Who is Eric Holder representing? Not YOU!

The Federal government is knowingly ignoring immigration laws already on the books and it is drastically affecting unemployed US citizens, increasing the cost of services, especially health care. The main stream media is totally silent on the subject and the Justice Department under Eric Holder is fast-tracking a defacto back door amnesty policy. Why?

As more and more Americans are waking up and turning against the inane and economically suicidal policies of the Obama administration and the Democrat congress, the more desperate the Democrats become. They at the expense of US citizens, are pushing for a way to shore up Democrat voters in future elections by fast-tracking all citizen rights to illegal aliens.

In the meantime our social services budgets are exploding, burdening future generations with an unsustainable tax liability and an astronomical increase in health care costs highlighted in this clip:

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About Little tortillas

Former socialist/liberal/progressive, second generation American of Mexican descent, revert to Roman Catholicism and small business owner with an unshakeable belief in our free enterprise system and our Constitutional form of government. Aka TFG
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7 Responses to Who is Eric Holder representing? Not YOU!

  1. SolTaino7 says:

    Hmmm, seems like right-wing scapegoating. A convenient way to blame people on the margins who are economic refugees. If you want your money and your economy back don’t blame Eric Holder, blame Tim Geitner.

    • Taken for Granted says:

      This has nothing to do with right or left but that is an easy way to dismiss anything that is a touchy political subject for both progressive Democrats or Republicans. I am the son of legal Mexican immigrants and I am all too familiar with the sacrifices my parents and relatives have made coming here however the real cost of unbridled illegal immigration is being deliberately obfuscated or at minimum played down by special interest groups with media support.

      You are partially correct that Tim Geitner deserves plenty of blame, as well as the president’s advisors who selected him and the rubber stamp congress who confirmed him, including the spineless republicans, but to deliberately ignore the true negative impact of illegal immigration is either naive or an idealogical subterfuge.

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    This is a great article. Not to sound mean but I also read some articles regarding the fact that Mexico is cleaning out its most dangerous citizens into the US because they don’t want to deal with them. A Mexican cartel removed a face from a man and attached it to a soccer ball and those people are suspected to be here in this country? Really?

    I know this is a touchy situation but we really need to support Arizona and other states that are at least trying to find solutions to deal with people they cannot afford to keep.

    No one is concerned about all the Africans who get rejected from coming to this country for no reason other than they can’t afford the under-the-table money it costs to get in here. Where are the marches and Al Sharpton’s on this subject. Don’t see too many outraged people concerned about this!

    In addition people do not realize this but not only do we loose jobs to these people they get more money for some jobs because they are blingual, some of them and get $10,000 to $20,000 a year more than their counterparts for positions government and otherwise. An unfair advantage and money we could spend elsewhere.
    Thanks TFG!

  3. Disrael says:

    How can we expect anyone to address concerns about African-Americans when we are not concerned about anyone else’s concerns. We black folk have to become a little more politically sophisticated and realize that when you are in the minority you MUST form alliances in order to get your interest heard. Black folks in America have have been catching hell for over 400 years, How then do we think that our troubles are related to Mexican immigration. We should be mindful that the states that Mexicans are entering are states that used to be part of Mexico; they became part of the U.S. through trickery or outright war. Wake up Black people. You may not consider Mexicans friends of Black folk but they are certainly not a significant part of our problems. Peace

    • Taken for Granted says:

      Being concerned for our brothers and sisters is one thing but to ignore or deny the fact that there are tremendous negative economic and social consequences associated with unbridled illegal immigration is sheer lunacy or political opportunism.

      You are correct there is plenty of blame to go around and we all need to take responsibility for our actions.

      As a son of Legal Mexican immigrants I have never known any who crossed the border because they believe the border states are part of Mexico so I’m not sure what you are suggesting here unless you think we should give Mexico a bigger territory and subsequent border for its citizens to cross? P.S. They are not all staying in the border states but taking jobs everywhere and in more and more industries that formerly employed American citizens.

      Am I your friend? Yes, you better believe it, that’s why I am trying to wake you up before unemployment hits our communities even harder not to mention the negative social aspects like increasing drug trafficking and violence in our central cities. And if that isn’t enough you need to look into the increasing illegal immigration by radical Muslims through our southern borders.

    • Wonder Woman says:

      They significantly impact our economic propserity on a major level. I do not conside them enemies, for they are only taking opportunities afforded to them by our country. However if one thinks they do not impact our sussidies, grant/schoalrship monies, or other things, one needs to reexamine the factual evideince that shows just such a thing is occuring.
      i agree with you we need to be more sophisticated about the political aspect of our nation. People bash these Republicans for example and then wonder why they treat us like crap. You have to have intelligent dialogue and debate and you cannot just call people names and wonder why they treat you like ish. We never stop bashing people, we just keep making cute little derrogatory comments and walk party lines and nothing ever changes. We do need to grow uo, A LOT!!
      I would think $10,000 to $20,000 per salary a SIGNIFICANT impact on my ability to earn a living by the way.

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