Mic Check: Earl Ingram vs. James T. Harris

Ingram, 1290 WMCS Host

Harris, 620 WTMJ Host

Hats off to 1290 if what we heard is true… James T. Harris is scheduled to appear on the air with Earl Ingram this week. For those who don’t know, Harris is an ULTRA CONSERVATIVE commentator who frequently appears on Fox News. He has carved out quite a following here in Wisconsin with his talk show and blog. These two are the loudest, and most opinionated Black Talkers this town has ever produced. Each man is on the opposite side of the political spectrum and it promises to produce an on-air confrontation this city has never heard. This is must listen radio so tune in to 1290 WMCS this Thursday, December 10th at 3pm.

NAACP Insiders Blast Hamilton’s 1290 Appearance

Note: This is the latest email from the so-called NAACP Insiders…


Henry Hamilton, who has previously shown a propensity for child-like tantrums, had a colossal meltdown on Earl Ingram’s Evening Rush program on 1290 WMCS last Friday.  Long time NAACP activists Laurie Wynn and Betty Loving were interviewed on the program to outline their frustrations in trying to get the national office to investigate alleged financial mismanagement by the local branch administration, along with other ethical violations, charges that have been made and documented over the last several years, according to a number of members, with no resolution.

The national office recently dismissed an Article X, the formal complaint procedure as outlined in the national organization’s by-laws that was filed by members of the local branch and signed by at least 20 members in good standing.  Members, including Wynn and Loving, have decided to go public with the charges as the national office appears to be inclined toward protecting Jerry Ann and in essence overlooking the blatant transgressions so obvious in the Milwaukee branch as well as the state office of the NAACP.

Further, the commonly held impression that the local NAACP refuses to even investigate charges of racial discrimination by companies who provide financial support was supported by visitor Aderlynn Canada who detailed her experience in filing a complaint against Johnson Controls Inc., only to be told by branch president Jerry Ann Hamilton that this branch would not accept her complaint.  According to Ms. Canada, not only would they not accept her complaint, the files regarding her complaint and all others against Johnson Controls disappeared from the NAACP office. Not accepting complaints against significant donors of the NAACP Milwaukee branch is a commonly held perception that has been supported by many since the Hamiltons took over the Milwaukee branch. Several callers to the show voiced the same experience with the Hamiltons.

Where Henry actually lost it however was when Earl Ingram and Oshiema Adelabou, who were co-hosts of the program, suggested to Henry that the repeated allegations of misuse was not going away and could be put to rest if the local branch would have an independent investigation conducted.  Henry then repeated several times that this was just a few disgruntled members who were attacking the ‘hundreds’ of volunteers who did the daily work of the organization.  Mr. Ingram corrected Henry clarifying that this was not an attack on the volunteers but better yet a series of complaints about the Hamilton’s handling of NAACP finances and management of the office. This sent Henry on a wild rant accusing the hosts of self hatred; suggesting that the Department of Justice and the Stimulus program should be investigated not the NAACP.

“Why are you picking on the NAACP”, he shouted at one point.  Though Ingram reminded him that he had invited Henry, his mother and others on the show to express their points of view, he merely wanted to allow the other side some semblance of equal time.  Then Henry went on another tirade suggesting that the current administration had the approval of 70 percent of the members though he didn’t say if this was supposed to be 70 percent of the current members which Henry estimated to be between three and five hundred people, or the overall members which according to Henry numbers around 2,000. In a last ditch effort Henry attempted, by some stretch, to compare this rating to President Obama’s approval rating – how this is relevant to the Milwaukee branch NAACP, Henry didn’t say and to this day no one knows.

Henry continued to refer to “a few disgruntled members”, suggesting implicitly that the other 1,500 plus members that are not current are pleased with the way the Hamiltons mismanage the finances of the branch.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And to suggest that those who would request an independent audit of the organization are hypocrites, guilty of self hatred, and not supportive of the mission of the NAACP is patently false, and Henry Hamilton knows this.  In his continued attempts to cover up his mother’s failings as a leader of this esteemed organization, he has now been reduced to a babbling moron grasping for something to hang onto.

And we didn’t even get in to Henry’s handling of the American Family Insurance Community Benefits Trust Fund yet. More to come.

City’s Best Kept Secret… Neighborhood Children’s Sports League

Earl Banner1

Since 1958, the Neighborhood Children’s Sports League (NCSL) has been a constant haven for Milwaukee children to learn life lessons through team sports. The NCSL was founded to stress discipline, respect, accountability and responsibility to young people ages 6 – 14. This is a not-for-profit, 501(C) 3 tax-exempt organization that relies on volunteers to provide administrative assistance, coaching, and operational support. It is an 100% volunteer operation with none of it’s participants receiving any compensation.

The football program is the flagship of the NCSL. This year, it has more than 700 players participating in the Peewees, Juniors and Majors classifications. The league uniforms are replicas of NFL (Eagles, Titans, Buccaneers, Broncos, Raiders, Falcons, Saints and Redskins) teams and it is a site to behold. TMD is a huge fan of the program and we’ve attended games at both Hampton Street School and McGovern Park this year.

ncsl pic1

The turnout is tremendous and it is so wonderful to see the families (fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings, etc.) cheering for these young boys and girls. It is truly touching to witness this program thriving in the midst of a seemingly declining Black Community struggling for a better tomorrow.

There is more that people can do for this league in my opinion. This league needs sponsorships to help underwrite some of it’s operational costs. I’m calling on some of the local businesses to step up and get involved with this hidden treasure. The NCSL has just launched its website http://ncsportsleague.ning.com and is seeking to partner with the business community in order to reach more children.

I’m calling on the political community to get involved too. Here’s a major opportunity to be with your constituents in an informal setting. Partner with the NCSL to get a voter registration drive going at the games. You pols should be out there passing out your calendar of community meetings instead of complaining about poor turnout. I also challenge you pols to assist with helping the NCSL with its fundraising efforts. What a missed opportunity for our elected officials… I guess they don’t see down the field as well as some of the quarterbacks in the NCSL.

Big “Shout Out” to those making the NCSL thrive in ’09!!!!! Big “Shout Out” to the Milwaukee Public School District and Milwaukee County Rec. Park Services for providing the league with facilities to practice and play games. TMD has a lot of love for you and from what I saw, so does the families, friends and participants of the NCSL.

Special Note: This football season is dedicated to the memory of Brian “BJ” Webb. He is a former NCSL athlete, and was a prep star at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. Webb was unfortunately involved in a fatal traffic accident in May (’09). The NCSL has a beautiful plaque with his image on it that will be awarded to the league’s outstanding player.

Black Media Silent About The NAACP

NAACP Milwaukee 1

The Milwaukee Chapter of the NAACP is the subject of this post. Some of what I’m going to write (reveal) about this organization has been reported before. However, the central question that I’m asking is different and just as important. So let’s get at it…

Our Subject: The NAACP – For months, members of the NAACP and current/former members of the Executive Committee have waged a covert civil war against President Jerry Ann Hamilton. These “Insiders” have released confidential information to reporters at the Journal Sentinel (Pabst, Kane, Causey) and other media outlets around Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Drum started receiving information a few weeks ago. The aforemention Georgia Pabst has authored a few highly critical (detailed) articles which included names, dates, and facts surrounding alledged financial mismanagement. President Hamilton, to our knowledge, has yet to refute much of what Pabst reported.

TMD has all of the same confidential documents that have been sent out including the ’08 Operational and Financial Assessment, the JAH Appreciation Luncheon Brochure (w/NAACP image), the President’s Report, the ’08 Executive Committee Minutes, and a grant application mentioned in various reports. A long email (we will post it in entirety) detailing specific accussations accompanied the documents which were sent to TMD. The email that these “Insiders” forwarded raises many, many questions. The biggest one for me is this (if true), why is the Black Media in Milwaukee so silent?

Our Question: Is the Black Media SilentWe asked our “Insider” that question and this was the reply. “Why are they silent? The black newspapers have become nothing but an advertising revenue sweat shop. NAACP is one of their consistent customers so they will not say anything bad about them.” Our “Insider” also went on to tell us that one Black newspaper’s editor was forced by its owner to write an apology piece chastising one of its writers for having wrote something negative about the NAACP. This was alleged to have happened after President Hamilton contacted the owner of the paper. If this is correct it is a sad day for discourse and journalism in Black Milwaukee.

How does a city with Black Radio Stations, Black Newspapers, and Black News Reporters fail to get to the truth of about the NAACP’s problems? Is it more important to let a truth go untold in order to protect an organization? Or is it heroic to report the facts and get answers to questions that may expose respected leaders for their failures? I believe the latter is always the direction one should take. Credit should be given to Earl Ingram, host of The Evening Rush 1290 WMCS, for at least confronting President Hamilton on-air with tough questions. We hope Ingram will doggedly go after the answers to his (our) questions.

TMD called the National Office of the NAACP to get answers to the issues surrounding the Milwaukee Branch. Our inquiries were rejected and we were told to contact the WI State office of the NAACP in Racine. TMD did leave a message and we are still waiting for a call back.

The silence of Black Media is shameful… if the press isn’t on the people’s side then who has the people’s back? Black Media has been the pulse of its community forever and is vital for getting information to the public that just doesn’t get covered in more mainstream outlets. Come on Black Media… force the NAACP to answer tough questions and hold them accountable. One of my favorite quotes reminds me of the power of Black Media and its responsiblity regarding this issue and others. I’ll leave you with it and let you meditate on what I mean.

“You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.” Dr. Cornel West

Did Fox 6 Allow N-Word To Go Unchallenged


This morning, Fox 6 News had a representative on from the Milwaukee Public Library to discuss A Negro League Baseball Exhibit currently housed at both Washington Park and Central Libraries. Fox 6 News Host, Gus Gnorski was conducting the interview with the guest from MPL when it appeared as though she used the N-word in describing the exhibit. Gus used the term Negro when describing the exhibit and the baseball league.

The African American radio station – 1290 WMCS AM – discussed this during The Evening Rush Program hosted by Earl Ingram. The majority of the callers were outraged after hearing the sound from this morning’s interview. The comments from the MPL rep clearly sounded as if she was using the N-word. What is 100% clear is that she didn’t say Negro.

Ingram encourgaged his listeners to call Fox 6 News and gave out their phone #s and email address to lodge a complaint. He also encouraged them to phone the library. Ingram and many of the callers of his show were disappointed with Fox 6 News for not corrected the MPL rep immediately when she used this word repeatedly.

Did Fox 6 News drop the ball this morning? What should be done now?