In case anyone wonders why the national office of the NAACP is coming in to oversee the November election of officers of the Milwaukee Branch, one only has to review the past actions of the Hamiltons and the incompetent and duplicitous members of the National office who have the responsibility of overseeing the local Branches.

Earlier this year, one Gil Ford and a Jerome Reid, two idiots, visited Milwaukee and proceeded, with their clownish demeanor and Amos and Andy type dialect and mannerisms, to degrade and insult members of the local Executive Committee and indirectly, themselves and the whole NAACP movement by their use of ebonic language and overt attempts to embarrass long time member Alphonso Lambert, among others.

These clowns, ostensibly representing Roger C. Vann of the national office are the same ones who, when presented with tangible evidence of improprieties in the 2008 election before, during, and after the election took place, did absolutely nothing to assure the integrity of the NAACP election process would prevail.

To wit:

1. Jerry Hamilton and her family disbanded the nominations committee once it became obvious that they could not manipulate the process to prevent Attorney Felicia Miller-Watson from being a selected candidate amongst other potential candidates. Valid nomination consent forms, required by the Election Procedures Manual of the NAACP, were deliberately thrown away.

2. In a meeting to nominate candidates from the floor, Hamilton refused to accept candidates for secretary and treasurer, and, as according to Henry, she would appoint officers for these positions, (a violation of the organization’s by-laws).

3. Jerry Hamilton posited the excuse that the secretary (now deceased) was unable to schedule a meeting of the nomination committee as she was ill. The secretary had not attended a meeting for more than a year, and according to the by-laws, should have been removed from office. Another blatant example of Jerry Ann Hamilton ignoring the by-laws.

4. On election day, Jerry Ann’s daughter and others were distributing what was purported to be a slate recommended by the nominations committee in the parking lot across the street and even in the election site itself. It was later disclosed that this slate was developed with Jerry Ann and other cohorts in violation of the ELECTION PROCEDURES MANUAL OF THE NAACP.

This was all disclosed to Roger Vann and others at the NAACP National office but disgracefully went ignored.

Based on history we must question the sincerity of the National NAACP in seeking an honest, open and fair election in view of their past complicity and condoning of dishonesty, embracing of incompetence and lack of transparency to which they have been party to in the past…We will keep you updated.