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More of Earl’s broadcasts can be found at www.earlingramjr.com/earls-podcasts.

5/13/10 – Ingram talks to a caller named John who believes cops are being used to exploit Black People in the inner city. Ingram recounts how wicked the former Chief of the MPD Howard Breier was back in the day (pt. 1). 

5/13/10  – Ingram talks with another caller named Tom who disagrees with him. This caller believes that OUR behavior isn’t as bad as Ingram is saying. Another caller named Christopher lets Ingram know that he agrees with him (pt. 2).

5/13/10  – Community activist Lamont Harris calls in to challenge Ingram and calls Black on Black Crime a myth. This is the most ignorant position I’ve ever heard in regards to Black People killing each other (pt. 3).

4/29/10 – Earl & callers discuss pay day loan legislation, Black Pols failure to do the people’s will (pt. 1).

4/29/10 – Earl & callers discuss pay day loan legislation, Black Pols failure to do the people’s will (pt. 2).

4/19/10 – Earl & Rep. Annette Polly Williams

Earl wants State Sen. Lena Taylor to answer questions about her ‘flip flop’ on capping pay day loan lenders

TJ fills in for host Earl Ingram, discusses teen sex % Healthy Youth Act (pt. 1).

TJ fills in for host Earl Ingram, discusses teen sex % Healthy Youth Act (pt. 2).

Sheriff David Clark fills in for host Earl Ingram, discusses MPS and its apparent failure

4 responses to “Earl Ingram Audio

  1. Look, the only way you can control these folks is with RECALL. We keep letting them STAY in office long past the time that we discover that they do not work for us. To many of these folks are lifetime politicians. The only time you really hear from these old heads is when it’s time to vote for them. Just check it. You start hearing their names about seven or eight months prior to reelection.

    The power to FIRE is called RECALL. I mentioned that on Vonn’s show one time and almost got a “lynching by telephone.” While we are talking about this, our people are still be targeted by these payday loans. I have heard this so many times over the years and people are in worse condition as the years go by and the politicians get raises. It is unbelievable. But it is not just the payday loan shops and how they permeate our community but the system itself that drives people to these places. As Mike stated, they get the best of insurance and all the perks and the people they represent are suffering through it all. I say organize, choose a replacement and RECALL their asses, bottom line. As a matter of fact we should start grooming one as soon as we elect one, just to let em know that we got one waiting in the wings on their behinds. We have the mechanism but we don’t use it., so all of this is on us Lastly, I think we have to many PERSONAL ties and alliances with these darn Black politicians, either we went to school with em, grew up with em, know their mama, daddy, brother, sister, cousin ro some stuff like that which keeps us from being objective when looking at their performance. You know their family members and friends will come to theri defense, even when what they are doing is pointed and it affects even them. it is sad but true, but when we get the balls, regardless of our personal relationships with these people, then we will see results. Until then, it is the same old cry, the same old song.

  2. I don’t care how many dislike Sheriff Clarke, he speaks the doggone truth here and I am a witness having a child who graduated from MPS with an almost 4.0 grade point average, took AP courses and when she got to college had to spend her first year in remedial courses. So he ain’t lyin!! We better stop being so sensitive and defensive and really look at how inferior public education can be and for the most part I think it is due to lack of parental involvement, a DEMAND, and something to back that demand up (which I thought was Choice Schools…NOT!!) period. All that budget crap is smoke and mirrors. Some political jocking, bottom line. Because if PARENTS demanded better than they would get better. I am really saddened as to how we let art, music and other activities that enhance the lives of children be cut, while all that top heavy stuff is going on. Unbelievable. I always wondered what a principle coach was for. Shoot, by the time you got to be a principal, I don’t think you need coaching, you should KNOW what your doing in running a school, but, that’s my opinion, and I am just sharing, LOL.

    Anyway, instead, we want to blame the schools for everything, some children come to school unprepared to learn, bottom line. and a teacher can spend most of her day redirecting one student who disrupts the learning process of a whole class, unbelievable, but true. Teachers have to be psychologists, mamas and a sacrificial lamb all in one. I don’t blame teachers, for many are doing their jobs as best they can given what they get, with no support. I know many who are literally burnt out.

    They are TEACHERS for christ sake,with families of their own and they bear a bigger burden being “parents” to their students five days out of the week. Not to mention dealing with crazy mamas for the most part., whose child is OUT OF CONTROL!! Schools are feeding the children, twice a day at least, busing them providing coats, gloves and hats for them in the winter and I even had someone suggest to me that they should put washing machines in the schools so that their clothing could be washed for those who come to school dirty. Who COMES to school dirty? Neglected children, that’s who!! Trust I KNOW, I have a sister , who came to Chicago bragging to me about the schools in Milwaukee giving her children coats, she didn’t know I knew WHY they give children coats – BECAUSE SHE WASN’T BUYING THEM, BUT BUYING EVERYTHING BUT COATS!! I finally had to come to Milwaukee and get the children. This was before I moved here, after she came and got them back. Unbelievable. So what’s next? BEDS!??! Well it might be a lot better than what they are coming from and the parents can keep em on the weekends, some will need supervised visits, for sure.. Boarding schools wouldn’t be such a bad idea if we didn’t have pediphiles and other degenerates who manage to get these positions. After all, they don’t wear a T-shirt saying what they are. It’s a nasty world, folks.

    Lawd, I don’t know what to do to make other people take control of their childrens education, However, my daughter is out of school now and working FOR someone, which is what she was TRAINED to do. And when she DOES have children, I can guarantee, that they won’t attend public school UNLESS we can be totally involved and looking at the ability to organize other parents for the power to change this system, that doesn’t seem likely, I may just homeschool em myself. But I for one, plan to be INVOLVED no matter how the pendulum swings. Okay, Lunch is almost over…….Peace

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion BUT IMO if you STUDY to become a teacher it SHOULD NOT be for the PAY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s like becoming a parent b/c you think your child will be a superstar and make you millions!! People NEED to start doing WHAT THEY LOVE and HAVE RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES damn it!!! I know plenty of kids that DO NOT have the resources to eat breakfast at home – the black panther party back in the day was ensuring that these kids ATE IN THE COMMUNITY – OUR COMMUNITY for free BUT WHAT DID THE GOVERNMENT DO – they killed they black azzessss!! talkmbout they were doint other CRAP that was just LIES – WE need to take control of OUR COMMUNITY again and TEACH our kids the TRUTH – so you are right in a sense PARENTS need to be involved BUT what about the kids that don’t have parents or the parents that are already INFECTED with “Western ways” the government took over schools and NOW people want to complain about giving the kids the NASTY az** meals?! It’s TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE and STOP stereotyping based on your ONE experience!! HOTEP

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