We received a note in our inbox on Friday asking us to read a brief mention about Ald. Willie Hines Jr. on the blog Milwaukee World. The author, Michael Horne, writes the following on January 27, 2010.

“It was easy to get the impression that President Hines plans to run for mayor whether or not the current mayor wins his race for governor. I told that to Mayor Barrett, and received his less-than heartfelt thanks for my observation. Hines only smiled when I quizzed him about the matter.”

I’ll give a thumbs up to Horne for having the courage to ask both the Mayor and the Alderman about the matter. However, I told you on January 4, 2010 – Secret No More… Run Willie Run!!! – that Hines had already decided to run for Mayor. What I didn’t share is that his campaign was already in full swing.

TMD was told late last year (by a credible source) that Ald. Hines has indeed decided with his family to seek the office of the Mayor. Here are some of the highlights our source shared.

  • Barrett has asked Hines not to publicly declare his intentions until he wins in November
  • Barrett wants to return to the Mayor’s office if he loses
  • Hines is not happy about Barrett’s request and is deciding if he should run for Mayor even if Barrett loses… he is leaning towards the latter position in opposition to Barrett
  • Hines has held fundraisers out-of-state to fund his campaign
  • Hines wife and family are 100% behind his decision to run for Mayor
  • Hines was scheduling 1 on 1 meetings with other Black Elected Pols to clear the field for his attempt at being the 1st Black Mayor

I’ve been talking about Hines running for Mayor since TMD went live back in May 2009 – Milwaukee’s 1st (Future) Black Mayor. Some of what I’ve written has been critical of the Alderman and some has praised him. From my start here at TMD, I believed that he should run for the office and I let the readers know that.

I’ve even heard from Hines’ supporters challenging me about my feelings that the Conservative Talkers/Media will beat him down. One of his supporters told me that Charlie Sykes and James T. Harris like Hines (Harris would later confirm to TMD that he is fond of Hines). I’m not convinced that when politics are being played those same Conservatives won’t go after Hines’ head.

Our inbox has heard from his detractors too. Many of which believe he is sold-out to business and not pro-poor people. They also are upset with Hines backing the Mayoral Takeover of MPS last year.

My position is unchanging… I need to know what your agenda is for this city Ald. Hines? What are the top 5 issues your administration will focus on? How would your administration impact the Black Community (education, employment, crime, health, taxes, business development)? I’ve said it before, you should be telling us now (right now) and not having the public guess. I see what you are doing, but there are more things unseen we need to know before we get excited about your run for office.

The path to winning the election of Mayor will not be easy for Ald. Hines. I am certain he understands this too.