I am writing in concern to your series “When Family Fails, A Child’s Stability, A Parent’s Rights”. What stood out to me is your notation that “71% of all reunifications in Milwaukee County” are supposed to occur within a year of removal. Wisconsin law is only in theory Mr. Stephenson. When there are profits, bribes and corruptions in play, the failure is rarely contributed to the family, and there are myriads of parental rights that are substantially violated, and unlawfully voided.

I guess my question to you is; will your series be followed by the flip side of the coin; “ When the System Fails?” As the saying goes ‘all eyes closed ain’t sleep!’ For prime example; where is the “RE” unification of April Hope Precious Griffin with her infant son Jesse that was unlawfully (and for the record violently) removed from her arms almost 2 years from today? Where is the legal AND lawful justification of this human rights violation? Why aren’t there any journalistic investigations into the origin of the proceedings as well as the mysterious attempts to now close a paternity action that by law was not ever to have been commenced; an action in which the Department of Child Support Agency receives federal funds acknowledging April as the CUSTODIAL parent of her infant?

Are you aware of the Department of Children and Families Chapter 151 administration code that the paternity of a nonmaterial child is not to be established in cases of sexual assault, fear of the safety of the mother and child, against the mother’s wishes, and or if the mother opposes the establishment of paternity? You can find these facts at Wisconsin legislation DCF 151.04(3) (6) and 151.05(1) (a) (2).

September 21, 2006 April DENIED acknowledgment of paternity and stated her fear for her safety as well as her son and the fact that her infant was conceived as a result of sexual assault. Later, before Commissioner Janice Rustad, the sexual assault again was discussed on record, with Commissioner Rustad making discriminatory and inflammatory remarks against April the victim. AT that hearing on April 24, 2007 the man that April accused of raping her was present with his attorney, (April was not represented by any counsel) neither, he or his attorney denied the sexual assault.

April Griffin has repeatedly expressed her concern for her safety as well as that of her son, in addition to her genuine fear of Ugandan Matthew Sebulibna, his threats and history of abuse, and what she reluctantly had endured. Are you familiar with Case No. 10FA001679 April’s Petition for Rescission & Disestablishment of Paternity? The action was commenced based upon the fact that April was raped, as well as the fact that paternity was not acknowledged in accordance with the mandates of federal law. (Section 301 of the Parentage Act , source 42 U.S.C. section 666(a)(5)(c), mandates paternity established is void if not acknowledged by BOTH the mother, and the alleged father , signed under penalty of perjury on the same form with both parties being aware of the right to rescission. This did not happen.

There is no acknowledgement of paternity on record, or file. Paternity had not and is not established in 06PA004493. Why did a judge who immediately recused herself at the first hearing in the case No. 10FA001679, months later dismiss the action as not being prosecuted? What law allows a judge who recused herself, reassigns the case to another judge, months later dismiss the case without notice and or an evidentiary hearing? This was Judge Bonnie Gordon, for the record.

The questions remain unanswered; why was an infant that was born out of wedlock, as a result of sexual assault, forcefully taken from his legal, lawful and natural guardian and given to the man accused of rape, sexual assault, physical abuse, threats to remove a child to prevent a parental relationship with the mother and child (which for the record is a FEDERAL crime) who has not ever denied raping his victim? Where is the victim’s son? Where are the investigations as to how an application for a child passport taken out December 2008, (while she was wrongfully incarcerated being subjected to further physical and mental abuse) for the removal of April’s infant son to Europe without her consent by the Ugandan who’s lawyer as well as Judge Michael Guolee and others on record stated the infant was not going to be removed from this country and the Ugandan had no intention to do so? Where is the coverage?

Your article repeats the words “parental rights”. Why are April Griffin’s parental rights allowed to be infringed and unlawfully violated? The Feb. 23, 2010 article as written by your colleague pointed out that Judge Thomas Doneagan, had taken an issue with the fact that April made “reference to matters not before the court”. Those matters were about her being raped, abused, and how paternity should not have even been established. Why hasn’t she been reunited with her son? Why hasn’t the Milwaukee County District Attorney Office, at the request of the victim prosecuted the rapist for his criminal acts?

Are you familiar with Eric Driessen, licensed psychologist report, which repetitiously found April to be competent in the malicious criminal prosecution against her and noted the issue of April being raped and abused? Judge Thomas Doneagan forcefully sent April to a mental institution because she would not plead guilty to a crime that she did not commit, and to a criminal complaint that failed to establish the elements of the so called offense. Where is fair and balanced media coverage? Your articles depict images of Black children being reunited with their parents who were taken for allegations of abuse, drugs and or neglect.

April has not ever being a drug addict, alcoholic, or an abusive parent. Though there has yet to be an article addressing it, a lot of the ‘Black children’ that are being systematically taken from their parents are removed unlawfully. There are a vast number of removals that are unwarranted Mr. Stephenson.

Despite the depiction of fairytale foster parents, I can refer you to several adults who were in the foster system, who hold memories of being repeatedly abused by their foster providers, which are often referred to as foster parents. Where are the reports to both sides of the coin? Why don’t April Hope Precious Griffin and her infant Jesse as well as the countless April Griffins and Baby Jesses matter to the Pulitzer Prize winner ‘for local reporting’ press ?

In All Seriousness,

Ieshuh Griffin