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(MJS Online Pic) Milwaukee's Black Elected Officials Lock Step With Governor, Mayor's Takeover

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” Malcolm X

Family, a couple weeks ago I dropped this gem on you regarding the MPS Takeover. More to come in pt. 2 about how some (if not most) of our elected officials will be powerless to oppose the takeover. I’ll end with this tease… many of Milwaukee’s Black Pols are making a career of elected office. They need money to campaign and stay in office…. guess who funds their campaigns? Follow the money… [reference: The MPS Takeover… Look Closer, You Might Discover Who Is Behind It (pt. 1)]

When you look at the above picture of Gov. Jim Doyle what do you see? I see the conspiracy being made public. For months, you had (the same) Black Elected Pols appearing on Black Radio telling the Black Community that they weren’t supporting a Mayoral Takeover. Two of the BIGGEST OFFENDERS of this slight-of-hand were Rep. Jason Fields and State Sen. Lena Taylor (in picture above).

There’s no secret that Sen. Taylor is the most ambitious (not mad at her) Black Pol in Madison. She campaigned for the assembly in 2003 and won, then in 2004 she went for the open senate seat which she now holds. There’s also no secret that she is totally sold out to the WI Democratic Political Machine. That same machine is dictating her political career in the state. Look no further than her failed bid to unseat County Executive Scott Walker in 2008. She had no chance at winning that election and she was forced to run against Walker. Taylor has her eyes on much larger prizes in the political arena. Next up is the Lt. Governor’s (S. Coggs wants it too) office riding shotgun with Mayor Tom Barrett as he seeks the Governor’s seat now that Doyle isn’t running for re-election.

What you have experienced Milwaukee is the WI Democratic Political Machine slapping you in the face. I think ya’ll are still in shock because you cannot believe the very people you are so loyal to would do that. You don’t matter to them except during election time period! You know why? The masses are taken advantage of due to the lack of a serious agenda which can sustain improvements in the community (i.e. education, crime, employment, legislation & investment capital – I’ll discuss in the near future). All you are to the political machine is a vote, and we are in such chaos we fail to understand that we are a voting block and have tremendous power.

Gov. Doyle is the top Democrat in the state. All the elected Democrats fall in line with the Alpha Male. Doyle runs the machine and you can believe that every Black Democrat interested in a political career had to make a choice. Either fall in line or watch you career potentially get crushed along with the money that they’ve lined your coffers with.

One of the biggest challenges to progress in Milwaukee and other Metropolitan Areas are the proliferation of career politicians. We elect them because they come from our neighborhoods, schools, churches and social groups. However, we fail to hold them accountable to making our communities better. We don’t show up to meetings they hold, we don’t read the legislation they propose or vote for, and we don’t know what special interests (click here to find out) groups they are aligned with. This dangerous recipe has caused our community to become weak and suffer a consistent decline in all quality of life statistics. Other communities thrive while ours die like grapes on the vine.

Don’t get it twisted. Black Pols cannot make your kids go to school, they cannot make you stop selling drugs, they cannot make you marry your baby mamma… that’s up to you partner. They can be honest and straight up with the people. That’s all I ask… if you say one thing don’t do the other. If you say you are for the people, then be for the people. Period!