George Sanders Commentary: Blacks Ald. Johnson, Stamper II vote for Marcoux!!??


While just elected, alleged career “Lap Hound” Alderman, Cavalier Johnson, who has not been in office six months, vote for Rocky Marcoux’s reappointment to City Development Commissioner was expected, Russell Stamper II’s support for the racist Marcoux, and his anti-Inner City posture was not expected.

But “Hurrah,” for Black council members Chantia Lewis and Khalif Rainey, who voted against Marcoux.

Highlighting the show was a consistent community conscientious Ald. Tony Zielinski, who may know that Marcoux is an outright bigot, racist fraud whose best talent has been ripping off federal government dollars by using the poverty of the city’s poor.

Zielinski wasted no time beating up on Marcoux, recalling how the, “The African American male unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country; you look at the central city—what’s happening? What type of major projects has he done there?”

Answer: None

Have Cavalier Johnson and Russell Stamper II been sleeping?

It would be one thing if bigot Marcoux were some sort of falling out-of-the-sky, “Chicken Little,” type acorn simultaneously hitting both Stamper and Johnson, thus their twin-huddling around Marcoux as if he were some sort of Inner City Messiah perpetually appointed by Mayor Tom Barrett.

One might remember the last qualified, honest DCD commissioner was Ricardo Diaz, now assigned to the Housing Authority, to help reestablish its creditability after it “lost” $83 million of Westlawn Redevelopment funds.

Diaz ought be on the short list to replace Marcoux as during his tenure the city had the most minority classified building and construction craftsmen than any time in its history. The man was too good and was replaced by a corrupt John Norquist.

So replacing the symbolic “Ass Kissing” tendencies surrounding Marcoux’s tenure as Commissioner, such as former Black Ald. Joe Davis, ought not be too difficult in efforts to eliminate the bigoted, racist environment instrumented out of the Milwaukee’s City Hall.

Then, boot out corrupt Barrett, and through a special election scoot Zielinski in as mayor. Vote out her highness, Gwen Moore, elect James Hall to Congress, and keep a “top eye” on Antonio Riley and sic the dogs on Gary Grunau.

George F. Sanders “Keep a Top-Eye Open”; Abolitionist warning to Harriet.

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Black History Check… Is Black Lives Matter Movement Misguided…7/16/2016

Black America it is my humble opinion, We overlook the crux of the problem with BLM. Not the obvious factor its name appears a misnomer which I believe is by design. BLM is financially supported by a mischief-making billionaire name George Soros which his on native country deported him (removed his citizenship). Black America we must be concerned why an Elite White male billionaire is particularly concerned about Black lives!

Answer these questions Black America;

Where is blacklivesmatter headquarters?

Where is blacklivesmatter charter?

Who is the leader / head of blacklivesmatter?

cannot breathe

Modern Day Overseer…This Scene Has Been Repeated Thousands of Times in America

Keep in mind Black America what body / ORGANIZATION does not have a HEAD. Any type or form of warfare the main objective of both opposing forces is to destroy the head / leaders. #Blacklivesmatter is headless so it can be rightfully viewed as a failure from its mysterious conception. No successful revolution in the history of human civilization operated(s) without a political head / leader.

 Finally, in the matter of George Soros, hidden hands behind BLM / moment in my humble opinion is a deceptive trick to lead our young people into his failing investments (stock shares) in the Private Prison Industrial Complex here in the United States of America.

 Some Black people say, We should teach these young people “how to do” instead of preaching “what not to do.” Well, every rational thinking person knows for a certainty that insanity can be described as; Attempting to solve a problem over and over again with variables that have proven not to work repeatedly.

 Civil Rights marching and protesting worked in the past for, most all, Black Americans directly involved and indirectly as group members. Protesting and marching then achieved its designed goals (Not all the goals / gains have proven beneficial for Black Unity as a whole.) because the movement had civil rights leaders and civil rights attorney’s working together to bring about constitutional amendments – must I state them? More importantly, the civil rights movement had a National counter movement (Black Power) which was undesirable by the White powers that control the American society.

 BLM is supposedly a voice for our young people yet our young people, involved in this civil disobedient moment have defiantly opposed the involvement of well-known and seasoned Black leaders and Attorney’s still living. This disrespect for elders can be viewed in Black neighborhoods and families because these young people blame Black elders for our miserable social conditions but remove blame from an enemy they played with in sandboxes.

Why this disrespect is harbor in too many young Black youth today? I believe mainly because renowned and common Black elders have not learned how to unite together and as a race of people the past 160 years while living side by side with a united open and proven enemy of our race.

Who rationally can deny the fact; White people overall stand united together regardless of their ethnic, political, and nationality divisions they all share the view the Black man and woman are inferior human beings and when seemingly allied and helping Blacks in this society they desire leadership and administration positions / roles in our community / societal institutions. This is the root problem with the police in our communities. White male and female police should not be policing Black communities in the greater numbers than Black male and female police.

As long as “White Privilege,” prevails in the minds of White Americans they are not morally qualified to police nor judge the moral conduct and civility of any Black American in our communities. White Privilege will prevail in their minds as long as Human Civilization History lessons and Religious Theology are taught from or rooted in the “manifest destiny,” perspective.”

I and other Black elder leaders with a “Black Unity Mindset,” have been involved with a few young and powerful local youth leaders attempting to offer guidance and counsel to their grassroots advocacy to address local DA prosecutions incidents and Police involved shooting involving young Black males but our young that are ready to take a stand do not know the nature of the beast, and perhaps many of you reading, also do not realize like our youth that our enemies are well-defined by the sake of history and research but as a whole our people continue to hold on to “institutional false pride and cultural ways that are not Black thought but handed down / adopted from slavery times and most importantly these social adaptations destroy Black Unity which is highly observable in new age stereotype imagery coming out of the American Entertainment Industry (Sports, Hollywood, and Music).

Our natural race competitors are indeed our societal oppressors in this American society. Socially observed by a “Top Eye,” surrounding our neighborhoods and occupying the minds of our political leaders in both parties and the positions they hold in public education systems, governments, religion, and community organizations guise as “helpers,” which identifiable hinders our race political and economic progress in these United States of America.

Black America we must control ALL our group societal inputs and outputs in the American society. Until then our group will maintain the underclass / undesirables role in these United States of America.

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The Lost Factor of Common People Standing on the Verge of Justice for All

love of country

First I would be remiss not to acknowledge the positive spirituality of the  ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ moment. I cheer your advocacy and resistance to police brutality but marching and protesting will not resolve nor stop this new age of police killing unarmed American citizens – Black and White.

You see it is not a new social issue in American Black communities.

What is new, is that these rogue racist cops are killing / murdering White American citizens at rates greater and equal to the rates they kill / murder Black American citizens.

But you new age young Black freedom fighters (BLM Leaders and members) buy into THE social mischief makers of your / these times; Grand scheme of “Divide and Conquering the Common Masses” – All Common People!

Realize this…

When Malcolm X realized Black people struggle for freedom, justice, and equality was tied to the average / common White Citizens desire for the same is when he (Malcolm X ), was sanction for assassination by the hidden hands that control Americas wick society.

In reality “All Lives Matter,” not just Black men, women, and children lives matter.

Y’all outright denying this natural law of human order makes you blind, death, and dumb to the very wick forces controlling your movement.

Like Malcolm X often repeated quote, Y’all been had…Y’all been hoodwinked,” I say, ONCE AGAIN…”Y’all been taken.”


Furthermore, and most importantly concerning the human spirit is the denied reality all common people on our planet in every single nation are constantly divided by the wick forces of racism and classism.

A select and enlighten (Learned) group / cabal of individuals and families maintain division between the various races of people so that they can enjoy the full bounties of living at the expense of keeping 80% of the masses ignorant of their rulership and wick order which controls and authorizes most all institutional social relationships between them and the common masses of humanity

Never before in the past 6000 years of human history did the opportunity arise for common people to wake up from the deep sleep of wick darkness control by learned or enlighten people living among us as did when Mike Brown was assassinated in the streets of Ferguson Missouri.

His mother and father cry for JUSTICE- symbolized in the imagery of figures with HANDS UP – shouting – DON’T SHOOT was mistakenly televised around the world to every single nation via – internet connection thru the World Wide Web.

Soon after television news stations across our planet began to televise the horrific murder by the gun of a law enforcement officer sworn to protect and serve citizens, not murder them in cold blood in the streets of civilized societies.

The act of murder compounded by murdered Mike Brown mother ignited a suppressed power keg filled with the cry for justice dormant in every single common soul (regardless of race and creed) that watched near and far in their perspective nations and communities. Common people all over the planet hit the streets calling for justice to their perspective government nations.

Once the controlling wick realized this moment was a voice of shattering magnitude that could lead to the ultimate destruction of the veil of ignorance cast in the minds of all common people they immediately met to devise a plan of damage control then take over this unique moment in their 6000-year history of wick rulership over the common masses of humanity.

‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ was devised by an Elitist named George Soros to mend the fabric of the global grand scheme of “divide and conquer” now shaken by the masses on the verge of possibly attaining true liberating justice for all the masses by acting this particular instance in time on a grand accord struck by Mike Brown’s mother and father plead for justice and  JUSTICE FOR ALL.  Mr. Soros wickedly injected blacklivesmatter which usurped and redirected this world united cry for justice into a Black problem that should be solved away from that which it really is a Human problem that must and can be humanly solved through human interventions.

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Michelle Alexander: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Hillary and Bill Clinton in 1992. (Reuters Pictures)

Hillary and Bill Clinton in 1992. (Reuters Pictures)

Originally Posted on The Nation – 2.10.16

From the crime bill to welfare reform, policies Bill Clinton enacted—and Hillary Clinton supported—decimated black America.

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