Here’s a man who’s a disgraced politician, he’s a convicted crook who pled guilty to a kickback scheme. And he comes on air and refuses to take his own responsibility for letting his constituents down.

State Senator Spencer Goggs defends himself and his record on a local radio talk show. Listen to his response to what former State Senator Gary George said about him the day before on the same morning talk show.

I applaud Coggs for two reasons. First, he is one of the few elected officials who will call in or appear on Black Radio on a regular basis. Second, he was a man and stood up for himself and was a gentlemen in letting the host and George know he isn’t a punk. Let me translate what Coggs really said… Yo Gary, keep my name out your mouth!

Does this make you wonder if George is the right panelist to have on a political talk show? I’m sure there are less controversial members of the political landscape than George. Personally, I hope George stays on. Hell, I like the fact that he’ll give a strong opinion and doesn’t give a damn about who might get mad or offended.