Charlie Sykes Show TMD Some Love

Check this out… Charlie Sykes posted a link (today) to a TMD story we published back on February 22nd about the racist email his colleague James T. Harris received. It only took 6 months for Sykes to find this story and share with his followers. Click here to see it on his website and to read some comments.

Thanks for the love Sykes… I think.

Sanders On Mikel Holt’s Role On Sunday Insight

How the Charlie Sykes show uses Mikel Holt as a foil to make points has
become almost legend. And, Holt’s acceptance of this role would be confusing, if it were not so sickly representative of a genuine Uncle Thomism 101.

The show loads itself with the appearance of conservative think tank rep, directly from the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI), and another from someplace called Marketplace Milwaukee.

All beat up Holt’s muddled, confused defense of something that even I, and my naïveté re local affairs, I did not understand.

Holt’s allowed contribution was no surprise as he hopped on the 4th grade school controversy, blaming teachers, and at the same time displaying his feigned ignorance about how a corrupt city government impacts upon schools — especially since he does not live in the city of Milwaukee…

George F. Sanders

Audio: James T. Harris Defends Comments On Charlie Sykes Show Today

WTMJ’s management must have been hearing it from some of their audience over James T. Harris’ comments. Take a listen to Sykes lukewarm defense of Harris… listen to some of the callers take on what Harris had to say. Harris joins Sykes at about the 35:00 minute mark. Start listening at the 26:00 minute mark to get the back drop.

Audio: James T. Harris on Charlie Sykes Radio Program 2/22/10

Behind The Scenes Of The Charlie Sykes TV Program

Guess what happened on the Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes program yesterday?

A source from WTMJ told me that Mikel Holt (Community Journal) “blew his stack” after James T. Harris commented during the Winners and Losers segment. The source also told me “It pissed everybody off” and “it was so shocking to Sykes that he messed up his W&L” resulting in them retaking the entire segment.

Harris chose singer Elton John as his loser for a comment regarding Jesus being a gay. Harris then mentioned that John shouldn’t talk about Obama like that.