Story By Erik Gunn –

The feuding buyer and seller of radio station WNOV-AM may be calling it quits to their courtroom fisticuffs. A trial, which was to start in December, was postponed at least six months amid settlement talks in the dispute between WNOV’s former owner, Courier Communications, and the station’s buyer, Radio Multi-Media of Los Angeles. Neither lawyers for the two parties nor the parties themselves are talking, but court records indicate that final settlement between the two is dependent on an unidentified “third party.”

Courier (publisher of the Milwaukee Courier newspaper) sold the station in 2008 to Radio Multi-Media Inc. of Los Angeles in a $1.5 million deal. Courier owners Jerrel, andEarnestine Jones got $850,000 in the first of two installments. The second installment never came, and now the Joneses are suing RMM.

Jerrel Jones charges RMM reneged on a deal for Courier to keep running the station. RMM owner Rene Moore, meanwhile, says he and his firm were misled in the transaction.

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