America’s Need For A Black Political Party In The 21st Century…January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2100

If I may offer some clarity about Black Americans today supporting the Democratic platform. It is true Black Americans once supported the Republican Party. The two political parties began to flip-flop membership in 1964. Our freed forefathers and mothers who remained (99%) in America naturally joined the Republican Party after the Emancipation Proclamation because of the so-call American Emancipator, Abe Lincoln was a Republican.

The Democratic Party for the most part was Southern / Confederate ideology base. Up to when Democrat Lyndon Johnson signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Voting Blacks jump the ship of the Republican party to the Democratic Party during this period in American politics. Likewise with Whites leaving their Democratic Party joining the Republican. A Democrat today is not a Democrat 150 years ago.

I contend it would have been better for all Emancipated slaves be repatriated back to our homelands in Africa. Sadly, that is the apex of the dilemma Black Americans will always face being descendants of freed slaves, “here by choice” dealing with knowingly or unknowingly. And if anyone researched fully what Abe Lincoln fully desired for x slaves one would realize it included full repatriation of our freed forefathers and mothers.

President Lincoln full  emancipation plan was not the desires of the US Congress, backed by the Elite’s which many members retained new and improved Confederate ideologies. Regarding using Black men and women perpetually as newly adopted lower class citizens, to continue building Southern States and Industrial Northern States.


Thereby, paying low wage earnings for “Black Servitude” to benefit White America.Black Americans have yet to realize American politricks two-party system..

When we do, if we do, we will begin the task to create a Black Political Party that represents real group thinking for the advancement of Black Americans in all of America’s social institutions.

The after effects of electing America’s first Black President has created a vacuüm in the American society. Tail Spinning American politics between its divided lines not seen in 150 years.

The true problem with 21st Century Black Americans is we are divided as a group / race within our group. We are socially mechanized under the controlled majority white group / race here in America. So much so to our own demise we are unable to seize this shifting moment in American politics and its society looking for “real change.” Yet the society over-all does not have the will to correct its inherited race problems from the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Black Americans; For the sake of our future posterity here in the American society must desist at once all our group divisions. Come together regardless of all White American social ideologies (New and Old) we have learned and adapted. Use those ideologies to create and advance the new structure “Change” stalled here in the infancy of the 21st Century.

We must break the alliance with all past social experiments that have failed the past 60 years to make sure for our posterity,  all American citizens, and people of the World an end to the brutal past centuries still plaguing humanity today.


“We Must Deal With Them”


For one moment let’s break Paul Ryan statement down to its roots. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan stated… “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular…” Obviously this is a broad statement considering the fact there are 19,355 cities in the US, but it leaves room for denial on his part if called to the carpet to answer if he is race baiting with his Tea Party white constituent political base.

Paul Ryan offered clarification to this statement by including specifically “men.” Continue…”of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of the culture of work.”

Paul Ryan clarifies cities with the term “inner cities” which refers to the central section of a city where mostly ” Poor and middle-class Black Americans live.” Inner City is code term for America’s white racist. Believing that Black people only live there, destroying the landscape and real estate once occupied by their white grandfathers and mothers. Paul

Paul Ryan stated specifically… “in our inner cities.”

Paul Ryan himself was raise in a small white suburban town called Janesville, WI. But, Ryan believes like other (tens of millions) arrogant white people that they are rightful owners to all the land of these United States.

He did not specify which cities in particular are a “tailspin of culture.” Are we to think and believe that P.R., believes only Black men live in inner cities? Did anyone ask that specific question? Although white men living in inner cities are more than likely employed than Black men.

How do we know for a certainty he was specifically referring to Black men exclusively?

Because obviously White men and Black men cultures are different as the two shades black and white.


Paul Ryan fully understands U.S. cities culture and race demographics. Ryan majored in economics and political science or “Political Snake Charming,” at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Paul Ryan race baiting statement ends in part suggesting or warning to his white constituents… “There is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.”

What does he mean by “deal with…?”

Other than increasing the present and past Black male hyper-incarceration rates, illicit drugs dealings, gangs and gun violence across America. I can not imagine a worse groups social-culture condition(s), except Jewish people sufferings during Nazi Germany attempted genocide of them. Or may be Paul Ryan is signaling a return to American good old Institution of Slavery.

What do you think Black America?

Sounds to me like James Brown Hit song, “The Big Payback” lyrical lines sung in Paul Ryan voice… “I going to deal with you. I want revenge, my patience thin. I want revenge.”

Finally, Black People need to “Wake Up, Unify and Do For Self. Just as White People have done and continue to here in America the past 400 years!



Political analysis Chris Matthews prediction “Republican will win the Senate.” Can be liken to Mark Twain book  “The Tale of Two Cities,” central theme. I have come to realize Democrats and Republicans are liken to a two-edged sword of destruction. Both sides have no clue how to go about repairing Government and making it truly representative for “We The People,” or its long-held “assumption” meaning the “Common People” of these United States.

Today’s real Tale of Two Cities…Democrats and Republicans both gradually cutting away access to basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through misuse of citizen taxes to support America’s war machine, Foreign Aid to Americas International interests abroad, “taxpayer-funded” support to Corporations and Big Banks e.g. Yearly billion dollars”taxpayer-funded” aid to Israel, The recent promise of a billion dollars “taxpayer-funded” aid to Ukraine, Federal “taxpayer-funded” Bailout on Wall Street and the list continues. Yet both can not agree to a “measly” over-due minimum wage raise for poverty-stricken Common Americans living off $350.00 a week for 40 hours work in dead in jobs. In contrast with specifically Congressional average “taxpayer-funded” salaries of $174,000 yearly.
In the matter of Republicans winning the Senate this 2014. Republicans have garner the edge in politics by resurrecting the “Cock-lane ghost” in its constituents White male base and so-called Blue Dog Democrats. By offering up America’s first Black President as a “paranormal phenomena” and “Black Muslim,” bent on destroying Christian values and violating American “Patriots” (Code name for White Americans) Constitutional rights.
This strategy is proving successful in a society consciously deep-rooted in racism, discrimination and oppression of its Black American citizenry civil and human rights.Both political parties serve only in the best interest of each party political continuance in controlling American politics and directing international affairs on behalf of Corporations and Big Banks. If both parties truly served the people as well as they do Corporations and Big Banks, people lives would also be prosperous and abundantly filled with the social necessities of life. Seemingly only given to the “growing” Elite’s class in the society as always throughout history.
On Capitol Hill, State Houses and City Halls across the Nation political parties members prosper. While the greater society members continually suffer from abundance of social ills fed by shock news media and religious despair. The masses are lull in a constant sleep of self-pity burden by day-to-day social problems of existence with the belief a Messiah will soon come riding on a cloud. Destroying evil men in the world then set up heaven on Earth.
So in the meanwhile the masses wait “seasonally” for politicians, Democrats and Republicans come to town making promises if they’re elected into office they can make politics work for “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Exposing the Milwaukee Machine Misuse of Federal Grant Funds Targeted to Fight Poverty

The Milwaukee Machine led by Tom Barrett and his Citizen Elected Crony Leadership and Private Business Cronies, could not sway The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to overlook Federal policies and rules this time around. 

I wonder why this particular incident raised eyebrows in Washington D.C.? Is Washington D.C. wakening up to Milwaukee City Govt misuse of Federal Grants? Hopefully so!

Specifically, Federal grants intended on alleviating impoverished conditions in Milwaukee. A City Audit would / will revealed millions and millions of grant dollars never making it to poor communities in Milwaukee. It also would have shown most of the Federal grant dollars targeted to poor communities go to surrounding communities, private business residing outside the City awarded contracts (City Procurements) by Milwaukee City Hall Community Development Commission. These outside contractors employees are primarily white and do not live in the City of Milwaukee.

City of  Milwaukee Federal grant dollars received over the decades have benefited Wisconsin Whites citizens greatly more than it has benefited Wisconsin Black citizens. Someone proves me wrong! Only an audit of City and County books can dispel this belief which publicly presented by the Local Chapter of The NAACP. Though these charges have floated in the Black community by concerned citizens for many years with no redress when presented to elected public officials.

Obvious proof of the misuse of Federal Grant Fundings, by Elected City Leadership is mounting researched data and reports outlining the ill social living conditions of the Black residents living in the City of Milwaukee. Plus often Nationally and Abroad reports and studies. Findings outlining Milwaukee, WI. ill rankings in social living indicators, e.g. Crime rates, Black male incarceration and unemployment rates, Education, Infant Deaths when compared to other Cities demographics in the Nation.

No comparison needed in my opinion. The proof is in the pudding.

image001If there is no truth in this cartoon. Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele why not agree to open the books to an outside audit? Your window of deniability might be closely approaching.

A People Economic Health Determines its Level of Poverty. Milwaukee’s Black Community is Bleeding Out!


Obviously, what’s telling about this demographic map is the Black community is color green. But what matters in our society than where or what community American citizens resided is the flow of Economics-v-Poverty. The color green represents the demographics of Milwaukee Black Community. Dollar bill green in fact!

Suppose we viewed and used this map to track Black dollars which this society fears Unity of Black dollars ever connecting on behalf of advancement of our group first.

It would most definitely show Black dollars flowing out and into the surrounding blue colored white communities. Dollars leaving Black communities is responsible for and comparable to the level of poverty experienced in Milwaukee Black Communities and other “same” communities in these United States of America.

Milwaukee and surrounding cities are prime examples; That Black people disunity is a “primary” cause of the level of poverty experienced by their / our group when compared to White and Brown Communities in the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County. Sadly, conscience and cultural aware Black people must admit, as often stated in our circles; “We Are Our Own Worst Enemy.”


Why is it (rhetorical speaking) that we as a racial group in the American society only organize after civil rights and due process of the law been violated by societal systems and representatives active in miscarriages of justice and fairness against our group and members? When will enough be enough?

Group unity with personal member’s loyalty to the group preservation is the “Power Base” not established yet, but often attempted in the Black American Experience. The Power of Unity would prevent the constant aggression, oppression and double standard social targeting against Black / Brown Americans. America is not a color-blind society, nor for that matter is the world.

Skin color blindness is a pipe-dream filled with false hopes, e.g. “Can we all get along? American and World History couple with present day societal events between the races with shared various ideologies answers that question with a resounding NO! Until humanity over-all accepts the new rationale or ideology of One Race–The Human Race; It is imperative that our group in particular unite separately in the American Society. On all social fronts active in every social institution in the American Society. Or we will perish or stay oppressed and complicity responsible for our continue group degeneration.

Our group integration into the American society is aggressive to the dominant society dictated by Constitutional Laws & Amendments. The dominant members / group society refuses overtly and covertly to accept Black Americans as equals in the society. Regardless of their US Constitution and added Civil Rights protection amendments. The 149 year old American experiment of integrating the Black man and woman into the American dominant society has failed.

The dominant members of the American society control all social institutions. Active with that control is their ingrained and perpetuated group prejudice against Black Americans. No civil laws, public policies and rules written in the past or present have affected or changed this socially ingrained prejudice against Black Americans.

Black Americans, if you continue as a group with foolhardy complicity in your group degeneration, you will perish and stay oppressed in the American Society. It is imperative for these times that Black Americans unite to end the social ills that plague their communities.

Local Media “Shock News” Surrounding Superintendent Gregory Thornton! WHY?


I question why local media is attempting to create a shock event surrounding Gregory Thornton departure. From MPS to more than likely, another State in the Union with a School District juggling the shameful limited allocated tax dollars to American Public Education compared to government spending on the Military and Prison complexes.

In my opinion and observation of G. Thornton, regardless of his performance he has been honest about setting roots her in Milwaukee since he arrived. “In a Journal Sentinel interview in 2010, Thornton said the chances of his tenure in Milwaukee matching the eight-year run of Andrekopoulos were unlikely–The average term for an urban superintendent is about 21/2 years.”

The question is why was he hired four years ago? It appears his short tenure has been like a two-edged sword that served its purpose. Oh how we forget past events that matter in the present day. Remembering the political atmosphere when the City Government–Mayor Barrett and Willie Hinds was attempting a takeover of MPS. Thornton even back then prefered that folks not pin their hopes for change on him alone as stated in an interview back in 2010.. What type of change was he referring to would have been a relevant question to ask.

In 2010 I believed Thornton was a hired  “Hatchet Man” to further the dismantling of MPS to make way for “Force Public School Privatization” which is happening across America but Wisconsin is the bedrock of the movement. It turns out Thornton was more a “Patch Man,” that eased the transition locally of the transfer of Public Education to Private Education, in part at least.

One example of Thornton efforts is getting MPS budget in balance while under State pressure from Governor Walker’s Act 10 Legislation and State and City proponents for privatization of government institutions. Wisconsin Act 10 Legislation couple with Milwaukee Public Schools reformation initiatives in my opinion this duality of policy making and public office leadership resembles national occurring policy reforms supporting the long-held belief of laissez-faire capitalism and its strong resurgence the past 34 years.

I must admit, I do not know for a certainty Mr.Thornton social-economic beliefs which leads me to objectivity question his leadership role in where our country appears headed if capitalism is not fully governmentally regulated to prevent / reduced the social-inequalities being reported today in our society.

The mother of the “School Choice Reform” retired Annette Polly Williams, renounced the school choice reforms happening across America. Why would Annette P. Williams renounce a reform she so vehemently advocated for traveling across our Nation and abroad during the early 90’s? I worked with Annette P. Williams and her assistant Harry Hartwell locally back in 1992 when she pushed School Choice. The legislation today is not all that she hope it would be to bring real school choice for parents and their children. Backed by tax dollars following students to schools of parental choice had far-reaching social-private implications. Mrs. Williams was not privileged to know during her advocacy for School Choice Legislation. But those organizations that supported her knew then exactly their future plans, if successful, once capitalism got its greed into the American citizens tax coffers distributions, held in trust by government bodies.

Gregory Thornton planned departure is here but local news media reports as though its surprised. Local media know full well, MPS now has a balanced budget and control over its fiscal future. Thanks to Mr. Thornton. See link…”\

I would hope the community view his departure better than local news media suggesting or misleading the public to believe somehow Mr. Thornton actions are unprofessional. As though he was some hired lap-dog straying from the yard later found by new owners.