Here We Go Again

This is a preview of the upcoming “An Endless Battle”.  I am asking myself, why is it endless?  Why have the government not been able to curtail the drug flow that enters this country and finds it way to these street dealers? There certainly are no poppy fields in America that I know of, do you?

It is me or does it seem to be a continuation of stereotypes protrayed in the media of Blacks being the only ones dealing drugs? What about Meth dealers? What about “meth babies”?  Well you know, with the crack epidemic in the Black community, of course they produced “crack babies’.  But in reporting the incidents of meth related crimes, the children are called “Meth’s Tiniest Victims” or “Endangered Children”, they don’t get the LABEL that follows them for most of their school years.

What’s worse is that they make that stuff right here and from what I have read about it, it is deadly.  Have you heard of any learning disabilities amongst the children whose mothers are meth addicts?  No I don’t think so. Get ready to write your complaint letters, I have a feeling this is going to be the same ole, same ole.

About Queen Ifama

I have an easy way of writing, which is how I actually. Grammatically incorrect on many occasions, I KNOW you know what I am talking about and excuse the nit-picking. I am a word warrior, who knows and understands the power of the spoken word. I will give you my thoughts on what I see happening in the world, and why I think it is happening, especially as it impacts people of African descent. I seek the truth, which I know, can make some uncomfortable. We can no longer hide in our fantasies, wishful thinking and HOPE. Yes, someone has to do it.
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2 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. Queen Ifama says:

    I meant “write” for all you grammatical and human spell checkers out there, LOL

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