-term challenges facing our state – while laying the foundation for economic growth.  The biennial budget I introduce today is built on the savings supplied by our budget repair bill – legislation, I might add, that we have already modified to address concerns expressed at the public hearing.

We need the savings in the budget repair bill because Wisconsin faces a $3.6 billion deficit.  Too many politicians have failed to tell the truth about our financial crisis.  They left Wisconsinites in the dark about the extent of our fiscal problems.  The facts are clear: Wisconsin is broke and it’s time to start paying our bills today – so our kids are not stuck with even bigger bills tomorrow. 

This deficit did not appear overnight.  Wisconsin got here through a reliance on one-time fixes, accounting gimmicks and tax increases.    Previous governors and legislatures from both parties took money from our tobacco settlement.  They raided more than a billion dollars from the transportation fund and $200 million from the patients’ compensation fund.  They increased taxes on the sick and set up shell games to draw down additional federal funds. 

They relied on one-time federal stimulus dollars as if the money would be there forever – but it’s already gone.

Wisconsin owes Minnesota nearly $60 million and some $200 million to the patient’s compensation fund.   In short, they governed for the short-term, with an eye only on the next election – not the next generation.

While families across this state were focused on making ends meet, the state government continued to grow well beyond our taxpayers’ ability to pay.  But the time has come for us to make the tough choices necessary to put our state back on the path to prosperity.

We must work together to bring our spending in line with reality.  We were elected –not to make the easy decisions to benefit ourselves — but to make the difficult ones that will benefit our children and grandchildren.

We need a commitment to the future so our children don’t face even more dire consequences than what we face today. Together, we will change the way government works in Wisconsin.  We will make it work for the people once again.

I have often repeated references to our state’s constitutional lesson, that it is only through frugality and moderation in government that we will see freedom and prosperity for our people. 

Our budget holds true to these principles by balancing the $3.6 billion deficit through permanent spending reductions and innovative government reforms.

Specifically, our budget reduces all funds spending by $4.2 billion, or 6.7 percent, and decreases the structural deficit by 90 percent from $2.5 billion to $250 million – the lowest structural deficit in recent history.  That’s over $2 billion we are saving from future obligations and for future generations.

That’s worth repeating.  Our budget reduces the structural deficit by 90 percent.  In fact, it is lower than the last eight budgets presented by Democrats and Republicans alike. 

Gone are the segregated fund raids, illegal transfers, and accounting gimmicks. Gone are the tax or fee increases. Our state cannot grow if our people are weighed down paying for a larger and larger government. A government that pays its workers unsustainable benefits that are out of line with the private sector.  We need a leaner and cleaner state government. 

As we decrease spending, we also increase flexibility so local government and state government have the tools to deal with reduced revenue.  It’s true we are reducing aid to local government by just over one and a quarter billion dollars, but we are providing almost $1.5 billion in savings through our budget repair bill.  If the 14 Senate Democrats do not come home, their local communities will be forced to manage these reductions in aid without the benefit of the tools provided in the repair bill.  On the other hand, if the Senate Democrats do come home, local units of government overall will actually see a net increase in revenue plus savings of more than $150 million.

Let me repeat that despite the reductions in our budget, local governments would gain $150 million overall in the next biennium – but only if the Senate is allowed to act.

While aid to local government represents the state’s largest expenditure, the state’s Medicaid program represents the area of fastest growth. Medicaid costs continue to outstrip growth in general fund revenues.  Long-term care expenditures, in particular, are growing much faster than other areas of the budget.  Coupled with the use of $1.2 billion in one-time federal funding – the state is facing an unsustainable budget challenge.  A challenge in need of a serious and long-term solution.

While maintaining services for our most vulnerable, we must also refocus those services and find efficiencies where possible.  That will mean asking some individuals to pay modest co-pays and premiums as they transition from the safety net that these programs provide to gainful employment.  This will allow those individuals to begin to transition to a time in the future when they will no longer need government support, while protecting those who need these services the most.

Just as we reform our entitlement programs for the 21st century, we must also reform our education system.  Clearly, we have to produce graduates who are able to compete – not only with their peers from Chicago or Des Moines – but also from Shanghai or Sydney.

And we must do so while we balance a $3.6 billion deficit.  That is why — even as we reduce school aids – overall we give schools across the state the tools to make up for those reductions with even greater savings through the budget repair bill. 

Again, this is why it is so vitally important for the Senate Democrats to come back and do their jobs.  If they do not, our schools face massive layoffs of teachers.  However, if they do come back, overall savings for schools across the state will outweigh reductions, ultimately allowing schools to put more money in the classroom.

When I campaigned for Governor, I set as a goal that all Wisconsin third graders should be able to read at the 3rd grade level.  Many have noted that from Kindergarten to 3rd grade — our kids learn to read — and then from 3rd grade on, they use reading to learn.  We need to make sure every child can read as they move on from 3rd grade. 

That’s why my budget creates a third grade reading initiative that will require all third graders to achieve basic literacy.  I know we can do this and we owe it to our students to make sure we do.

In addition, we will expand choice and charter programs to insure that every kid gets a great education – no matter what zip code they live in.  We lift the cap on the number of students eligible to participate in the Milwaukee parental choice program and phase out the income eligibility limits.  And across the state, we allow any University of Wisconsin system four-year campus to create a charter school.

Competing globally also means enhancing higher education.  To do this we will give our flagship, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the tools it needs to remain a world leader in research and instruction – while continuing to be a driver of economic development for our state.  This is a decision that we discussed at length with Chancellor Biddy Martin and the leadership at UW.  For the past several years, she and other UW leaders have pushed for greater flexibility.  Now they will have it and soon the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee will as well. 

Throughout the budget process I am open to working with lawmakers from both political parties on expanding this concept to the other campuses throughout the University of Wisconsin system.  A few weeks ago, I met with all of the UW chancellors and expressed my willingness to work with them and the members of the Legislature to improve our higher education system. 

We also remain committed to keeping our university system accessible to every Wisconsin student, regardless of financial resources.  That’s why – even in these tough fiscal times – we maintain our commitment to the state’s financial aid program.  Plus, we maintain the state’s tuition reimbursement for our veterans.

As we refocus government, public safety remains a priority.  Our budget will restore truth in sentencing by repealing the early release program approved by the last administration. 

We will provide additional resources and positions in our DNA lab to assist our criminal investigations.  And we will make sure that our children — those that are dearest to us — are protected from those who would do them harm.  We provide additional resources to investigate on-line predators targeting our children.  The state currently has over twenty thousand IP addresses of people who prey on our children, but we didn’t have the resources to track those criminals down.  Now we will. 

We are proud of the leadership being provided in this area by our Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and I am thankful that even with a tough budget, we can find resources to protect our kids. 

This is a reform budget.  It is about getting Wisconsin working again – and to make that happen, we need a balanced budget that works — and an environment where the private sector can create 250,000 jobs over the next four years. 

During our special session on jobs, we created a public-private agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation  that will focus solely on job creation.  Our budget includes the resources and the organization to get the WEDC working to stimulate our economy. 

Working hand in hand with our new public-private efforts at the state level, are seven regional economic development efforts around the state.   In this budget, these regional economic drivers continue to receive financial support as they collaborate to get their regions and our state growing again.

Our budget also recognizes the important role that transportation plays in economic development.  In order to grow, we need to move goods and people in a cost-effective and timely manner.  That is why our budget ends the raids on the transportation fund, and includes a total investment of $5.7 billion in our state’s transportation system. 

That’s money that will create jobs – now – and in the future.  Included in our budget is funding for the accelerated reconstruction of the Zoo interchange (which actually saves us $600 million from the original plans) and additional funding to continue construction of the I-94 corridor.  It also includes major investments in our transportation system all across the State of Wisconsin. 

We will also encourage job growth as I fulfill a campaign promise to lower taxes on those who invest in Wisconsin-based businesses and do so for an extended period of time.  We will do this by eliminating the capital gains tax for investors in Wisconsin companies that provide jobs for our people.  And we include tax relief for employers who hire more people to work in our state. 

In this budget, we provide real tax relief for homeowners across the state by implementing property tax reform that locks in property tax levies at the local level.  Time and time again, I’ve heard from Wisconsinites who are doing more with less and making sacrifices to keep their families going.  Good people like the retired couple on a fixed income or the new parents paying for daycare and the mortgage on their first house or the middle-class working family where mom and dad still have jobs, but keeping them meant taking a pay freeze.  All of them, and others like them across Wisconsin, need true property tax relief and this budget delivers. 

I campaigned on creating an environment where the private sector can create 250,000 jobs over the next four years.  Our budget lays that foundation, by freeing taxpayers to create jobs in the private sector, by limiting the size and scope of government, and by focusing our government on meeting core priorities.  Where we must make reductions, we do so wisely, by giving local governments the tools to save even more money than overall reductions in state aid.

As I have said before, our constitution says, “the blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue.”

This is the heart of our budget.  We are returning to frugality and are making the long term decisions to balance our budget now — and more importantly, into the future.  We will do the heavy lifting to protect our children and grandchildren from having to make the hard decisions that were once avoided.

I know that things will get better. 

Back in the 1980s – when I was growing up in the small town of Delavan – we faced similar circumstances in our state.  A tough economy and a tight budget were the top issues 25 years ago.

Tommy Thompson brought into office bold new ideas and strong leadership.  At the time, defenders of the status quo took offense.  But by the end of his first term, those reforms helped balance the budget and those policies helped the private sector create 258,000 new jobs.  I remember Governor Thompson’s optimism and the excitement he created when we turned our state around back then.  If we did it a generation ago, we can do it again today.

This budget is about our commitment to the future.  Like every parent and grandparent in this state, I want my two sons to grow up in a Wisconsin (at least) as great as the Wisconsin I grew up in.  Working together, I know we can do it. 

Thank you.  May God richly bless you and your family.  And may God continue to bless the great State of Wisconsin. 




Slum Land Lords, Hotels, and Milwaukee Mess

Just Some Stuff I Had to Get Off My Chest!

This past week has seen some interesting local stories! All newsworthy, yet some get little attention, while others got WAY TOO MUCH! GO PACKERS!!

Milwaukee & The Marriott: Are we trying to loose business?

While others marched for a racist Talgo corporation, Milwaukee did its own sabotaging of business creation with not ONE WORD from those same protestors about jobs potentially leaving out this city that would employee more than the vocationally gifted.

This was a pass or fail test for the Common Council President Willie Hines and one that sadly he failed.

The Historic Preservation Committee who is supposed to save the “rich culture” of our city did everything in its power to destroy this deal. A deal that will bring millions to the city and at least 200 jobs asap. Jobs that require no pics to get hired…hint, hint Talgo!

Willie Hines, a major player in this debate, was passive as far as media and hyping up this plan. What should he have done? Well I would have liked to have seen him battle the Historic Preservation Committee. What are we preserving anyway? A city riddled with the reminders of racism, old beaten up, ugly as hell buildings, and crappy old skylines? No this committee wants your $$ for their stamp of approval. Time for them to become extinct!

Exactly why do we need all these hotels is beyond me. But as long as they are adding to Milwaukee’s tax base, hey what can I say.  I’ll be watching though!

No Parking!

Secondly, with the economic climate that Milwaukee is in, why is Mayor Barrett contracting with outside-the-city/state debt collectors and spending ridiculous amounts of money on city of Milwaukee business that should be located and operated in Milwaukee? If you should happen to become delinquent on a parking ticket, you will find that the great state of Illinois is retrieving your debt, collecting their money off the top for doing it, and employing thousands of telemarketers to do it. You mean to tell me no one in Milwaukee can do this? We have no Milwaukee-based telemarketers or debt collectors? To borrow the phrase from the NFL guys,  “Common on man!!!!?????”

So many people bussing it up to Madison to holler at walker, but really the fight is here at city hall. Let us unite and bring jobs back to this city. Than you can choo choo train it up to Madison and get Walker!

Slum Land Lord, County Exec, Walker Stalker?

So Lee Holloway “allegedly” sent an armed man to collect from a tenant. What’s new? Sounds to me like he and the tenant are both in need of some Judge Judy time. If we can’t get Ms. Griffin into the debates, yet Holloway is invited, well again I say come on man? I am thinking some people around here don’t want to see an intelligent, GIFTED, young black woman overturn years of overpaid and underworked government. The ideas and statements she makes are just amazing. That scares the government community. Lord forbid they be challenged on the very principles they claim to represent. But, Marquette, the Catholic Jesuit, ‘love thy neighbor, as long as they stay away from our students,” and “champions” of social justice are not on board with her presence. Why is that? Are they afraid to loose more donor money? They should have been the ones to make sure she is part of these ongoing debates.

And one more thing about Holloway. “Drunk with Power” comes to mind as he spends massive amounts of our tax money to go over every little thing Scott Walker did, said, printed, wrote, ate, touched, etc. We just don’t have time for this extensive witch hunt and we can’t afford it either. Maybe he should be as concerned about his own skeletons!

Peace Family,


Wonder Woman Wednesdays Presents: Lil Willie Come Blow Your Horn!

DANGER! DANGER! Mayor Hines, we are waiting on you to make the first move.

Wonder Woman Wednesdays Presents:  Lil Willie Come Blow Your Horn!

Mayor Hines, hello are you still with us?

2012: The battle for a new era in Milwaukee! So much at stake for us colored folk and so much will remain “business as usual” in Milwaukee if you don’t step up real soon, like asap!

Let me warn you WW is just a little pissed off today and I will tell you why. I was watching TV over the weekend and noticed a series of commercials featuring our outgoing Mayor Barrett promoting programs that help flood victims, home owners, and other housing issues in the city. He was all smug on the TV as if he came up with this ish and was a caring and compassionate mayor, when in fact he has been M.I.A. for the last several months until he found out he had to cancel his U-haul rental and come back to this Godforsaken city for another 2 years.

{Building Stronger Neighborhood Programs….http://www.milwaukeehousinghelp.org}


For several months and really for his entire term, you have been the watchful guardian over this city,


Well Wonder Woman is wondering abouts when is Mayor Hines going to come out and put a stop to all this swaggajacking from Barrett and start letting the masses know these programs and this work is a direct result of his hard work and creative, outside-the-box leadership?

Alderman Willie Hines proposes selling flood victims $1 homes.

If you are running for mayor, seems to me this would be the time to start attaching your name to your work. Seems to me that you need to be more vocal and not standing in the background for all the press conferences and commercials. Seems to me you need to speak up brotha and let these people know what time it is! This man is leading us straight into more destitution and poverty. Sure he got a company to come in and hire Spanish people in the hood, that’s nice for them, and sure he got a new communication business to come in and hire south side residents but what has he done for US lately? Where are we with the restoration efforts for Bronzeville? Does he even know about it? Do we have to keep looking at boarded up old buildings with Bronzeville signs promising that something is on the way, for yet another year? How many years do we have to look at those signs, because it’s been years, YEARS!!!! The signs are faded and the businesses keep closing. Bronzeville looks as empty as a black person’s prosperity in this city, BLIGHT!

Mayor Hines I implore you to stop letting Tom Barrett and others take your ideas. For several months and really for his entire term, you have been the watchful guardian over this city, doing what you can to keep us afloat. God only knows where black folk, or the entire city would be if you weren’t President of the Common Council. I know you are not big on words and more of an “Action Jackson” kind of guy, but Willie please, BLOW YOUR HORN!!! BEAT YOUR DRUM!!! BANG YOUR GONG!!! Let people know who you are. Time to be boss!

By the way to add injury to insult, if you want to know what our current mayor is doing right now, he is raising money and collecting items for the “Holiday Care Packages” for our Wisconsin troops overseas.

As documented here….http://city.milwaukee.gov/thebarrettreport

Aaaahhh you say, how nice! I say what the hell about us in the city in desperate need of Holiday Care Packages? Packages including the standards of food and possibly presents, but let’s go one further and add some jobs and opportunity to that package. What about the jobless, impoverished, homeless people right here? I guess you won’t see us anymore until right around the end of 2011, or the beginning of election season. Then maybe you will care once again. Or possibly you are punishing the whole city for not voting you in as governor. 

Either way, Mayor Hines, we are waiting on you to kae the first move. Running against a career politician every moment counts! Tick tock, tick tock…

By the way, won’t it be interesting to see what our black elected do during this “take back” of our city. Those who pledged their undying loyalties to Barrett, I bet they are in panic mode now. Hum….

Peace Family,