Black Conservative Apologizes For Calling President “Buckwheat”

Corey B. Poitier (R-FL) candidate for US Congress, District #17

March 23, 2010

To all people of District #17 and The President of the United States,

Last night at the Broward Republican Executive Committee Meeting. I was giving a speech about my campaign and the Healthcare Bill. I was referring to the process of constitutionality of the Healthcare Bill when the infamous quote was uttered, “Listen up, Buckwheat this is not how it is done!” I was not referring to President Obama or any memeber of the House of Representatives in that statement. It was a comment said, off the cuff. Yes, I did say, this quote. I apologize for the comment. It was in no means meant to offend the President, the Black Congressional Caucus and mainly the African-American people of District #17.

I realize that saying such words and conjuring up such imagery of the past still hurts and haunts people today. I plan to contact the President and apologize to him for the comment. A Statesman is someone who looks at today, tomorrow and the future, but that person is still human and bound by human emotion and fraility. I am far from a racist or Black/White Supremicist. That notion is ridiculous.  I have experienced racism in my life and no how it feels to have someone judge you on skin color and not the content of your character. I believe it is the utmost patriotism to disagree with one’s leaders. It  is the foundation of our society and government.

Channel 4 CBS interview:

Again, President Obama, “I apologize for offending you.” I look forward to speaking with you about this issue and clearing the air. I apologize to anyone that was offended and took this comment for racism.

Corey Poitier
Candidate for US Congress, CD #17
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One Response to Black Conservative Apologizes For Calling President “Buckwheat”

  1. Sheila says:

    Mr. Poitier, off the cuff or not, I don’t see how a reference to Buckwheat was in anyway related to what you should have been talking about. You are not a stupid man, you knew exactly what you were saying when you said it. What you didn’t expect was that so many people in the district you are running for and around the country would call you on your remarks. You miscalculated!
    Your apology to our president is not accepted by me…though he will probably accept it because of the type of person he is. But, you to fall into bed with the mean spirited people who call themselves Republican is beyond understanding. Lest you not forget that you are a black person, because your Republican partners never have and never will

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