What The Media Isn’t Showing You…Black People Are Supporting Trump

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More And More Black People Are Supporting Trump

I wanted to do some social media research today about what I’m beginning to think is a serious threat to the democrats…more and more Black People are boldly supporting Donald Trump. Are you starting to notice this or am I overstating what I’m coming across?

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Black Trump Backer Says Open Borders Are Crushing Black Employment

Is the brother correct? Are Mexicans taking jobs from Black people? Who will better for Black economic development Clinton or Trump? Why does it appear that most of US know the donkeys treat us badly yet we keep supporting them and then say the elephants are racists?

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Why aren’t we talking about public education more in Election 2016?

From the school-to-prison pipeline to crumbling school buildings, there are plenty of reasons to talk about public education this election season. GrioFam why does #EducationMatter for you and your community in #Election2016? Hit us in the comments with the things you hope to see change.

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