School board members showing their true colors and hidden agendas….and you baby ain’t one of them!



Save MPS, Save our Inner City Schools!

Say No to Resolution 1314R This Thursday 6:30 PM @ Central Offices WE NEED YOU!!

I warned people with the last school board election that major changes would produce rotten fruit for MPS and now that sadly is coming true. HOWEVER we have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O’Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!! It is not Choice nor Governor Walker, or Republicans we must fight.  The enemy is revealing themselves. The enemy comes from within the system itself.

MPS School Board

Firstly Dr. Michael Bonds has been working closely with Dr. Gregory Thornton and the district to reinstill necessary curriculum and programs. Some of these things include Driver’s Ed, Physical Education, Job Training & Placement, and the Fine Arts. They also have been fighting for grants and funding for critical programs that teach our kids to resolve matters using peaceful techniques instead of guns and violence. You know the things they enjoy in the outer regions of the district and out in the suburbs. Things we do not have any more in the central city. These things are critical to help our kids to meet national Core Curriculum expectations and expand essential Multiple Intelligences. These things were ripped out of our inner city schools. If you notice the loss of these programs coincide with the increase in violence and discipline problems in our schools and the decrease in educational achievement. Take away necessary disciplines and you leave a district in peril. Hence current day MPS.


Certain board members with clear agendas that certainly are not children first, want to take your $43 million surplus and keep it out of the classroom. They want to give it to consultant pals, conduct “testing” and do nontransparent/union directed, politically motivated things. The answer is clear. Choice knows it, education reformers know it, teachers and MPS know it. Give it back to the teachers and classrooms where it is desperately needed!


Whatever your personal thoughts about Thornton and Bonds we can agree they have done much more for our inner city than any other two Superintendent/Board President combo then I have ever seen. We are hard pressed to find a more committed pair of brothers who know and understand that lives are on the line in Milwaukee. They are not perfect but they are better than what is out there waiting to come in!!


To be clear, Board member Larry Miller (District 5) and Board Vice President Meagan Holman want to see the $43 Million surplus given to fund things outside our classrooms. Annie Woodward, who is supposed to be on our side, is in full agreement with the enemy. Today she called into WNOV’s “The Forum.”  Sherwin Hughes took her to task, what did she expect? Why is she on the board? At this point should we question the status of her mental health? She sounded real confused and didn’t seem to have her facts straight. She clearly does not know what is going on in Milwaukee Public Schools. $43 million is not a “small item” or a “distraction” Ms. Woodward. Unless you know something we don’t. Maybe she has friends in the IRS. That is a big ticket item to me and I think most teachers and administrators would happily accept the gift!

Here you will find a link provided courtesy of Sherwin Hughes 860 AM WNOV’s “The Forum.” It is from the School Board Meeting May 30, 2013. Here Bonds clearly fights the battle to keep his presidency his alone. He was elected by a clear majority. Now he is left to fight lies, deceit, and hidden agendas exposed by certain members of the board. Why must everything, including our precious children be politics as usual in Milwaukee?

Roll to mark 32:00 (The battle is towards the end of the meeting)


If you fight against Choice, and Governor Walker, than I expect to see you tomorrow night just as loud and angry.

This is more Milwaukee BAMBOOZLING that goes to show if you can’t win change the game. Can I count on you to help our kids?  Let’s help Dr. Thornton and Dr. Bonds save our babies. Save MPS, SAY NO TO RESOLUTION 1314R-001. We need the $43 million back in the schools not back in the hands of the “have’s!”

To Call Board Members and let them know how you feel:

Please check in if you call and let us know what they say in the comments box below!!

Dr. Michael Bonds 520-3890

Larry Miller 414-469-9319

Meagan Holman 414-475-8284

Annie Woodward (414) 510-9079

http://www2.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/governance/ or call 414-475-8284

The Resolution can be found here:



Peace Family,


Wonder Woman is a community activist and blogger and Chair of The Umoja Project, a Black Conservative Movement in Wisconsin.

She is a proud member of the JustUs League!

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As you can see each member’s area tells you how “vested” they are in the district, specifically the inner city.

District 3-Bonds


District 5-Miller


District 8-Holman


MPS board committee approves some constraints on president (Journal Sentinel Story)

By Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel


And by the way, where is our M.I.A. Mayor who once had so much to say about MPS and its dealings????

 milk mayor

 Board Memebers

About Last Night: Wisconsin Recalls Round 1

About Last Night: Wisconsin Recalls Round 1

Wisconsin Democrats turn out to support anything but Collective Bargaining & Unions.

Last night Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett defeated union backed Kathleen Falk, publically admitting the Democratic fight was not really a fight about union solidarity and Collective Bargaining after all.

For over a year now Wisconsin has been plagued with red shirts and blue fists, protests for union solidarity, and for collective bargaining. However the person who steered way far away from unions came out victorious. While Barrett made a very passionate speech last night, Dem blogs were lit up about the fact that he bucked the union solidarity day march and rally because he did not want to be seen with unions standing with him. Yet they voted for him anyway. So what was all that marching and protesting about if you voted for the very person who did to you what he has been doing to Blacks for over 8 years? Ignoring you!

In his speech, Barrett talked about out of state contributors, when in fact last week he welcomed Rahm Emmanuel and others to stand with him. He spoke about civility when his record shows a clear pattern of divisiveness in his own backyard. Some will remember when Barrett became mayor of Milwaukee; the city was #3 in most segregated cities in the nation. Milwaukee now under Barrett  has enjoyed the #1 most segregated city in the union for most of his mayorship. Yet we look at the Milwaukee Community Journal and see most of our Black elected supporting him. An inconvenient truth Black Milwaukee does not want to discuss, but it is so disturbing.

Many politicians ask are you better now than you where after my term? Well Black Milwaukee can unequivocally say hell no! Yet and still we support this man simply because he is a Democrat and the one thing we dare not upset is the Democratic Party. The Milwaukee Black has yet to learn this party has been no friend to us. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying Republicans are better, but a blind vote for the Dems is a sign of agreement to the treatment we have been given. It is a clear overlooking of how our people have been ignored by this mayor and his party and thumbs up to continually being treated this way. Much like the battered wife, this abusive mayor keeps ignoring us except when the sheep need to be herded back into the fold. He uses our own people to do it, which is even worse. I will never understand our blind lust for this man or any party really, but particularly the Democratic Party, which is like a growing fungus in our community. What I do understand is that he is not the person to lead the Democrats and unions against a fight with this governor for the third time. REALLY??

Last Night’s Numbers:

Last night’s numbers do not have any real revelations for us other than Governor Scott Walker has a little more breathing room and Barrett’s climb is more uphill than predicted. Remember some Repubs played chess thinking a vote for Falk would be the best bet. Some Dems thought a vote for the fake Republican could catch Walker in a sneak attack and oust him right from jump. Neither move worked. The masses decided to send messages of support rather than play chicken. However the message was not well received and as the numbers came in, commercials for both candidates blitzed the media outlets in full force well before the AP declared anything.

Barrett vs. Walker

As mayor, Barrett will be hard pressed to speak to job creation, unifying the state, or education. He is 10% above the national average in unemployment, of course with Blacks highest in this category. Again #1 in segregation, and when he tried to take over MPS he was shouted down off the ledge. I really cannot think of the last time that idea crossed his lips again. He has proceeded over watching businesses leave Milwaukee, conventions and annual events never come back, leaving the Midwest Convention Center all but destitute. He has now watched condos go up only to be possibly half-filled. His trolley idea is a bust and he is pretty much left with attacks which will not create any civility. His campaign will have to be based on smearing and attacking. What else is there for him to speak positively about? Does anyone remember when Milwaukee hosted the biggest science fiction convention in the nation? They all but begged him to find a way to work with them to stay, but he had other things to do. They left and took millions in revenue and jobs with them. Not to mention gone are the Hollywood stars, TMZ, and all that comes with a international thriving industry. Aduh, where did they go?

There is the new hospitality industry and the new hotels being built but if you cannot keep conventions coming back how long will those hotels last? Summerfest is only for a few weeks and then what? Wait around for another Harley reunion? We have all been waiting for the “big plan” to accompany these new hotels but so far nada!

He cannot run on taxes because his have gone up every year except one and this year all Wisconsin homeowners saw monetary relief by April 15th courtesy of Governor Walker. Meanwhile this mayor had the nerve to get on TV and happily tell his constituents that foreclosed homes were theirs for the taking. Did he not forget that some of the people who saw that commercial were the very people evicted from their homes and foreclosure victims? Did he not think of the hurt and pain they faced as they watched their dreams being sold away as they watched him laughing it up on TV? They remember.

Barrett made the promise to young people that he would initiate a jobs program but with him being gone so much the program is sitting around with little movement and hundreds of applications waiting to be addressed. Another failed program that needed Barrett “all in” to get it moving. We now hold out hope the City Council led by Willie Hines will move it forward.

There are a host of other things that could be listed (after all, in 8 years of failed leadership there is a lot of time and damage to recount) but like the Teflon Don, this mayor will disavow these things like he does many of his failed ideas and programs. We have police brutality on the rise, crimes of armed robbery, car theft, property damage, sex trafficking all rising with little to no response by this mayor. It is as if he knows nothing about his own city. How can we expect him to deal with state issues? Will he bring his segregation to the state? Will he takeover state education as he attempted with MPS? Scary thoughts indeed.

And then there is Act 10. You cannot bash a governor and ride his coattails! His tools were implemented by you and now you are going to bash them? It won’t sit well outside Milwaukee.

Walker has going for him that he has not served a full term as a Governor, whereas Barrett has been allowed to ruin Milwaukee for 8 disastrous years. Walker however has some work to do. Many wonder if he had not had to address a statewide hissy fit, how far could we be? As far as the Jon Doe investigation, he can honestly say HE INITIATED IT! So if anything comes of it, short of him on the phone making an illegal transaction, that ship has sailed and he did what he was supposed to do. He reported it and yes in Wisconsin if I was a Republican I would lawyer up too! It is just par for the course. Dane county and Milwaukee County are liberal to the core and he has to protect himself. Most will understand this especially after looking at the recall signature sheets.

I would suggest to Walker that he be more vigilant about his dealings with Black media. He is going to have to take the fight to Barrett and that means dealing with the people who hate him the most, the black media in Milwaukee. This means buying whole pages of the Milwaukee Community Journal and Milwaukee Courier, with a simple message of what he has done. He will need to explain “Transforming Milwaukee.” He will have to sit in the hot seat and get away from the comfort of Mark, Charlie, and Jay. He will have to sit with Eric and Earl and bring it. He may also want to seek out the Black Conservative Media which is growing in the state. After hearing the Koch chants and big businesses mantra and all the rhetoric he can stomach, he will have his turn to speak. When all Dem talking points have been exhausted people tire of them and they will listen. He will have to get out and walk up and down North Avenue, something this mayor refuses to do, get back on busses and meet people where they are in the streets.

This fight does not have to get ugly; all he need do is what he should have been doing all along, connecting with us. No need to even mention Barrett because he is not present to us either! So why spend a single minute talking about him? We in the Black community know very well our plight (even though we ignore it so). Walker must show and tell what he is doing different to circumvent this mayor to get Black Milwaukee back on track. He must showcase his committee of bipartisan representation. This mayor does not have that type of committee; this governor has for well over a year.

June 5th

The next four weeks will be telling indeed. Barrett has already lied last night about civility. I have been subscribed to his tweets for some time and what he does not say in public, he and staff say via twitter. It is ugly and nasty and it will come to light. His calling for a state of healing was only a Kodak moment comment. His tweets show a very ugly side to his campaign.

How much will the unions conform and sell out? Given Barrett turned down their big union love day, he has some fence mending and kissing to do. Some of them are very upset and rightfully so. He is going away from everything they marched and protested for.

The flight of the 14 was a stunt and now it is confirmed as they sold out as soon as Barrett dropped his name. This race is not about unions or Collective Bargaining. It is about power and the lengths Dems will go not to part from it.

This race when all is said and done will not bring resolution or compromise people wish for. It will not end peacefully, nor will either side come together to sing Kumbaya!

At the end of the day this race will hopefully be about two men standing on their convictions and records allowing voters to judge those two things alone.


Peace Family,



@wonder2woman (Twitter)

TMD Heard: Ald. Willie Hines To Be Next Secretary of the Housing Authority

A few days ago, The Drum was contacted by one of our friends who has ties to the Housing Authority with news of a succession plan. According to this source, current Secretary Tony Perez will be stepping down and Ald. Willie Hines (Pres. Common Council) will be assuming the position. The source continued that Hines has been a long-time appointee to the Board of the HA and has lost his desire to compete for Mayor Barrett’s throne. This also impacts the other chess pieces… Ald. Mike Murphy has withdrawn his interest in the city’s treasurer role and is now in play to assume Hines’ seat as President of the Common Council.

Stay tuned.

G –

Hines Starting To Use New Media In Mayoral Bid

Some of our readers have been hitting The Drum’s inbox during the past few weeks advocating for more favorable coverage of Mr. Hines. Have some of us been critical of Mr. Hines? Yes, at times there are things said which no worthy politician would appreciate. Have we also been kind and very supportive of Mr. Hines? Yes, some have let us know (see comments) we are too soft on Hines.

When Hines is on the ballot challenging Barrett (2012), you’ll have to decide who the man is which best represents what you want in the next mayor. Interesting isn’t it… two men of quite similar public personas competing for the seat of Milwaukee’s Mayor. Both are well educated, family men, church goers, pro-business, pro-MPS takeover changes, staunch democrats… what is the difference n both men? Both are very quiet publicly, neither comes across as very inspirational and each fails to exhibit any political swagger or strength about them.

Hell, I could be wrong about Hines… but what other conclusion can I draw at this time because he keeps publicly claiming he isn’t running for mayor or he is thinking about it, blah blah blah. Yet, a lot of very credible people have told me just the opposite. You know people can’t hold water let alone some so-called secret like Hines’ is raising money and campaigning.

It’d be refreshing to see Mr. Hines flex some muscle and start publicly campaigning and put the pressure on Barrett’s people. This is the perfect time to be rallying people behind him and he should be out front sharing his mult-point plan for Milwaukee’s future. He needs to leave the political hot potato – MPS – alone and focus on other issues in which his base would support him on. 

I was pleased to get a note sharing Hines’ Facebook Fan Page. Here it is  http://www.facebook.com/willielhines! I’ll give him a point for this because he is beginning to get his message out unfiltered. Let’s see if his strategy of using new media will lead to a more frontal and public campaign for his goal of becoming the next mayor.

G –

The Barrett Report – Jan. 7, 2011

January 7, 2011


Dear Friends,

Two Milwaukee development opportunities, the use of vacant MPS buildings and the proposed downtown Marriott hotel, generated media interest this week. I continue to support City control of vacant MPS buildings. In fact, I introduced the measure in my 2011 City Legislative Package which was presented to and passed by the Common Council on November 23rd. When I met with Governor Walker in mid-December, we discussed empty MPS buildings and charter schools. I also laid the groundwork with legislative leaders during meetings that same day.

The City can manage the disposition of the buildings. It’s a real estate management and disposition approach. MPS will have ample time to determine the school system’s needs for any particular building.

The sale to either charter or choice interests will be permissive, not mandatory. The City may have an interest in a specific property for neighborhood development and/or redevelopment purposes. I want vacant MPS buildings to be neighborhood assets.

Since 1989, the City has provided $182 million to MPS in borrowing authority for school building improvements. Our City tax levy cost for this in 2011 alone is $12.2 million. In an effort to balance our capital needs and priorities, I eliminated this program a few years back.

If the City gains control over building sales via legislation, I would advocate for sales proceeds to be used to help pay down the levy-supported debt we have incurred on MPS’ behalf.

Yesterday, developers introduced a new, compromise design for the proposed downtown hotel that they will present to the Historic Preservation Commission for review this coming Monday. I urge commission members to act on this matter and keep the process moving. We need to send the message to developers that reasonable ideas move forward in Milwaukee.

I support this project because it’s about jobs, economic development, the future of Wisconsin Avenue, and a better environment for people to come downtown and to do business.

Five years from now, I do not want to be on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Milwaukee Street looking at the same underutilized storefronts. Five years from now, I want to stand at that intersection and say look at all the people who work here.

This project is consistent with my vision for a vibrant and exciting downtown Milwaukee where we are making a successful effort to bring new energy and new private-sector investment to our major commercial area so that we can grow and thrive as a community. This is a big shot in the arm for downtown Milwaukee, and it is a project that should move forward.

This is the type of project that I want to see more of for Milwaukee. City government will continue to work with the private sector to attract these types of developments to our community.  

Regrettably, not all old buildings can be saved, and we have to make way for the future. When buildings have significant historic value and it is practical and affordable to redevelop them, historic preservation should be pursued. That’s not the case here, and we should move forward so we enhance downtown, grow the tax base and generate jobs. It’s certainly a better alternative than leaving empty buildings that contribute very little to our community.

I can respect that some others may have a different point of view. That’s OK, because that’s what democracy is all about. But this is a great project for Milwaukee, and I thank Dean Greenstreet of UWM’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning for working with the developers on this compromise design.  


Mayor, City of Milwaukee

Is Barrett Showing Signs Of Desperation?

Time is running out and the election for governor of Wisconsin is just a couple weeks away (Nov. 2nd). So it’s likely you’d see the two candidates (Walker & Barrett) out at as many public events as possible. One of my sources attended the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State football game Saturday in Madison. He saw Barrett afterwards doing his best to win votes by introducing himself to the throng of fans pouring into the streets celebrating the victory.

My source watched Barrett for several minutes before speaking with him. The following is some of what I was told he witnessed.

My man and I were walking back towards the stadium after spending time on Regent and Monroe Street. As we neared Camp Randall, I heard a few people say something about Tom Barrett being here. That’s when I noticed a man holding a sign with two hands above his head with Tom Barrett’s name on it.

So we paused for a moment… that’s when my man said Barrett is over there too with the dude with the sign. I started to laugh because it was this guy holding a sign and Tom Barrett standing on the sidewalk attempting to stop people to introduce himself. I couldn’t stop laughing because the scene looked so bizarre… here I was watching a man who could be the next governor standing in a dimly lit area of the sidewalk hustling for votes.

I asked my man what he thought it looked like to him. We both agreed that this was the move of someone desperate and behind in the race. I mean, it was just Barrett and some dude holding a sign. Hasn’t he raised millions of dollars? Where was the entourage, the lights, the cameras and excitement???

We both went over to Barrett to say hello and he looked very tired. He mentioned he was in Racine earlier and that he was going to the Packers game the next day.

I give Barrett some credit for hustlin’, but the image looked terribly desperate on his end.

So tell my what you think about this account of Barrett hitting the streets after the Badgers football game. Was it a good move or a sign of a man that is desperate and behind in the race?