For real, why is it that a large segment of Black People in Milwaukee dislike Sheriff Clarke and yet seem to have no beef with Gerard Randall, Jr.? We all hear the why against Clarke (he’s a Republican, he’s Conservative, he doesn’t like Black People, his policies are anti-Black People) and people are very vocal that he is a plague on the community (I disagree).

Randall is a professed Republican and political insider with seemingly no allegiance to any particular ideology with the exception of capitalism (I have no problem with that or him). However, I do wonder if Randall may be getting a pass from the community and want to know why that may be? Could it be the allegiance he has with Milwaukee’s Black Elite and Black Insiders (I’ll answer that in my next post)?

Here’s Randall’s bio as it appears on

Gerard Randall, Jr

InterCHANGE panelist Gerard Randall, Jr. is a jobs creation specialist and a well-known Wisconsin Republican.

Randall is a graduate of Marquette University and a former schoolteacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools.

If you listen to Black Talk Radio or read any of the Black Publications, the common narrative is that Republicans are anti-Black People. That’s the rhetoric you here in this town on the streets, on the job, callers of the radio station and columnists. So if that is the case, is he getting a pass and is opposition to him having a public format coming?

Back to Sheriff Clarke for a moment… The Drum was flooded with emails (and comments) blasting 1290 WMCS for allowing Clarke to be on the so-called Black Radio Station. I’ll wait to see if emails and comments are forthcoming now that Randall is a weekly guest as part of a Politics Aside segment on The Morning Magazine.

I doubt anyone will say anything because WE fail to be consistent in our opposition to things WE claim are anti-Black. If YOU believe Republicans (especially Black ones) are against OUR ISSUES, I’d like to hear you blast Randall for being on 1290 WMCS like you did (and will do) Sheriff Clarke.

Again, just a question I ask and am pondering.