Look @ US

This page is here to expose (not condone or justify) the foolery in which OUR PEOPLE are engaged. If you know someone in these videos please tell them to get it together.

No comment… video speaks for itself

Guns, drugs, gangs and mayhem

One of our young women on the public bus making a scene

Fast money, fast cars and the fast life

Group of our sons jump on another one of ours

Our young sons and daughters brawl in broad daylight

Two adults fighting with glass bottles in front of children

Our women are acting as tough as our men

No comment… video speaks for itself

2 responses to “Look @ US

  1. Now, I want someone to tell me what PROGRAM is going to arrest this mentality? Huh? Reality is a MF!! This is what is REALLY happening in the HOOD!!! The only ones unmolested on these streets are white missionaries!! They will KILL each other. I want to LIVE as far away from these folks as possible in this state. Call me a sellout if you will. I WANT PEACE where I SLEEP. I can talk one on one but grouped up, I don’t think so. Too much group think going on. LAWD, this is to much for me.

    Excuse me, but as unpopular as this thought is, these are NOT “my” sons and daughters or MY young women and men. Just because they are of African descent does not make them MINE. MINE is someone I have influence on. This is behavior is not reflective of any influence I would have over a young person. MINE would not act like this, so I am not claiming these children or these people as MINE, I will save that for their parents and their relatives.

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