We don’t know how long these emails will continue to be sent to us and others. What we do know is that this soap opera needs to stop.


At the Saturday, September 18th meeting of the Milwaukee Branch NAACP chaos reigned supreme, according to accounts by several members who were in attendance. Jerry Ann Hamilton, with her abhorrent tyrannical incompetence attempted to stifle those members who disagreed with her autocratic style in attempting to thwart a legitimate meeting to elect a Nominations Committee for the upcoming November 20th election of NAACP officers and Executive Committee members. When it became clear that Jerry Ann could not completely control the meeting her son and cohort Henry attempted to intervene by offering some ridiculous challenge to a legitimate concern raised by Attorney Barbara Becker regarding the agenda and the number of members to be elected to the executive committee. After Henry was proven wrong in his assessment of the by-law in question, he became belligerent, combative and just plain lost it in once again a showing of his propensity for ignorance that has been perpetually displayed in a continual false legal matter that exposes a sobering display of his lack of legal professional expertise.

Wendell Harris did step forward and attempted to restore some order and to proceed with the meeting, but he was greeted by Henry taking the just prepared ballots for the election in his hands and stalking out of the roomin a tizzy. This was after Jerry Ann first, and then Henry, had futilely attempted to abruptly adjourn the meeting regardless of basic Rules of Roberts Order or general common sense for that matter. Apparently they both have yet to learn that a meeting of the membership is just what that implies-a members’ meeting and not a Hamiltons’ meeting.

After this embarrassing fiasco Harris announced that he would no longer be candidate for the presidency and along with his wife abruptly left the meeting. You can see for yourself at the following website: http://www.youtube.com/brewtubetv. More information will come out on Wendell’s nefarious activities!

While this dysfunctional chaos was taking place in the front of the room of the NAACP meeting, several smaller meetings were going on in both ends of the back of the room. In one, Beverly Hamilton Williams was engaged in a typical heated argument with some members who took umbrage at the antics of Jerry Ann and others in the room were hurling insults and cat calls at everyone in the front of the room. In short, what should have been a normal meeting with a prepared agenda resulted in something a bit short of a non-violent riot (the police were finally called). We willinquire as to who actually called the police although it is apparent who did call after continually turning off the lights in the meeting room while actual members were meeting.

It became so obviously clear that the Hamiltons reign over the Milwaukee Branch NAACP has been fraught with incompetence and dishonesty even to many who had been Hamilton supporters. This was clearly evident from the conversations taking place during and after the meeting by many who had been oblivious to the shenanigans and duplicity by Henry and Jerry Ann Hamilton.

Some 40 plus members then departed the building and convened across the street in what was Stella’s Restaurant parking lot. Civil rights pioneer Vel Phillips, an attorney and former judge, who is an elected member of the Executive Committee presided over this meeting and members constituted an official meeting of the branch. In addition to Ms. Phillips at least one additional elected Executive Committee member was in attendance to assure the legitimacy of this membership meetingsomething that did not happen under the leadership of the Hamilton’s past regime though mandated by the Election Procedures manual by the National NAACP Office.

We have learned that at that meeting a nominations committee was elected and will await further instruction from the national office in how to proceed. We will not have what happened during the last NAACP Milwaukee Branch election that the Hamiltons controlled to happen again, which was no Nomination process at all. We demand to follow the rule…Something the Hamiltons simply have not done, or are incapable of doing due to ignorance or malfeasance!