Corey B. Poitier (R-FL) candidate for US Congress, District #17

March 23, 2010

To all people of District #17 and The President of the United States,

Last night at the Broward Republican Executive Committee Meeting. I was giving a speech about my campaign and the Healthcare Bill. I was referring to the process of constitutionality of the Healthcare Bill when the infamous quote was uttered, “Listen up, Buckwheat this is not how it is done!” I was not referring to President Obama or any memeber of the House of Representatives in that statement. It was a comment said, off the cuff. Yes, I did say, this quote. I apologize for the comment. It was in no means meant to offend the President, the Black Congressional Caucus and mainly the African-American people of District #17.

I realize that saying such words and conjuring up such imagery of the past still hurts and haunts people today. I plan to contact the President and apologize to him for the comment. A Statesman is someone who looks at today, tomorrow and the future, but that person is still human and bound by human emotion and fraility. I am far from a racist or Black/White Supremicist. That notion is ridiculous.  I have experienced racism in my life and no how it feels to have someone judge you on skin color and not the content of your character. I believe it is the utmost patriotism to disagree with one’s leaders. It  is the foundation of our society and government.

Channel 4 CBS interview:

Again, President Obama, “I apologize for offending you.” I look forward to speaking with you about this issue and clearing the air. I apologize to anyone that was offended and took this comment for racism.

Corey Poitier
Candidate for US Congress, CD #17