TMD Readers – this is the note we recently received from Ieshuh Griffin. She’s heard your calls and has responded to your here on The Drum.


Peace. I have recently received e-mails by people asking me if I would debate my opponent. I was also informed that this was an idea of the Drum. I thank the Drum for “beating the drums.” I feel a debate is warranted.

I have been in the streets, on the phones, at homes, and so forth to assure the voters I am here, visible, accessible, ready, willing, capable and able. I am currently working on a 4th campaign infomercial. My infomercials have been posted on various social media sites. I am not trying to be a leader, I am trying to be a servant.

As such, I am available to debate my opponent at anytime, at any place, face to face. Again, thank you Milwaukee Drum and its readers.

In All Seriousness,

Ieshuh Griffin