Family, let me take a few minutes to share an observation with you that is more of a note reminder. Can I do that? Aight then, follow me into the rabbit hole once again.

People… why is it that certain issues whip SOME OF YOU into a FRENZY for months, then you nod off and forget others are busy while you slumber. What am I talking about? The takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools is what I’m referring to family.

Those of YOU who fought off Uncle Tom Barrett and Jumpin’ Jim Doyle (and his loyal MDOC – Milwaukee Democrats of Color) better start paying attention again. Those forces to TAKEOVER MPS haven’t given up, in fact, they’ve repackaged themselves and the OUTSIDE organization is now coming out from the shadows.

Who out there has REALLY been paying attention? If you have, you must be familiar with the Democrats for Education Reform (DFER). You haven’t heard of them? How could you have missed their name as they are flooding Black Media with sponsorship dollars. In fact, they recently helped to sponsor a jaunt for a local, Black Talk Show Host to Washington DC.

You still don’t see it do you family? Ok, stay close… this is insidious and I’ll explain why. Black Media (especially Black Radio) was THE MAIN REASON the MPS Takeover was defeated (temporarily). Black People were able to be heard and challenge the political system bent on reforming the education system without speaking to the community about their true intentions.

The defeated party (Doyle, Barrett, WI Democrats, DFER, and unnamed forces) licked their wounds and decided to buy off Black Media so that Black Opposition would be crushed. What? Listen, media companies depend on sponsorship/advertising for revenue. It is a sound business practice not to say anything negative about your sponsors because they would pull their financial support. That is why Black Media (in Milwaukee & elsewhere) has made it taboo to criticize (critique) certain individuals, organizations and businesses who are financial supporters. White Media operates the same.

When the debate starts up again regarding taking over MPS, pay attention to how Black Media responds and the role they will assume in the debate.

Did you know that DFER is a PAC (Political Action Committee)? Go here to its website to see for yourself. PACs are designed to influence legislation and legislators to serve a special interest (like public school reform). They operate in the shadows and flood politicians with money and gain inside influence. I strongly recommend that you go to DFER’s website and read up on who they are, its mission and its ideology. After reading the information on its website, ask yourself how much they influenced Doyle, Barrett and the others in Milwaukee.

Click here to see a video presentation from Katy Venskus, DFER Wisconsin Interim State Director. Peep the landscape painters and those REALLY behind the MPS Takeover.