Last Friday, TMD received a note from the owner of Gee’s Clippers announcing he was closing down operations of his King Drive business. What we found telling is his explanation of how the Historic King Drive Business Improvement District is not happening as many anticipated.

What are your thoughts regarding the urban business district and why it is failing thus far to be the beacon it was promised to be?


Gee’s Clippers May 28 at 8:28pm

I want to use this weeks Friday’s Fade to personally announce that Gee’s Clippers on MLK Dr will be closing mid-summer. This is not a sad announcement for me. After nearly 20 years in business I have learned when it’s time to make a change. I have learned that business decisions should not be made from an emotional place, but with sound judgment and logic. Closing my MLK location is a good business decision for Gee’s Clippers and our clients.

When I chose to open a shop as part of the highly anticipated rejuvenation of Milwaukee’s “Bronzeville” neighborhood, the city and I had great hopes for the area. Unfortunately, the rejuvenation is not happening as quickly as anyone expected. There is over 50,000 sq. feet of empty space along that strip of Martin Luther King Dr, and there are very few businesses looking to become new tenants. Factors like those along with the limited parking situation weighed heavily as I was deciding rather to keep that location open. In the end I decided it was best to close the shop.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Gee’s Clippers on MLK Dr these past few years. It has always been profitable and successful despite any challenges.

Now for the big announcement! To ensure the best possible care for our clients after Gee’s Clippers on MLK Dr closes, we are in the process of expanding Gee’s Clippers on Fond Du Lac Ave. We are adding more chairs, more barbers and more stylists. We will go from a staff of 13, to a staff of 21. This renovation has been in progress for months and is in the final stages.

I am confident that you will all be pleased with the expansion, and I commit to delivering the same level of excellence you have come to expect from Gee’s Clippers!

Enjoy the holiday weekend with your family and friends.