* Note: This is a press release The Drum received earlier. Maybe 1290 WMCS & the Morning Magazine Host should allow Stephanie Findley to come on a give her rebuttal to the accusations.

For Immediate Release
Contact Stephanie Findley (414) 449-3950

Vicious Rumors and Lies Regarding Stephanie Findley for the 10th Assembly District

(Milwaukee, WI –September 22, 2010) “Walter C. Farrell Jr. was on the Morning Magazine (Eric Von’s Show) this morning on 1290 WMCS the Talk of the Town and apparently made up a bunch of rumors and lies regarding the independent expenditures my campaign received from American Federation of Children/ Democrats for Education Reform. He even took it a step further by saying I was going to be indicted because AFC had given me cash money that I had hidden and failed to report on my campaign finance report.”

“Walter Farrell is a liar and for someone who has a PhD and touts that he conducts research on projects at the national level – shame on him for not doing his homework and making sure he had all the facts. As a young black professional it is distasteful for a person of his caliber to try to crucify me in the media with vicious lies. He refused to return my phone calls so he can get my side of the story. He appears to only want to slander a young black female who has been on the front lines working on behalf of my community trying to make a better life for Black folks in the City of Milwaukee”. “He is trying to destroy my future political aspirations but I am here to tell him I will continue to fight for what is right and my political future”.–

Stephanie Findley, MSM
Wisdems Black Caucus Chair
Ph: (414) 750-6496

Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Democratic Party Black Caucus Stephanie Findley, Chair, Michael Thomas, Treasurer