Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words…

Take a look at pictures from the Tea Party Protesters….

About Shakara

I am a recent UWM grad with a bachelor's degree in journalism. My goal is to have my own television show where I can reach out to my people. I also desire to have a youth center for inner city kids struggling to find guidance. I will be starting a radio show in summer 2012...Brown Sugar & Spice.
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8 Responses to Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words…

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    It is too bad that a number of ignorant people ruin the good vibrations that came out of these protests. Like with any other group, we have our share of loonies and sadly that is what draws the media’s cameras. I heard, read, and sought out the good spirits and connections that were generated from Sunday’s protests. I would suggest that people overlook these people, not give them the attention they crave and start to look at the masses that marched peacefully, respected the right to disagree, and seek for true reform. When in this country did we forget how to agree to not diagree and seek all power? As I said to someone else today, we are only stewards on this earth and the Dems are certainly trying to do their best to follow the Republicans track of acting first and getting real solutions secondly. Too much power corrupts absolutely!! This is a sad day for politics and democracy as I see it. The only wish I have is that we take this reform and build it up and truly make it a starting point and not something the Dems will hang their hat on and call it a day because they got one for Barry! Also I hope that the morons who held up stupid signs and such learned how bad they make us all look!! As it always is when you put idiots in front of a camera and let them go wild!

  2. Taken for Granted says:

    Again ditto and kudos to you WW. This is a classic case of people who see the glass half full or half empty some will focus on the nut cases and others on the underlining principles that bring the sincere people together who only want to stand up for our American way of “limited” government.

  3. Taken for Granted says:

    Isn’t any curious why we never see these kind of images when the left protests Obama? And isn’t it interesting that some images attributed to Tea Party protesters are really from left wing war protesters?

    The state controlled media aided by left-leaning sites like “The Huffington Post” are always supplying skewed and sometimes out right deceptive coverage in order to discredit conservative leaning individuals and organizations. Pay close attention to the Hilter sign and you’ll see the Larouche sticker on the bottom. Google it and you’ll see this was not a conservative and it came from a left-wing protest.

    So before you jump on the “Tea Party” is racist bandwagon do a little due diligence!

  4. Shakara says:

    “So before you jump on the “Tea Party” is racist bandwagon do a little due diligence!”

    Who is the “you” directed at? I just posted some pics for general conversation, no need for any attacks.

    • Taken for granted says:

      Sorry to offend you my comment was meant as a general one but I can see why you took it that way so I’ll make sure to be more clear in the future. ;)

  5. Wonder Woman says:

    Not to be mean Shakara, seriously out of curiosity, I would like to know what was your intent by posting these particular pics? Maybe a balanced pictorial of good protestors and pics of the idiots would have generated a “general” conversation, and not leave us more conservative-minded folks feeling attacked by your initial blog. I am not looking to start an arguement but bring that insight to your attention so you can see why we may have taken your blog as an attack or that one may have seen only these pics and reflect on only the bad things that happened, overlooking the good things. Posting one-sided pics does invoke a certain assumption that people can take as the initial attack.
    When idiots marched and said things like “Kill Bush” and other stupid stuff, I would not have given them the time of day personally and if I did, could you see my point and where I am coming from? These wackos need no more press than idiots representing the left. They are all distorting the cause and movement for progress, hope and change. And I am submitting this with much respect but also so you can see our frustration when so much hard work and positivity came from these protests but the jerks get all the glory in the end. It is really frustration and I am hoping maybe you may consder for general conversation a fair representation of all people present.

  6. Shakara says:

    Well not to be mean, but I don’t care about conservatives, democrats, republicans, liberals, whoever. I am in the Shakara party. Period. You have to know me to understand that. I posted these pics in disgust of how people are throwing temper tantrums and making disgusting and hateful images of our President. Not to make your precious party “look bad”. I could care less about political parties because they are all full of it, and they all lie. I didn’t say anything about any party when I posted these pics, so I don’t see how it’s “one-sided”. Once again, you have to know me to understand what I’m saying. That’s the problem these days, people have a hard time admitting when folks representing their precious political parties do something wrong, and I’m never going to censor my thoughts in fear of what people think, but I won’t have accusations made against my motives either. Keep reading, you have much more to learn about little ole me!

    Good day!

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