Our city is overflowing with Black People that are wonderful orators and communicators. Believe me, they love coming onto the Black Talk Radio Stations and blessing the microphones for hours on end with their gift of tongue. They come in all forms of professionals, business leaders, community organizers, educators, politicians, etc. They are quite impressive and learned I must confess.

However, our city is wanting of Black People that are producers, builders and sustainers of the things needed for a community to advance. It is INEXCUSABLE in 2009 for Milwaukee’s Black Community to be in the condition which it finds itself. Black People control their schools, their houses of worship, their elected offices, their community centers and social services.

It is INEXCUSABLE for Black Men to stay unemployed at such high rates (est. 50-60%) in this city. It is INEXCUSABLE for Black Children to underperform in schools (public & private) at such high rates compared to White Children. It is INEXCUSABLE for Black Men to murder other Black Men at such high rates year after year. It is INEXCUSABLE that almost 70% of Black Babies are born out of wedlock. It is INEXCUSABLE that the rate of Black Male incarceration is higher than Black Male college enrollment.  It is INEXCUSABLE the lack of spiritual transformation in the Black Community with the large number of churches that permeate the city blocks.

Everything I wrote before has been said over and over… you’ve probably uttered similar words. It is time for the talkers to move aside and for the Black People that have the talents to uplift their community to come to the forefront.

TMD is calling for leadership in Black People in 2010. This is what we want to see moved on; 1.) the creation of a Milwaukee Black Think Tank; 2.) the creation of a Black Agenda (political, social, economic); 3.) the development of a Black Political Bench (up & coming young politicians); 4.) an annual State of Black Milwaukee Conference (details forthcoming); 5.) identification of a Black Mayoral Candidate to replace Barrett; 6.) identification of qualified Black People to serve in key city, county and state positions; and 7.) creation of a voter education service (inform, register, communicate with new/existing voters).

The little Black Girl pictured above has the potential to do whatever she can imagine. What kind of community are we unleashing upon her to navigate herself through? How long are we going to continue to talk about what’s wrong instead of changing what’s wrong?