What About Those Politicians, Do They Represent YOU?

Before anyone take the time to waste the tax payers dollars to investigate when I am doing this blog. It is done at home and uploaded during my lunch hour on my PERSONAL computer. Okay? 

Really understanding politics is something that I admit, I didn’t do.  When I became involved in the cases for Michael McGee and April Griffin, I saw how unprotected we are by the very people we ELECT to assure that we are not violated by our very government systems. Once I began to look into how it works, and how it works for Black people in general, I formed a clear understanding of the difference between a politician and a representative. And also what an “elected official” is as well. I want to share with you my thoughts on this subject and know from the onset that I will step on some toes, but that is what you will get for sticking your big foot out there in the first place.

Let us begin with what a politician is.  I wanted to show you the definitions according to the language we speak, so that you will know it is not MY definition but this is what it is, on the real. A politician is: 1. a person who is active in party politics. 2. a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles. 3. a person who holds a political office.

4. a person skilled in political government or administration; statesman or stateswoman. 5. an expert in politics or political government. 6. a person who seeks to gain power or advancement within an organization in ways that are generally disapproved.  I want you to note the underlined words in each of the six definitions of a politician.  What this should tell you, the reader is that a politician is all for HIM/HERSELF bottom line. He or she is an INDIVIDUAL, acting as an INDIVIDUAL and has fooled you into believing that they are representing YOU. But in FACT is definitely not working in your best interest, you know, the one who took the time to go to the poll to elect these mo-fos.  

I know you heard the term rogues, and when I think of rogues, I think of the term “rogue cop”, that is where I first heard the word referenced as far as a public figure who has sworn to serve the people is concerned. Well many of these politicians are simply rogue politicians, and rogues aren’t interested in justice or what is right for the people but only for their own political futures. Trying to determine who’s a rogue and who’s just plain inept is difficult. It’s a game of monopoly whether they are rogue politicians or not because a POLITICIAN is in it for his or her self.  They use us for the pieces on the political game board.  The sad thing is that we, in the Black community are so stuck on personality and personal relationship that we forget what we need politically and actually why we elect people to positions.  I recall someone saying, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” and we simply aren’t being vigilant. And we are ALL virtually SLAVES.

Now that I have discussed the POLITICIAN, let’s take a look at the REPRESENTATIVE.   A representative is, as a noun: 1. a person or thing that represents another or others. 2.  an agent or deputy: such as an legal representative. As an adjective: 1, serving to represent; representing. 2. standing or acting for another or others.

There is only one in Milwaukee who I consider a representative of her constituents. Polly Williams is a representative for her district at the seat of government in Madison.

An official is someone who holds an office in an organization or government and participates in the exercise of authority (either his own or that of his superior and/or employer, public or legally private).  An elected official is a person who is an official by virtue of an election.  This says that what we call an “elected official” is given AUTHORITY by YOU the ELECTOR, who is part of the ELECTORATE, to exercise AUTHORITY on YOUR behalf at the seat of government.  They are only there because of YOU to assure that YOU are not violated by the government, that you are protected from tyranny, etc.  That is why they are there, people. They are not celebrities, or people who should be treated specially.  They are SERVANTS at best. They take an OATH to protect the Constitution of the United State of America, which is a document that protects the Citizens of the United States of America.  In short, this is not happening because we are not keeping “eternal vigilance”.

For Black people all those we have elected to represent US, (with the EXCEPTION of perhaps two at best) are politicians, from City Government to the seats in Washington, they sit and bargain away our right to justice, liberty, protection against tyranny and a decent quality of life. This is reflective in the FACT that many citizens can’t find a job to have a decent life. This is manifested by the sad state of Black affairs in this city and many around the country. 

Business is a measure of vibrancy for any community and I am speaking of the Black community, which is my primary concern.  It is a reflection of the financial state of a community and as we can witness the Black community is in a sad position for competitive commerce with those businesses who are literally invaders, sanctioned by licenses granted by OUR elected politicians.  This is why Black folks are always looking for a grant from these foundations for their projects instead of being able to the businesses in their community for the dollars.

I suspect there is a trade off and people are allowed to feed off the Black community with no objection from those we elect, in exchange for something.  How many how many predatory lenders are out there in our community? I have heard so much talk about predatory lending and how these lenders have literally duped people into taking loans but not ONE of them have been sanctioned in any way, nor have the people who were tricked made whole. They simply had to “suck it up”.  It was their fault, even though they were mislead and made to believe that they could afford the loan, we are told. Yeah, blame the victim.  How many pay day loan places?  Who regulates the interest rates they charge? Why are these PREDATORS allowed amongst us, wholesale? How many Class A and Class B liquor licenses are given in Milwaukee?  How many nail shops? How many beauty supply stores? How many restaurants?  How many gas stations that are actually selling cooked food? Once that information is gathered then we can detail where they are really concentrated and ask our elected, WHY? Why did they vote for this, if it is as I suspect, we the people did not benefit. I have more to say but not enough time to say it. Lunch over.  Peace

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