Taboo Tuesday: Are Black Women Forced To Date White Men

Audio: Prof. Folan TJMS Interview

I’m certainly glad The Drum is willing to open up more Real Talk on our site. Moving forward, you can read (respond) to such topics on Taboo Tuesday. After posting Jill Scott’s comments regarding interracial dating, I thought we’d take it a little further with that topic and discuss the Sisters dating White Men.

I came across a book – Don’t Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions That Keep Black Women From Dating Out – written by a Harvard Law School professor named Karyn Langhorne Folan. I want to know what Drum reader’s think… are Black Women forced to date outside of their race due to so many Black Men being incarcerated, unemployed, undereducated, having too many baby mommas? Do Black Women desire White Men because they believe they are better than Black Men? Or is it just none of our business and love is colorblind? You tell me what your take is… here is some of what the author has to say about the subject.

“Race is not the binding factor that we think it is. And, in the end, the best thing that you can do is find a partner that you really believe will be a good father, a good provider, a good husband and all of those things, whether he’s Black, White or whatever. That’s the thing that makes families survive… Your self-esteem has a big impact on what you attract, not color-wise, but content-wise. If you dated Black guys who were bad to you, you’re going to date White guys who are jerks.”

Keep it one hundred and real… what’s your opinion?

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30 Responses to Taboo Tuesday: Are Black Women Forced To Date White Men

  1. Queen Ifama says:

    I will simply answer the question posed in the title. No one is forced to “date” anyone. People choose to date who they want and only they know their rationale for choosing the object of their desire or why they desire them. I will venture to say, however, that many don’t know WHY they choose someone. They don’t dig in their own psyche deep enough, they dont have enough historical reference to know that there may be a underlying reason. To each his/her own is what I say. But if my daugher or son made the choice of MARRYING AND HAVING CHILDREN by a white man or woman, I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I could certainly accept it.

  2. steele says:

    That’s real talk Queen, I hope to hear from some more women about this. I see a lot more sisters out there with men other than brothers and I would like to know what’s up from a woman’s perspective.

  3. Wonder Woman says:

    I think if a sister can endure the questions, the ridicule, the whispers from both camps, and her own inner turmoil, more power to her. I don’t think with where we are as a country and as a people that sisters are forced to date outside their race. This is a choice, a conscious decision. They have to know where to look and then also to ask the question what are we doing to empower our Black kings and what role have we played in their fall from grace. I also see that some sisters may acquire a White man as a symbol of “upgrading” (due to profession or class concerns on their part) but then I see sisters who met and genuinely love their mate and this man is worthy of their love. I see some sisters who got dogged by brothers and blame the whole group and then there are some sisters who want to try something new for a change! Some of the problems our kings are having have been brought on by us sisters so it seems to me to be highly unfair to leave them hanging now. None the less, you cannot stop love no matter what form it comes in.
    As the product of a bi-racial marriage, I find that my leanings in my own life are quite peculiar. I dated a White man once and found myself comparing every single thing he did to the brothers. When I am with the brothers I think maybe they expect something different from mixed women, like a little taste of the “forbidden fruit” without the full color shock. So I cannot fully understand what a Black woman must be thinking because by either race, I am treated as something other than what I am.
    I can only say that my upbringing has much to do with what I see as physical beauty and also my past experiences when I did try to reach out to be diverse and got rejected, or treated as a stereotype (the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice and we must be freaks in bed and so on) led me to believe maybe White guys have ulterior motives as well as Black guys.
    Somewhere in all that mess I have come to terms that seeking out a White man is something that is still taboo, at least for me. I am tempted to try sometimes but not really sure that I can trust that person to fully understand me on any level, nor could I fully understand them. I know there are folks out there that see beyond color, but my experiences have not led me to many of them. It is one thing if it is truly love, it will prevail. As we see the country is not ready for Blacks in leadership roles, are we ready to accept Blacks as our equals behind closed doors male or female and vice versa?
    As far as Black people, I still get the question; which I prefer being Black or White? With White people, I am always asked questions for Black people that I cannot really answer. I am disappointed that our president could do so much more for us mixed folks and let’s this slide.
    But I cannot resist the anger of seeing a Black man who seems pretty well put together with a White woman and have even caught myself saying “what a waste!!” I wonder how I can even say that, but I do, I’ll be honest!
    I also feel like White men cannot understand my plight and would see me as a trophy, not as a queen. I grew up on the north side of Milwaukee and was around Blacks most of my life, so their struggles are very much my struggles. Since the world sees me and judges me by my outwardly appearance, looking African and not revealing any of my German heritage, I feel more in tune with my brothers and sisters of African descent. But I was raised by a strong German woman so I still carry with me a strong German background and great sense of pride for both cultures.
    In the end, maybe it is not me doing the picking of my mates but how I was raised and how society has led us all to see color first and a person’s heart secondly to some degree.
    Peace and all good!

    • Queen Ifama says:

      WW, that is an honest reply. For those who don’t think that race is an intrical part of this society, they are livingin a cave. This country was built on attitudes based on race. Black people were to be considered the bottom of the societal ladder and it remains that way today. The culture is designed to always view Black people as less than and that is evident in every statistic that is produced. We were, from the history books, brought here to be a commodity and from where I can see we still are. Our dismal statistics are used to create programs that have minimal effect on the overall problems. These programs basically provide jobs for those, who themselves, have certain ideologies about Black people. Even the so-called liberals look at us as “the poor Black people” instead of looking at how the society created the conditions that Black people live and breathe each day. I am tired of people who can’t or don’t want to see how race affects us all. Instead, they wish to ignore and think it will disappear. Because it is part of the very fabric of this country, it will be here until the country itself disintergrates and from my perch, that won’t be long at the rate it is going.
      Love is such an ambiguous term that I know refrain using it. It has been more often than not linked to the ACT of sex. People MAKE love. What?? Very confusing, especially to younger folks but older ones as well. Our very senuality is linked to our sexuality. We as women are mere body parts and even women play into that. I have been paying more attention to lyrics of songs these days and the references to sex, the act, is overwhelming. No wonder girls are confused on what true womanhood is.

      I now perfer the term cherish, more concrete as far as I am concerned. A lot of sistahs I know are into goddess worship. I don’t want anyone worshipping me, even though as a Black woman, I know that I was the FIRST concept of what God is. To be cherished, respected and protected is more of a goal of mine and what I try to convey to younger sisters as a goal. Since we do the choosing, we must make better choices. This is not about making demands, this is about knowing who we are and moving forward. Trust me, Brothers only do what we allow them to. So if we pay attention to the social cues, we can offset the negative and instill create positive outcomes for ourselves. I don’t think you can use sexuality to attract a man and then want him to respect you. It a base act that all animals do. As a higher form of being, perhaps we should be reaching higher?

  4. steele says:

    @WW – that’s some serious REAL TALK!!!!!! I love you for sharing such a personal experience. Deeply profound and insightful… please ask some of your friends to drop some knowledge for us men too.

    Can I hear from some more women? I am learning.

  5. Shakara says:

    Love is (or should be) color blind. I am so so so so so sick of everything being racially motivated in this world. Sometimes I wish I was transparent. How can we move forward and really progress if all we see is COLOR? So many complaints from the black community, but interracial dating is still a no-no? Still hard to swallow? Seen as a “waste”? Seen as a traitor? I’m sick of the hypocrisy. Black people want to be treated as equals, but still invent their own rules and regulations for life. We put up this block and guard when decent white people (yes they exist) try to love us and accept us. I look at Robin Thicke and Paula Patton and see their happiness with each other, I don’t see color, I see two happy people in love with each other. Am I the only one who thinks of people as individuals?

    How about that?

    • whiteman4u says:

      Ok…here goes. I am a white man who simply loves black women. I love their beauty, the chocolate skin, the beautiful smile, their intellect, their strength–the whole package. I’m a Heather Headley/India.Arie type guy, what can I say? I don’t give a care what others think, including ex-friends who have said things behind my back. I know what I love and if others think this or that, ta hell with ’em!

  6. Ajuwah says:

    Thanks for opening up this discussion. I’m a Black woman with nearly sixty years of living and experiencing and I’d like to share.

    Steele, when you gave the list of reasons why a Black woman might be ‘forced’ to date outside her race, I’m surprised you didn’t add, because of the fact of the large number of Black men who prefer to date and marry outside of their race. I think that might have something to do with the low and dwindling number of Black men available in the ‘Black Community’. I haven’t done any scientific research, but just from what I can see, I’d say that has got to be a huge factor.

    Karyn Langhorn Folan’s book “Don’t Bring Home a White Boy” is so timely, I hope everyone will read it. I admit I haven’t read it all yet, but I have looked around her blog. I really appreciate what I’ve read so far.

    Her logic is clear and simple when she tells Sistas, ‘you can’t say you prefer Black men unless you have actually sampled other races. How can you know what you prefer until you have tried other things.

    The author goes on to tell us we’ve been programmed by our elders and by the ‘Black community’ to believe that because Black men have had a hard time in this country, we Black women are supposed to serve and support, love and sacrifice for our Black king. I have definitely heard that before. Ok, but how does that work when I’m not the woman my Black king desires. It doesn’t work. So are Black women supposed to go quietly off into extinction, just because too many Black men don’t want us? Please.

    Sistas, get a clue. Get a Passport. Get out of the hood. Cross a border and get some new perspective. Get a new paradigm. There is so much more to sample out there than just white boys. This is planet is full of beautiful men, in a variety of colors, flavors, shapes and sizes. And I’ll tell you a secret, many of them are intriqued by you, you Nubien goddess, and they would like to get to know you better.

    Sista Girl, Become the center of infinite possibilities. DATE OUTSIDE!!
    May You Live Every Day of Your Life.

    • steele says:

      @Ajuwah – thank you for pointing out that miss… yes, Black Men are choosing women of other races. That must leave the pool of Black Men shallow.

      You and Wonder Woman have a conflict regarding holding down the Black Man… that’s Real Talk and a perspective I’m sure many sisters share… must be hard for many, must be hard.

      I hope we have more Black Women out there willing to chat about this…

    • Queen Ifama says:

      I don’t think that a “large number of Black men prefer to date and marry outside of their race”. I would say that a select group of Black men do as well as a select group of Black women do the same. To use that broad brush is what gets us into trouble. I see it as an EXCUSE people use to explore other races, rather than standing up and just doing it and taking the remarks and looks that historically have come with it.

      It is natural to be overwhelmingly attracted to one who shares your skin, your history and your experiences in them. To venture outside that is curiosity at best and curiosity is natural but it also killed the cat, LOL.

      Black women are devalued all over the globe and it doesn’t matter if you get a passport or leave the hood, the stereotype that is attached to Black women follows them. You’re a nympho, a mammy, a love starved fool, unintelligent, a big butt, undeserving of protection and up for grabs by every race of man on the planet. Keep it real.

      The American movie industry, the music industry, television has created the images, we play the parts and the die is caste about who they say we are all over the globe. Who plays the parts, we do, BLACK PEOPLE. No wonder the stereotypes are believable. If we didn’t play the roles, what is said and reported about us via these mediums that are shown the world over probably wouldn’t be so believable and we may get the true respect and cherishing by men of other races.

      Yeah they are “intrigued” by us alright. However, intrigue is momentary. What happens when that is over? What happens when you’ve been had and it is realized that you are really no different from the women in their race, who want love, protection and respect, but who also come from a culture of pain, humiliation, disrespect and all kinds of emotional and psychological baggage?

      Personally, I have NEVER been attracted to men of other races; I have not had curiosity about them. I am historical not prejudice and that may have a lot to do with whom I chose when it comes to white men in particular. Men are men, in my opinion, still, I prefer to be with the ones who look like me. I don’t have to sample others to know what I am naturally attracted to and I am satisfied even though I have my problems with them, LOL

      I see some cute men of other races but I don’t desire to be with them. I don’t fall for the myth of the shortage of “good” Black men. I know for a fact, I have always been able to get one and I have had several, LOL I think there are enough Black men for the Black women who are suppose to have one (however long that may be AND what you can put up with), and I say suppose because of the fact that there are more women than men, overall, and we don’t live in a culture of polygamy, so perhaps some women aren’t meant to have a man “til death do they part”. The way the Black man passes himself around the Black community of women already can attest to that. I mean, a child momma here, a child’s momma there, which may be a reality that we refuse to accept. I know this is difficult for many of us to wrap our heads around as we look at our mates as possessions.

      For the record, I do not support polygamy because it is not part of the culture and would be difficult to maintain, however, I do think that all relationships don’t last forever nor are they suppose to in this culture. There are some men who may have several women in their life times, only to “settle down” in the last 30 years of life with just one, but in the mean time, he has children by more than one woman and it is there that I see the break down. There are women who have many mates as well but not for the same reasons, I suppose. The downside in the dishonest behavior of sneaking around, children wind up dating and having relations with sisters and brothers, I know of a few incidents like that. This is why, almost 100% we KNOW who our mother is. Neway, I digress…..I don’t agree or disagree with people making their own choices to stay within or go outside the race. I just know the reasons folks give for doing it are just excuses and again, why go through that, just do it, the numbers are so small in comparison to the population, they probably won’t be missed.

      • Debra says:

        Well, here goes,
        I am a 54 year old black female. Black women need too understand history. African woman had the alininos, which are caucasians. Some causians became ayans who hate black, but their ancestors came from black woman. I know if men of all colors would learn how too treat a black woman, i would love too see that. Black women need to stop presenting themselves as other people and just be your natural self. Remove your EGO and humble yourself as the queen you are.

  7. Giant says:

    @WW, @ Queen, @Ajuwah – Some of you ladies are bringing some fire… so do you Sisters think you have to compete with White Women for your Black Men? Let’s be real… not many White Women are walking around with broke Brothers are they? They seem to be getting some of the best of my Brothers and there is no shame to their game.

    Are you Sisters competing for the good Brothers (no baby mommas, has a job, an education, good credit)… I hate to come across with all the stereotypes, but ya’ll know what I’m getting at.

    And what about the Latino Women? Are they in the mix as competition for the Brothers? Or are Sisters checking for Papi too?

    • Queen Ifama says:

      Giant, I am gonna keep it real, I don’t compete with any woman. I don’t need to. That is the problem, women feel as though they have to compete. We keep treating men like a prize in a game and they are not, they are our husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, sons. That is so sick. As I said before, I have had my share of men and can get one whenever I want to. I have never had a problem, never felt a shortage and funny you mentioned the baby mommas, I been married twice, first husband, no children with other women, second one, one child. I have never had baby momma drama. It’s all about respecting other women and loving yourself enough to say, I’M EVERY WOMAN and help a Sistah!! As far as white women getting the best, I disagree, they are getting what they get, but I can assure you that some Sistahs think their man is the BEST. From what I have read, it ain’t all roses in those relationships either, none of them are this culture where men and women compete.

      Until women stop the competition mindset and focus on what women can do to help other women, I believe that men will do what is natural and that is protect women and assist them in raising the children. Lifeis so simple, it is the humans who complicate it.

  8. Wonder Woman says:

    @Ajuwah & Steele, no conflict I agree with her but at what point do you give up and at what point do you keep on because we share the same struggle. Some people have a higher tolerance than others but I can see her point just as well. Whoever you are going to be with should meet your expectations (as long as they are realistic) and be worthy of you and you must know you are a queen and deserving of your queendom!
    @Giant. I won’t lie, I hate hearing some brothers talk about their Latina and Asian fantasies as if we are not enough. Maybe they should hear how the White men fantasize about us and rmember what they got at home! They talk about getting with them as if they got something better than we do. It is all a mental thing but because they see the difference, they think they are missing out on something. But the good ones always come back home! :)
    I feel for my brothers that when they upgrade in pay or status, they seem to think that means they have to “upgrade” to a White woman to fit in or whatever the case may be. I also hear the brothers that say Black women bring drama and that as they rise they can’t find Black women who can be their “Michelle Obama” and somehow equate us everday ladies to ghetto. They obviously don’t know where to look or have unreal thoughts. They also seem to hang in the hood, never leave their boys, but can leave us behind. It is all a mystery to me. They can excuse they homies actions but not that of Black women. I also know there are plenty of us good women who can be that equal but in society’s eyes, or should I say “high” society’s eyes we are are a ball and chain.
    I do notice too that there are some sisters that have a really long list of criteria that far exceeds any man, and maybe we should not be looking at a man’s bottom line financially but his bottom line loyally. My man does not have to make more than me or have a “good job.” He has to be honest, loyal and have a job that he is proud of and likes to work. Together we can move mountains but if I already am at the top, or so I think, how can I reach him if I think he is low class. I don’t mind if you collect garbage, wash dishes, or whatever keeps the bills paid, just be the king and I will be happy being your queen. Money is a great thing to have but lifelong happiness is priceless!

    • Queen Ifama says:

      WW, I just want to say to you, you are a TRUE Sista at heart. Your sentiments are so in line with what I think on a daily basis. Our worth comes from our hearts and is manifested by our behavior, not our pockets or acquisitions. I love ya Sis, keep the flow going, share it with other Sistas. Your commentary is refreshing. There are harsh realities and as I view ALL camps of Black men AND Black women, I see it will be difficult having a “united front”. I specifically seek out those of like mind. People who respect me, get respect from me, bottom line, male or female. Degrees, titles, positions don’t automatically get you that, be you male or female and this is what I see happening today and historically. Take care Sis and I look forward to reading you input on the subject matter brought forth. Peace

  9. Karyn Folan says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for this post– I’m always glad to see a lively discussion about Dont’ Bring Home A White Boy (And Other Notions That Keep Black Women from Dating Out).

    Just as a clarification, I’m not arguing that black women should feel “forced” to do anything. I AM arguing that we, as Queens, should feel our worth across color lines, and be willing to accept love from whoever we deem worthy– whatever his color.

    I attempted to address some of the points of concern made here: how black women’s images are devalued in media, some of the reasons we often don’t find men of other cultures attractive, fears we have about fetishes and other predatory motivations. I also addressed the history between black women and white men, including providing some documentation for the little known love stories that existed even in slavery.

    Discussing this stuff is good for black women, I think, because so many of us have internalized the idea that we are on the bottom of the “desireability” scale. THIS ISN”T TRUE. We have come to accept that we will be cheated on and that it’s “normal”. THIS ISN”T TRUE either. We have come to accept that it’s okay to parent our children alone. THIS ISN”T TRUE. We’ve come to accept being overburdened with responsibilities and under-supported by our men partly because we know that we outnumber them and that they have other options.

    Well, black women have options too– that’s why I wrote the book! :-)

    Thanks for this discussion, Steele– I’m going to have to keep track of Taboo Tuesdays. Good stuff!


    • steele says:

      Professor Folan it is indeed an honor to have you comment on our site. I’m floored to hear from the author highlighted in our discussion. Maybe we can get you on air in Milwaukee to have a much larger debate… as you’ve read, some of the women hear aren’t shy about the subject.

      If you have additional insight or comments please share your pearls of wisdom… and Taboo Tuesday (next week) will be connected to this subject. Stay tuned.

  10. Joe says:

    No Black women are not forced to date white men. The problem is: Too many Black men are either in jail, serviving time in prison, too violent and addicted to street drugs and the rest are just illerate to sit down and hold a decent conversation without using violent and profane language……And Pride Black Woman with any kind of self esteem and education will not stoop down to that level ,any times, just to get a man. But in instances unfortunately, many women consider violent and criminal behavior, strength in a man…

  11. Wonder Woman says:

    I loved reading everyone’s relpy. End the end I think there has been so much damage done by racism within and from outside our people, where do we begin. The Black family is the nucleus and seeing the Obamas, Cosbys,and other families as role models, maybe we can begin to rebuild again. Our true strength will only come when we start seeing the value in each other and then instill that in our children.
    Thanks Queen & Steele! I appreciate it and I love you all. We may not always agree on every issue but you are all my heros!
    Still thinking about a Drum cookout or something!
    Happy Easter everyone!

    • Queen Ifama says:

      WW as I read your comment, of which I am truly grateful and appreciative of in light of our true strength, a sad reality came to me (in conjunction with an email I just received too), everyone is NOT going to get this. I think the internal question of what our values are and what or who defined them has to be be done by the individual and the individual family. I have had, over the last 30 years really to examine the indoctrination I have received via media, religion and other forces. Many of us have a twisted sense of entitlement and a psuedo-pride which, in my humble opinion is pride without substance. I know people who are proud and have no accomplishments, individual or other wise. IMHO, you must be more than Black and Proud, Pride must be a manifestation of something, not simply a state of biology. We were so misinformed with sloganism during the “Black Power Movement”. As the “afros” got bigger, this is what your Blackness was measured by, or how many Black artificats you could collect, or if you could speak Swahilli or wear African designed clothing, not what you actually DID. We did not collectively reflect and ask ourselves what being Black really meant (outside of focusing on our persecution because of it), or understanding the power in that, spiritual and political. As I look back I can see it and it is all so clear. We want “our rights” but don’t want to do a damn thing right. There are rights that another man cannot GIVE us, but which we must defend from other men. For me, that right is to be able to move about the earth, community, neighborhood, unmolested, and unhampered by anyone. People can sit and judge me all they want, that is what folks do, but it is when they think they can PASS judgement and declare a sentence on me, that I strike back depending on my position. Life is like chess, you gotta know when to make a move that is beneficial for you. When your board is almost locked the last thing you do is frivilously sacrifice your queen, she protects the King until the end, yet we do that, WHY? Am I making any sense? Peace Sis

  12. steele says:

    Check out this article from a sister on Huffington Post named Yolanda Young… it’s titled “What Black Women Could Learn From The Kardashians.” She talks about how they are using Black Men and she brings up the Essence Magazine blowback over Reggie Bush being on the cover during its Black Men, Love and Relationships Issue. Here are the links… I’d like your feedback on these ladies.

  13. Wonder Woman says:

    Regarding the Kardashians, I happened to be trapped watching an episode where Kim tells Clhoe to make Omarion some fried chicken to calm him down. Also regarding Reggie Bush when she took his limelight after the superbowl and told the world he got her tampons, that told me all I needed to know about that family. not to mention how Lamar Odom was treated by Bruce Jenner. Our men are trophies and a claim to fame and wealth to them! I will check out your links though.

  14. Vaughn Hammond says:

    So, the bg’s (black girls) on campus have started a “wrong color” campaign, in which they reject black men who try to talk to them by replying …”wrong color.” A 16 year old black girl began a Facebook page seeking out white men. Her page suggested that Black men were fucking losers, and that black women were in need of real men, etc. I hope you guys are prepared for the backlash from this so-called movement, I have a feeling it is not going to end nicely.

  15. Wonder Woman says:

    @ Vaughn… My concern is that these young women will be raising the next generation of black kings. Whether they want to or not, most will stay within their own culture. Let’s face it, it would not be taboo if it were common practice. If they feel rejected by black men, had a bad experience, or are just plain angry at our black kings, we must start to address this. I can only imagine what will happen when they are sent home from the hospital with a black male to raise holding onto these feelings of hate and anger that will porbably be taken out on the baby. And so the cycle continues….

    We must start to look within and see the “why” in the reasoning for dating outside our own culture and justify it for all the rights reasons or it will not last. White men do not belong on your side as a show piece, and those who do honestly love those men just because they see the person behind the color, well be prepared to deal with that honestly and as a couple. It is already hard enough dating inside your race; dating outside your race takes a lot of patience and mental fortitude. Love should be color blind, but in America, this materialistic, capitalist state of chaotic existence, color is a vivid as the Empire State Building.

  16. Busie says:

    I am glad i was part of the liberal strong black independent women. Im from South Africa. few days ago, a white guy asked me out after he sat on my seat at the cinema. so we kinda argued. Mind my business and watching the movie, he gets up and ask for my number. I got the shock of my life.LOL.

    At that point, Ive always had something against white people, no offence to white people. ive always seen as STUCK UP!. have you ever walked in a mall with white people and all you see is one person, its like they have been multipled. you can say i am a bit racist. Never saw any difference. Im not saying i have completely changed my mind but i gave in to a different mindset.

    I went on one date with him. He was busy chatting but i was looking at his whitness. lol, as i began to tap out of it, i realised we have alot of things in common. I dont know if im crossing borders but i stil consider myself BLACK AND PROUD. My history is written in my chocolate brown skin.

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