President Obama Exorcism of Reaganism

Many ordinary republicans like ordinary democrats have “political short term memory issues” that their perspective elected political leadership depend on to stay publicly employed, election season after election season. The only way to reduce or eliminate this abuse of power is to limit Congressional terms of office in line with US Presidential term limits. Both Democrats and Republicans supported the “Bush Wars.” Do anyone recall G.W. Bush proclamation; “He (Saddam) tried to kill my daddy,”

Not one congressional leader suggested G.W. Bush undergo psychological treatment to determine if he was mentally fit to lead the America people, anywhere, let alone into War.

At that time (September 2002), I considered this statement by G.W. Bush the greatest political “Freudian Slip,” in public by a sitting American President. More importantly it signaled the building wave of resentment against Reaganism leadership in American government. G.W. Bush sub-conscience public outcry for vengeance was the break in the grip Reaganism had on Capitol Hill, which ushered in the exorcist and his administration, President Obama (More about ideology exoticism can be found at, 

As I have alluded in many past social threads in straightforward terms in my personal online blogs; White republican / Conservatives, high and low, have a problem with its 44th / 45th President skin color, it’s that simple people.

Furthermore, how can anyone forget the GOP / Tea Party Declaration, roughly six years six months ago: To do all in its power to discredit President Obama Administration and policy initiatives. Well conservatism and all its variants (Tea Party tactic) have failed to revive the age of Reaganism even with their racial divide rhetoric which all Americans know, but too many deny, is the biggest thorn in America history.

Democratic conservatives and Republican conservatives holding onto Reaganism and or its revival need to be removed by their perspective constituents. Liberals need to be thoroughly vented or tweaked to truly reveal if they are in line with realism and idealism cooperative politics introduced to America, by President Obama and his Administration actions.

Details of this new political reality replacing America “old boy” domestic and foreign politics / policies is revealed by President Obama in an interview with VOX @

That’s all folks…TM

Lost opportunity for Black community By Robert Miranda Wisconsin Spanish Journal

Article published in Urban Milwaukee entitled, “Streetcar Responses Shows Wide Support”, illustrates clearly the lost opportunity being ignored by Black elected officials to show the power they have as representatives of their community.
The number of responses that black alderpersons received in a survey published in this article about the streetcar, clearly shows that if these black elected officials were truly dedicated to standing against the current conditions of hyper segregation, poverty and incarceration of Black people that exist in Milwaukee, now would be the time to make that statement.
Now would be the time to tell the mayor and all the developers supporting this streetcar that business as usual in Milwaukee cannot continue.
The time to strike would be now. Voting against this streetcar is the strongest possible message to send to the status qou covert segregationists that economic apartheid against black people ends.
Now is the time to strike by voting against them for the years of incarcerating black people for minor drug charges and unchecked police brutality.
What other opportunity presents itself in the future than now?  Voting to end their profit from the construction of the streetcar unless they present a twenty year plan of prosperity for the black community is fair trade for the black vote.
Unless, black elected officials are in it only for themselves, then doing the mayor’s bidding for a favor in return later makes sense. Shame.
Miranda is editor of the Wisconsin Spanish Journal

Black America…A Call to Think

The basic meaning of the word religion is “A way of Life or Living.” Connected with religions is a God or Godhead, in contexts of physical or mental, that followers and believer’s profess their submission and authority over their lives and actions e.g., Islam God Allah is mental unseeing with the human eye, Christianity God has heads depicted in painted imagery of a man. Again, looking at the basic meaning of a word. God simply means “force and power.” Head means the upper part of the human body separated from the body by the neck.

Keeping the above basic concepts and meanings in mind, if one ever realizes it in their lifetime. One grows into an understanding that institutionalized religions and their dogma has evolved from one source that source is MAN. Man is the maker of religions to help him with understanding, comprehending, and control (positive and negative results) the realities of life.

Much debate and arguments revolve about that one source, which all religions are connected. People are born into the world knowing nothing. Our social environments shape our understanding, learning, and knowledge of the world. Knowledge of things is subjective to environment and the degree of formative information made available through exploration, study of subject matters then given, taught, and explored further then shared to other’s not having and seeking knowledge and understanding into things. This process happens like a ticking clock throughout the history of humanity.

Now in particular, the Black man and woman (majority wise) here in North America today are descendants of x slaves. Those slaves were in physical captivity for a period estimated to be 300 years, or 12 generations having no light (proper knowledge of things) given, or taught to the children of slaves, which those children eventually had, children, obviously did not have knowledge to teach their children for 12 generations, or 300 years.

A Slave life consisted of physical servitude to White society, day in through day out, year after year for Twenty-five years times, four, times three equals three hundred years. The tenth generation of slaves (250 year mark) were introduce to a religion that reinforced the slave master will into the mind of the slaves that accepted this new indoctrination of servitude. That new servitude indoctrination was the religion of the slave master’s called Christianity.

Christianity has proven to be, a perpetual mental conditioning that would constantly trigger submissiveness and fear in the mind and actions of the slave less violent consequences from the master, even when his or her master was out of sight or not present in the immediate presents of the slave.

The religious indoctrination called Christianity proves to be everlasting as long as the slave and the children of slaves worshiped the Christian Godhead called Jesus Christ. This explains why today even well-educated “Free Black men and women backed by Constitutional Civil Rights, here in America and around the world submit to White people authority over them in the greater society. Black Americans today practicing and believing in the Christian Godhead called Jesus Christ, are similar in mind and actions of the Black slaves of old.

Black America it is just that simple. Practicing religions that teach “force and power” resides somewhere outside of your body, and the only way to connect to that power and force is through submission while you live and devote your will to that particular religious dogma. Aggressively these religions teach followers and believers they will meet the Godhead after death and then he will reward your earthly servitude to men and humanity

These religions bound humanity to follow the Godheads; Prophets, Messengers, Pope, Priest, Imams, Ministers, Preachers, Kings and Queens, Rulers of Nations and Masters / Authority positions over men, women and children during earthly life to mediate over the same forces and powers all men and women born into this reality called life are endowed with. Once coming into the knowledge of the natural order of known creations that cannot escape rationality, which governs the small things in creation it, would be natural for a slave to reject his slave master Godhead given to him to keep him bounded and controlled perpetually during his life to the slave master ways of life. The Black man and woman have not achieved this realization even after 150 years have passed since their fathers and mothers was emancipated here in America.

All humans inherit intelligence based on the developmental phases and abilities humans are capable of achieving. Each can comprehend mental or physical concepts in every particular contextual science that governs human development when given the best education man has developed. The free Black man and woman have proven this here in America.

As long as the natural human processes of learning endowed in all humans, is not developed properly within any given society, humanity will continue its negative systemic process of enslaving (mental and physical) groups and individuals.

Forces and power naturally groups or combine in promoting and seeking to control (degreed amounts) of others outside their group, to enhance their group systemic ideologies e.g. religion for the sake of world domination. Simply, yet denied and covered, to enhance race, group or  individual power and force to exist in comfort and enjoy the finer things life has to offer at the exclusion of competing races, nations, and or groups melted within a society.

The Black race refuses to accept this reality of group / race competition for the sake of preservation. Even in the face of living in continue social and economic oppression under the banner of God Loves America or America the Land of The Free, which neither is a reality for Black Americans because Black Americans have not harness the power nor force that comes when groups or races unite under these banners. In essences when a group with lessor power and force unite with a group with greater force and power in the American society the lessor group becomes servants or remain servants to the greater group. Only gaining limited equality in the share of limited resources the society generates.

Black Americans love America but America does not love them. In return for their ancestor’s 300-year enslavement in a land, that was not theirs. America emancipated its tortured and captive slaves to go free without physical chains into the American society unprotected from its former slave master seeking to re-enslave or hunt down to kill newly freed Black men, women, and children.

Instead of packing up and leaving America shores returning to their rightful homeland. The majority of Black Americans infected with Christianity and its Godhead, Jesus Christ remained here in America trick into believing they had a right to the lion’s share of the White Christians controlled society.

In spite of the 150 years following the Emancipation of x Black slaves with untallied numerous murders, public lynching’s, and second class citizenship status in the society, The descendants of x slaves (Black Americans) remain growing into the tens of millions of oppressed citizens of the society. In America social cultural group terms, Black Americans are suffering more or higher rates disproportionately from the host of social-cultural ills that plaque 21st century civilizations.

While other races and ethnic groups practice and consider themselves Christians and Muslim followers and believers live in the American society they manage remaining united based on perspective races and cultures of their former homelands even though they practice Americanism. This race / ethnic unity factor generates cooperative economics that benefit their race and group first then the broader society second. This is a natural social-environmental phenomenon that occurs in the American society except with Black Americans.

I conclude in spite of Black Americans practicing and upholding American social norms (Religions in particular) that define law-abiding citizens and American patriotism, Black Americans will receive the worst of the social ills 21st century heaps on its disenfranchised second-class citizens that they are.

Until they unite with self and kind first then determine its future generations of Black Americans status. By utilizing their individual force and power combined / unified into one purpose. Like a Godhead demanding obedience and sacrifice commitments from its followers, then and only then, Black Americans will earn respect and honor they rightfully deserve from America.

The Importance of Teaching Black History Year Round Not Just One Month Out of the Year

The importance in teaching Black History on a regular basis condemns, “Why it is not taught year round?” Not teaching Black History year around contributes greatly to our “Black Children” not realizing who they fully are as a race / people and their historical rightful and proper role in developing civilizations the past 10 millenniums.

Who or what benefits not to teach Black History year round? The importance not to doesn’t matter to White aggressors e.g. KKK members, Nazi / Skin Heads, White racist nor Institutional Racism and even Congressmen and Senators Democrats and Republicans the likes thereof that have the power to regulate the American Education System. Does it?

The importance never matter to Systemic White aggression on the darker people of our planet. Has it? Not teaching Black History year round points more to the “causation” of historical and present White aggression on darker people. Repeating the importance, of teaching Black History year round to political representatives of a system established on racism and oppression and suppression of darker people on the planet it is similar to “beating a dead horse.”

The importance, of insuring Black History proper teaching year round rightfully and respectfully falls on the shoulders, sadly it is not, of Black people and the Black Race over all. Important because “us” teaching it to all our children during their hyper – impressionable years (3 to 24) is our deliverance from living an oppressive and suppression existence under White aggression and control. Particularly here in America Black people have the political tools and resources ready to carry out whatever social changes the group unifies focused civil advocacy through and supported by the American Constitution the supreme laws of this nation. 

The problem with Black people and the Black race is we continue to send or place our children in public, private, and religious educational institutions which focus historical events and achievements in a positive light on White people / race aggression points of view and references pertinent to developing civilizations and cultures.

Who really shoulder’s the blame today that Black History is not taught, fully and truthful in contextual and documented historical records of development of human civilization? Where is, “A” learning institution that focuses providing Black History centered curriculum(s)?

No excuses remain people.

The Black Race / People of our planet do not live under one single society where White’s hold us in captivity or bounded slavery with our hands and feet tied in chains and shackles.

The so-call shackles and chains in our minds, that bind us (Black people) to the greater White society and its will in directing and controlling its society relates to “emotional fear.” What is fear? A wise man of today states, “Fear is the evidence, of things yet unseen.”  Psychology Today explains; “Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger—if we didn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats. However, often we fear situations that are far from life-or-death, and thus hang back for no good reason. Traumas or bad experiences can trigger a fear response within us that is hard to quell. Yet exposing ourselves to our personal demons is the best way to move past them”… see 

I will explore later these two well thought out definitions of fear, as they pertains to the Black American Experience.

See you all soon thanks for reading my Blog.

America’s Political Systems Needs Revamping

Americas political system and government outcomes needs revamping in “targeted” areas of its three party system. I realize this means amending the Constitution. Particularly taking power from the Congress, Judicial and Presidency. Specifically speaking, Congress power authorizing its members to increases members salaries when they think necessary.


1) Politicians salaries need reductions comparable to per capita income:

Local, County, State, and Federal. When per capita income increases or decreases for “Joe” then and only then should raises and reductions be considered by the citizens for all Politicians holding elected seats of office.

2) Terms of office need changed limited to two terms across the board: Three years first term and two years last term. Both subject to citizen recall referendums initiatives.

But of course these revolution extremes appear too drastic by ordinary “Joe’s” and dared not be spoken by aspiring and elected politicians.


Because ordinary citizens are enamoured with the so-called “American Dream.”

Politicians false promises are most times are guise with the American Dream syndrome.

Blind loyalty to political party ideologies election season after election season…

Effectively joined, keeps average citizens in a constant cognitive political funk. Thereby not able to group harness overall citizens opposition to take part in changing a broken political system.

“I’m Just Saying”

The way which I propose to break the spell cast by politicians seeking office is to place limits on the salaries and benefits of elected officials comparable to the per capita income of ordinary citizens which elected them to represent them in elected seats of government.

This is a common man (Black by Nature) humble suggestions of action to start eliminating or deterring under-hand motivations by politicians backed by Corporate America.To gain access to political power and most of all to Federal tax coffers over-flowing with money belonging to tax paying citizens.

Take it or leave it alone appears political choices American common citizens live by these days!

Written by Tony Muhammad

Local Media “Shock News” Surrounding Superintendent Gregory Thornton! WHY?


I question why local media is attempting to create a shock event surrounding Gregory Thornton departure. From MPS to more than likely, another State in the Union with a School District juggling the shameful limited allocated tax dollars to American Public Education compared to government spending on the Military and Prison complexes.

In my opinion and observation of G. Thornton, regardless of his performance he has been honest about setting roots her in Milwaukee since he arrived. “In a Journal Sentinel interview in 2010, Thornton said the chances of his tenure in Milwaukee matching the eight-year run of Andrekopoulos were unlikely–The average term for an urban superintendent is about 21/2 years.”

The question is why was he hired four years ago? It appears his short tenure has been like a two-edged sword that served its purpose. Oh how we forget past events that matter in the present day. Remembering the political atmosphere when the City Government–Mayor Barrett and Willie Hinds was attempting a takeover of MPS. Thornton even back then prefered that folks not pin their hopes for change on him alone as stated in an interview back in 2010.. What type of change was he referring to would have been a relevant question to ask.

In 2010 I believed Thornton was a hired  “Hatchet Man” to further the dismantling of MPS to make way for “Force Public School Privatization” which is happening across America but Wisconsin is the bedrock of the movement. It turns out Thornton was more a “Patch Man,” that eased the transition locally of the transfer of Public Education to Private Education, in part at least.

One example of Thornton efforts is getting MPS budget in balance while under State pressure from Governor Walker’s Act 10 Legislation and State and City proponents for privatization of government institutions. Wisconsin Act 10 Legislation couple with Milwaukee Public Schools reformation initiatives in my opinion this duality of policy making and public office leadership resembles national occurring policy reforms supporting the long-held belief of laissez-faire capitalism and its strong resurgence the past 34 years.

I must admit, I do not know for a certainty Mr.Thornton social-economic beliefs which leads me to objectivity question his leadership role in where our country appears headed if capitalism is not fully governmentally regulated to prevent / reduced the social-inequalities being reported today in our society.

The mother of the “School Choice Reform” retired Annette Polly Williams, renounced the school choice reforms happening across America. Why would Annette P. Williams renounce a reform she so vehemently advocated for traveling across our Nation and abroad during the early 90’s? I worked with Annette P. Williams and her assistant Harry Hartwell locally back in 1992 when she pushed School Choice. The legislation today is not all that she hope it would be to bring real school choice for parents and their children. Backed by tax dollars following students to schools of parental choice had far-reaching social-private implications. Mrs. Williams was not privileged to know during her advocacy for School Choice Legislation. But those organizations that supported her knew then exactly their future plans, if successful, once capitalism got its greed into the American citizens tax coffers distributions, held in trust by government bodies.

Gregory Thornton planned departure is here but local news media reports as though its surprised. Local media know full well, MPS now has a balanced budget and control over its fiscal future. Thanks to Mr. Thornton. See link…”\

I would hope the community view his departure better than local news media suggesting or misleading the public to believe somehow Mr. Thornton actions are unprofessional. As though he was some hired lap-dog straying from the yard later found by new owners.

It’s Easier to Come Out Gay Than As A Conservative of Color!

Earl Hall Show

On Wednesday Oct 16th at 8 pm Cream City Radio is Coming out!  Milwaukee is a city that has NO Conservative voice of color on the radio.  The Earl Hall Show will change all of that with the help of Cream City Radio.

Cream City Radio has a mission to bring a message of Personal Responsibility, ethics, morality, and integrity to people in a city that shouts them down, disrespects them and belittles their beliefs.  It is a real situation in Milwaukee where people of color literally live in fear to be known as a Conservative.  Hence the reason for the title of this blog.

All over the country people of color with conservative viewpoints live in the shadows because of fear and not having a safe place to voice their views and opinions on an array of topics.

Cream City Radio is and will continue to be that safe place to land.  Through our talk shows and social media communications the Conservative of Color will finally have a home.

Cream City Radio is a 24/7 radio station that Milwaukee and the world can access.  Through our online broadcast at, TuneIn app, iTunes radio, and a host of other applications you can tune in from ANYWHERE.

This radio station uses the state of the art equipment and technology to broadcast.  Centered in Milwaukee WI it is uniquely suited to answer the call to provide this type of program to all people and all walks of life.

Also if you tune in you might catch your favorite super hero fly in for a quick pit stop before she hits the streets to fight crime. Hope you will join me in welcoming our newest Black voice in Milwaukee media. We need to support all our Black media as we have so little of it around. I hope you will tune in.


Peace Family,