I have a big problem with the governor’s race involving Walker & Barrett. Why is it that they haven’t been asked some serious questions regarding Black People and their issues? I have ten very, serious questions I’d like them to answer. I trimmed them down to six.

If you know their campaign handlers please forward them on my behalf.

Here is the list of questions I submitted to INTERCHANGE for the upcoming debate between the two candidates. Dan Jones is the moderator for the debate and I’m curious to see if any of these make the cut.

  1. (To Walker & Barrett) What are the fundamental issues (root causes) creating the following conditions in the African American community and what specific policies would you implement to address them? 1.) 50%+ AA Male Unemployment, 2.) 50% Dropout Rate of AA Students, and 3.) The Proliferation of Illegal Guns (weapons) in AA Communities.
  2. (To Walker & Barrett) Are there African Americans involved in your campaign and in what capacity is their involvement? Will African Americans (and other diverse citizens) play a prominent and visible role in your administration?
  3. (To Walker & Barrett) Why should the African American community support your candidacy for governor? Will African American organizations, business/education leaders, AA media and AA elected officials have a consistent audience with you once you are in office?
  4. (To Walker & Barrett) State your record of accomplishment in regards to improving the conditions of the African American community. What would you have liked to accomplish, but were unsuccessful and why?
  5. (To Barrett) You’ve enjoyed strong support from the African American community since you entered public life. Why should that loyalty continue when all the statistics point to a decline in the quality of life for African Americans (in Milwaukee)?
  6. (To Walker) You’ve never had support of the majority of African Americans in Milwaukee County. If you are elected governor, what are your plans in regards to outreach to that populace and how will you address those issues most important to African Americans (i.e. education, jobs, crime, housing, etc.)?