I’ve decided to run a series of videos provided by the very people causing drama in the hood. Thanks to technology and human nature, we get YouTube footage of some of the illest and craziest ish in our community. Most people respond and react (more) to video stimulation. So I’ll allow you to absorb it raw from these hood film directors. After you view them ask yourself what it is you should do.

Warning: These videos contain very mature and explicit content

If this video doesn’t disturb you so-called leaders, activist, politicians, preachers, parents, teachers and Black Media what will? Just think what happens next to these young people fighting in broad daylight? The situation always gets escalated cause that’s how the hood is.

In this video our young queens jump another sister and strip her naked for everyone to see. This ish is unbelievable! These young women look like they are of school age… the girl runs into the store without clothes.

Look at the kids in this video and how they watch as so-called grown folks behave in public.

Look at our Queens… nobody will say nothing, nobody has the courage to check Black People and tell them more is expected of them. Nobody will condemn this uncivil behavior, who is strong enough to get them to wake the hell up???