(video) No Remorse From 19 Yr. Old Murderer Seandell Jackson

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One Response to (video) No Remorse From 19 Yr. Old Murderer Seandell Jackson

  1. queenifama says:

    The reality of this makes me so sad. As I watched the murderers family lash out at the victim’s family, it makes me realize that there are people who have no remorse, no empathy for others in their very souls. We talk about our being African people and that somehow makes us special and more compassionate. I, personally don’t see it. We are no different from anyone else influenced and living in this cultural paradigm. I watch EVERYONE and trust NO ONE. It is a very sad way to live, but if I am to survive, I must be on guard 24/7. Our neighborhoods are not safe, we can’t walk the streets in peace, we are under seige, folks, bottom line. Some of us can’t trust or feel safe around our own children. Children we birthed into the world. What is up with that?

    This culture has taken everything we think we know of humanity and trashed it. Even your churches and mosques can’t save you. Only when you examine YOURSELF, will you be able to conclude what type of human you are. What are your values? What will you do for money, love, sex, etc? If you are Black, are you really proud to be so? Do you still “say it loud”? Haven’t heard that in years, it was a start to the reculturization of African people here in this diaspora, who, for two centuries and many decades were ashamed of not only being Black, but being descendants of Africans. We can lift the pride of Black people, if you track time in history, we were safer when we said it loud, Reality tells me that is an era that we won’t see again. I am just trying to have a little peace for myself, which is why I stay to myself these days. Even those you thought you knew, you don’t know, on the real. It is a sad time in humanity. Nuff Said.

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