I keep telling you Milwaukee that The Drum is where you need to come for this kind of knowledge. Some of you know who Dr. Ben is and for those who don’t know… sit back and soak in this knowledge from one of our greatest intellectuals and freedom loving Africans!

Listen to him explain how he refuses not to rebel in these halls of indoctrination (universities & colleges). My man Dr. Ben!!!!!

This is a classic video from Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan. It took place at Tuskegee University. He covers a lot of ground with this lecture. Everything from Hippocrates going to Kemet to study medicine yet the Greeks called him the father of medicine to the early days of the with Pope Martin V in 1506 and Bartholomew De La Casas having Moors captured and taken from Spain to Hispaniola. Everyone can learn from this one.