TMD has obtained an internal memo sent from Sen. Taylor to other state representatives (dated 11/5/09 7:35 pm) seeking their co-sponsorship for the MPS Takeover legislation. This memo not only asks for co-sponsorship, but it provides specific details of the upcoming (draft) legislation. This is what the public has been waiting for… details!

Beloved, one thing you will continue to read from me is the mantra follow the money. This entire reform gets down to one thing, money… more specifically, Race To The Top federal grants. State governors must apply for the grant and that is where this all begins with Doyle. Did you know that 50% of any grant received must be given to local educational agencies (LEAs), including public charter schools identified as LEAs under State law? I guess you won’t see many preachers in Milwaukee opposing this Takeover since their schools stand to benefit financially. Where did Doyle have that press conference in Milwaukee last week?

Let me back this thing up for you quickly. Some of you still are wondering what gives? Jump down the worm hole with me again just for a second… President Obama and Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) aka the Stimulus Package (2/17/09). Inside this legislation is approximately $4.3 billion set aside for states that implement education reform targeted to increase student achievement, closing achievement gaps, improving graduation rates and preparation for success in college/careers. Follow the money family…

Let’s get back to this memo. Sen. Taylor (or someone) has titled the proposed legislation the Milwaukee Transforms Education for All Our Children (TEACH) Act. The proposed bill will give the future Mayor (Barrett is leaving) total power over the Milwaukee Public School System and strips the School Board of theirs. All the core functions the School Board once had are transferred to the Superintendent (hired by the Mayor).

I thank Sen. Taylor for emailing what she has failed to say publicly for many months about this Takeover. Go to the 5th page of the memo and read the highlighted paragraph very closely. I told you before to request (Freedom of Information Act) public meeting records (emails, phone calls, etc.) of Doyle, Barrett, Taylor and the other public officials. That will reveal who these so-called “community leaders” and “stakeholders” are who are conspiring to Takeover MPS. The last sentence confirms what this is really all about… for transformational growth and change in Milwaukee Public Schools and by doing so, strengthen the state’s Race to the Top application. Milwaukee Public Schools is being used as a pawn to increase Wisconsin’s chance of being awarded the Race To The Top federal funding.

I guess we should thank Sen. Taylor for (finally) being honest… follow the money.

Read her memo and decide for yourself.

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