My name is Sam Hagedorn and I’m a candidate for the Wisconsin’s 12th Assembly District seat. The district covers the far northwest side of Milwaukee County.

I’m the proud parent of 2 children, Amy & Brian who’s married to Christina and four grandchildren – Dominic, Gabriel, Olivia and Anna Joy, with one on the way. I’m a member of Eastbrook Church. I’m a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County having lived at my current address for about 40 years of my life. I attended Parkview Elementary, Samuel Morse Jr. High and graduated from James Madison High School. I earned a BA degree from Ripon College with a Phy Ed major and a teaching certificate. I’ve work in factories (Briggs & Stratton, Butler Structural Steel), media sales (WYLO, WBVK, TV-43) and most recently retail sales at Best Buy, Something More Christian Bookstore and Barnes & Noble.

Politically I’m a conservative and I recently joined the Republican Party. What “they” tell me is that a political conservative and Republican can’t win in Milwaukee. I say hogwash.

Jobs and job creation is not a political party issue. It’s a people issue. I’m not aware of one small business person who’d not like to have their business grow and be able to hire more people at livable wages with benefits. We need to work to make business growth a top priority and what I’m hearing from entrepreneurs is that they need less government red tape and a tax structure that allows them to hire employees.  We also need to think out of the box when in comes to jobs and business opportunities.

Education is the lifeblood of our city and state. We need to empower teachers with the structure and tools to help them teach the children. We can do this by going back to the basics of education. We need to teach and enforce manners along with a dose of the arts and extra-curricular activities. I believe that Dr. Michael Bonds and Dr. Gregory Thornton are the right people at the right time to lead MPS, but they need the cooperation of the community to succeed. I also whole heartedly support choice, charter, virtual and home schooling. The more choices for parents the better, competition will make all the educational avenues better and more accountable.

Politics as usual must also stop. We need to focus on the issues and work together to reach our goals, putting people and their well being ahead of partisan politics. Our government must be more open and accountable. They are spending our money and need to be answerable for the money they allocate. As a state we need to control spending and we can do this by eliminating duplication of services, identify and prosecute fraud and spend the taxpayer’s money judiciously.

As a legislator I will not put my interests ahead of those of my constituents when it comes to legislation. I will make the tough choices and speak honestly about the issues and the solutions. My goal is to have contact with the people of the 12th Assembly District even in non election years and be a citizen legislator they can be proud of.

Sam Hagedorn
Candidate for Wisconsin Assembly – 12th District
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